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  1. cackshifter

    Careful what you leave in your car - mouldy D3!

    Good look for Halloween though. Every cloud...
  2. cackshifter

    Opinions and experience of radiators

    I had a metal one re-cored with 4 cores at a local firm about 3 years ago , 2 guys who do things the old ways. I think it was just over £200. However they sold Nissens plastic/ali radiators and reckoned they were OK, also thought they cooled better, and said it would be a cheaper than a re-core but they'd do either.
  3. cackshifter

    Leak into footwell

    I had a footwell leak and it turned out to be coming from a bolt holding the door retaining bracket to the bulkhead. You may well be correct about the origin, goodness knows there are enough places it can come in, but before doing anything remedial, I'd try to prove your theory by getting a helper with a hose to wet areas while you look inside. You may have to remove some trim. Once the source is established a fix is usually simple, and worth testing after to prove it is fixed - there may be more than one leak.
  4. cackshifter

    Vac pump cam wear 300Tdi

    I meant to post this link on the prev post link. I'd say a up30 or up32 would be best; the up28 only has half the life.
  5. cackshifter

    Vac pump cam wear 300Tdi

    I think they may be hella pumps really. Just search for hella vacuum pump, google or ebay.
  6. cackshifter

    Vac pump cam wear 300Tdi

    Found it! Here is the link & within it a link to the actual suggested pump..link
  7. cackshifter

    Vac pump cam wear 300Tdi

    I do recall someone recommending the Audi vacuum pumps; can't find the link
  8. cackshifter

    AAARGH! Wiper motor...

    Its the lump of plastic underneath the big gearwheel that you need to move 180. The one rhat pushes on the park switch. How you insert thw gearwheel doesn't matter a jot
  9. cackshifter

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Probably needs testing in Chelsea before Death Valley or Sweden; that'll be its main habitat.
  10. cackshifter

    Can’t reduce the idle speed on CAV pump.

    It wouldn't matter anyway, n/a diesels just breathe as much air as they can; it all hangs on the fuelling
  11. cackshifter

    Best way to run a BMW M51?

    I think Simtek/Bodylogic also do harnesses & associated gubbins link At a price.
  12. cackshifter

    Clutch Info help !

    Although....I have 2 300s and it is on both, yet a friend's 2002 TD5 doesn't have it. I think the over centre spring can be fitted to pedals that don't have it, so I think you need the spring, a bush for each end of the spring a plastic clip/bearing to fit to the pedal.
  13. cackshifter

    Quick question. CSW B-pillar wire routing.

    I don't have the central locking ( yet) either but I notice YRM do 2 versions of the second row kick panel, one for central locking. So I deduce the cables run along the top of that panel/seatbox
  14. cackshifter

    chattering clutch plate

    Borg and Beck I think are not the same as they once were
  15. cackshifter

    110 suspension setup / advice on springs

    I have a 110 csw on the TD5 style RBK101111 rear springs, installed when the Boge unit went south. They are Ok, (were really cheap second hand) ride a little hard unladen (bilstein b6 dampers), but it improves with a wee bit of weight in. The newer than TD5 ones have RBK500300 springs which is I think slightly softer. You pays your money.......

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