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  1. Fitting Wolf Rims to my 2001 Defender TD5

    Wrington Engineering do some nice looking steel wheelnuts if you want to avoid rust on them, if immaculate is what you are after.
  2. Turbo upgrade

    There is one other issue it might be and that is cambelt a tooth out on the crank pulley, even though the injection timing is OK. (It has happened to me)
  3. 300 Tdi “T” seal replacement

    So to confirm, all you have had to do is drop the sump and take the cap off the back main?
  4. Home built half shafts

    He just needs to put them in blue boxes as a finishing touch.
  5. Headlight Wiring

    Hi, If you have dim dip you'll need to disable that (just search on here for that). You might want to to reduce the headlight fuse sizes in the fuse box as you will be drawing next to no current through them. Most of the proprietary harnesses seem to use 2 relays and run a wire across the front whereas if I understand you correctly you intend to use 2 pairs of relays (one in each wing), to remain independent? That is a bit of a deluxe solution, but definitely more resilient.
  6. It's our fault again...

    Well whether returned to their owners or not they will have to be got down - unless they go for the explosive demolition solution - knowing where it is that's unlikely.
  7. R380 for 2.8l 300tdi upgrade. Needs upgrading?

    I think ashcrofts suggest some gearbox changes anyway if you stay with auto, but it will reduce driveline shocks versus manual. Re the clutch, ebay item 172498125510.
  8. LT85 Oil Pump problems

    Inspiring fix. Thanks for posting, and glad it worked out Ok, nothing worse than spending a lot of time on it and still having a problem.
  9. It's our fault again...

    Part of the problem with sprinklers (ignoring cost etc) is that scroats set them off for fun, so in a multi-storey, the jets would have to be high enough to be out of reach. They probably would slow down the spread of fire, I have seen a vehicle fire fought by a fire brigade with just a hose quite successfully. But I am intrigued about the untouched vehicles. - is that a Defender in the distance-- how come they are a write off?
  10. It's our fault again...

    Interesting they are saying all owners need to contact insurers as all vehicles were destroyed. Yet some pictures show apparently unharmed vehicles on the topmost layer.
  11. It's our fault again...

    Or even maybe an attempt at theft went wrong.
  12. Mmm just looking at your original pic, it looks like you have another half hole adjacent to that stud, as if the stud has been moved. If that is the case, once you have put the new stud in, I would fill the half hole with something to keep the water out, maybe silicon, just needs to be waterproof to stop future corrosion of threads.
  13. It's our fault again...

    So do 1399 owners claim against their insurance which in turn claims against that one? That could bump up premiums. Or was it just an alternative scrappage scheme by some non-LR manufacturer?
  14. Wiring help

    I think too I agree with Ralph better to feed the relay from an ignition switched supply, as sometimes oil pressure switches fail 'on'. That would mean you fuel pump was permanently on, so feed term 86 from the ignition.
  15. Remember ali expands more than steel so heat is def your friend, warm the aluminium, and grip it, and try turning to and fro to loosen, what Maverik said - and be patient -it will probably come eventually.