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Landrover ownership, the gift that keeps on giving! Felt a slight vibration yesterday over 40 mph and had a quick look underneath when I stopped. One of the UJs was cream crackered. The last time I did them I could only get replacements without grease nipples. Which bright spark thought that was a good idea? All done and dusted ready to go back on now, and a lot easier now I have a vice on the bench.

I found it useful to screw a pice of wood to the bench to support the prop when it was in the vice.




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My tip - maybe too late! I always take the caps off and pump some fresh grease in; fingers are enough to stop it coming out of the holes where you don't want it to, but otherwise you start out with older grease, inevitably thicker than what is in the gun. The first time you grease it, the grease takes the path of least resistance, then the remaining thicker grease in the other 3 arms doesn't always get pushed out. Once it's dried a bit, its even harder to move it. Also put the nipples as much as possible in the same plane on the shaft then you don't have to keep turning the prop to get at them.

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Too late for the tip about the grease nipples. Doh! I did push fresh grease through the spider by loading the caps, and back pressing it out of the grease nipple hole. I’ll have to remember the tip for when I do the rear prop, cheers for that.

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