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  1. That's quite impressive if it seals. And probably won't grow mould either.
  2. Careful if you buy a disco LT230; some of the disco 2's didn't have a difflock either because the external mechanism isn't there, or on some it isn't there inside either. You probably wouldn't want the latter.
  3. Worth having 3 or 4 M10 x 180mm bolts with the heads cut off, and a slot cut where the head was, to make a long stud. Then you can replace some of the bolts holding the transfer box to the gearbox, and slide the transfer box along the studs to keep it in alignment.
  4. Simon, thanks, very interested to hear it had improved (eliminated?) oil carryover. That may be a simpler solution than a Provent. Brittanica Restorations have published a video showing the cut open empty cyclone unit- I guess the 'cyclones' may have been specified with something inside at one time .
  5. Simon, What were your problems? were you experiencing a leak where it attaches to the rocker cover or was oil carryover an issue?
  6. Gluv, Thank you very much for the response and the photos, they show it really well. Did you decide to not drain it back to the sump?
  7. Gluv, Where have you mounted the Provent?
  8. I'd forgotten I'd mentioned it before; it was for a different engine. I have decided now before changing the cyclone to do some compression testing.
  9. Interesting. I think it would be possible to utilise the existing separator's connections with a non-return valve to let it drain back to the sump.
  10. Link as requested:link. I was looking at the 200, as that seems popular with Aus landcruiser people
  11. B****dy mobile phones. And doing it on a train didn't help. Sorry. Stafford Vehicle Components sell them, try this one Link
  12. Thanks for the response. I'd be interested in your experiences when you have a few more miles on. I seem to be getting oil through the breather, so was wondering what could be done to improve it.
  13. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has had any experience of these? (eg Provent 200) If so do they give better oil separation than the tdi cyclones? I need some new breather hoses, and whilst looking round to see what there was came across them, and they seem a popular mod to Landcrusiers and VWs
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