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Cylinder Heads Replacement


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I've had coolant leak issues for a while and finally did a pressure test and realized the head gaskets were shot. Since this ill be the second time around I measured the heads and also realized I was going to need to get new heads as they had already been machined to the limits. I picked up a new set via a facebook group from a guy who had stated they were tested and ready to go. Once they got here (I live in Hawaii) I measured the and low and behold they too are out of spec according to the RAVE overhaul manual.

Here's what I have. A few people have said I should be ok even though they are about .25 mm over what the RAVE says. I'm wondering what folks on here think. And if maybe using slightly thicker gaskets - if thats even an option - would be a good idea.

Drivers Side
A - 22.19 mm
B - 61.84 mm

Passenger side
A - 22.25 mm
B - 61.88 mm


02 D2 SD - 138k, L8 4" TF Lift, TF shock turrets, TF panhard & steering rods, Tom Woods front double cardon drive shaft, TF 1" spacers, TF rock sliders, Britpart HD rear bumper

Cylinder head - overhaul.jpg

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Where did the head gasket fail on your original head? As this could point to a problem, but it may just be head gasket failure/

I'm not sure what that measurement represents or means.....maybe someone else will have an idea. As long as the head is flat you shouldn't have a problem.


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