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Freelander td4

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Yeah, had me guessing when it came up on the phone, FridgeFreezer ! So, we'll go with 'Why does my ABS light come on?' 

ABS warning lights are usually associated with road-wheel sensors and reluctor-rings that make 'em work. Get it scanned- my AUTEL (not the most expensive scanner) tells you what wheel- which takes out the guesswork.

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12 hours ago, Acko said:

Abs light,parking light comes on while you driving losses power to rev count speedo counter also power to temp gauge all go off

Sounds a lot like a bad earth if more than one thing is affected. Is your battery secure & connections solid?

Also, little hint for you - posting with the title "Freelander td4" in the Freelander forum doesn't help people see what your problem is and means you're less likely to get answers - we can already guess it's a Freelander!

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