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  1. As I recall there was 280 odd bhp version with twin turbos; my daughter has a stock X5 with 236 (ish, single turbo) so I reckon 250 won't exactly burst it.
  2. You could get yourself a nice set of 18" Sawtooth Mo... I'll get my coat
  3. Most important though - lose the swirl flaps.
  4. I just stumbled on this... link. Sheer guesswork but I think the full upgrade would cost you a kidney
  5. The problem garry col mentioned above I alluded too as well. There is a dirty fix especially if it is just one or two studs that are causing the problem, and that is to get them out before attempting to remove the parts, like you would a bolt.
  6. I think too, the tools that fit the head in factories improved and with torque to yield bolts they could get get a well defined clamping pressure - and of course faster and not needing to be re-torqued. But, if I was building a V8 I would want to use head studs. In a pinch a stud can also get you out of a problem by using a section of tapped hole further down beyond what a bolt might have previously chewed up, ie a previously unused bit of thread.
  7. When you screw in a bolt the tension is applied as the bolt screws in. There may be friction on the bolt from what it passed through. In an Ali block, you may chew the top of the thread, which to grip Ali has to be reasonably coarse. With a stud, the stud can be screwed right in with no tension, and helps locate the head. The top end that applies the tension can have a finer thread, and the nut can be longer than normal if need be, and made of strong stuff. Why not always do this then? Slower production, and can make removing parts difficult as sufficient clearance has to exist to get the part
  8. Thanks for your support folks, it's good to think someone is on your side
  9. Well we have them cold with a contravention of GDPR; not only on the slow response but also the content was incomplete, despite their insisting it was all they had. They made a completely false accusation of a further offence after the first letter of complaint. They had numerous opportunities to sort this out months ago. It begs the question of whether they try to just intimidate people into paying up whether they have actually committed an offence or not (incidentally if anyone has knowledge of such a thing happening to someone else I would be very interested to hear from them). We had reach
  10. Hi, Just thought I would post an update. DVLA have now (today) withdrawn the threat of prosecution, and say the response to the GDPR request has been despatched to us on 17th Sept - still not arrived. They are awarding £100 for the stress and anxiety all this has caused. All this in a fairly apologetic letter. We had to ask our MP to intervene in the GDPR request, and that must have caused someone sensible to finally look at it. It will be interesting to see what the GDPR dump contains when it finally arrives, as this may shed some light on DVLAs policies which will require further investigati
  11. I use a pointing chisel, I think they are called, used for knocking mortar out between bricks. Very strong and only about 6mm wide blade. Once you get it started it peels it back
  12. Try having a feel of the U/Js after a drive. If you have a hot one, it's a sure sign. (Careful, they can get fing hot)
  13. Or head gasket blowing at the back from No.4 cylinder. If it's that you can probably feel it by sticking a finger near the head gasket joint at the back of the engine - there's a bit of a ledge where the head is a wee bit shorter than the block. It sounds like a badly adjusted tappet. You'd feel it as puffs of gas. If it is that, don't delay fixing it as it can damage surfaces.
  14. There are the YRM insanely expensive ones too. They at least look like the originals, if you did want to paint them.
  15. Is it possible to get a speedisleeve on there I wonder?
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