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  1. cackshifter

    Odd clutch moment

    If you have the 300tdi type clothes peg return spring, you might find one side has snapped. I have had 2 do this now, and it keeps working on one side but isn't as strong.
  2. cackshifter

    ERR7143 Crank shaft seal

    Or, you could not bother changing it. It doesn't do anything except keep dust out of the timing case. Or maybe keep timing case dust out of environment. Point is it doesn't hold any oil back. The one inside it under the timing sprocket is the one that does the work,that plus the O ring are a good idea to change.
  3. cackshifter

    Crank Pulley puller

    That looks the dog's Mutley.
  4. cackshifter

    Crank Pulley puller

    You may have to consider too how to undo and especially do up the crank pulley bolt, and you may need a puller for the toothed belt pulley.
  5. I'd go option 2. You don't have to buy anything before having a good look round. If a bore is goosed or a bearing has spun- it did seize remember - and the engine is u/s - why spend the money on a plug spanner? You would however need a gasket set, but you'd know the top end was all good, and you could have a good look at the rest. Blimey though, how on earth did it get into that state?
  6. cackshifter

    300 TDI starting problems

    What he says, or just change the spill pipes anyway, the piping costs buttons.
  7. cackshifter

    Defender 300tdi auto conversion

    There's a table of clearances and some fitting tips on Ashcroft's site link
  8. cackshifter

    I made a Land Rover fastener part number decoder thing

    The last digit is the finish. So 0 is unplated, 1 is zinc plated and I think should be chrome passivated, 5 is black phosphate. There are numbers for chrome and black chrome, cant remember them (yet).
  9. cackshifter

    Defender 200 Tdi water pump question

    Just wondering if anyone has the dimensions of the bearing in that kit? It looks not entirely dissimilar to the 'unobtainable' one in a 300tdi timing cover. OK I know it might have non-preferred origins....
  10. cackshifter

    I made a Land Rover fastener part number decoder thing

    One other point worthy of mention; on changes of design they were supposed to try to use fasteners that were already in use rather than specify another stock item, to keep costs down, so there may be instances where the specified fasteners are not optimal, eg over long bolt . That doesn't prevent us from picking better ones as a replacement
  11. cackshifter

    I made a Land Rover fastener part number decoder thing

    I think AB is pan-head pozi , AC is countersunk. pozi The WA, WB etc I think refer to the washer form letter (eg linky). SH is hex head screw (machine screw, no smooth part on the shank). The SA and SE (SE might be pozi head). I think NY is the 'standard' nylock . These are actually Austin-Morris standards that were imposed across the whole empire, which is why you'll see on the earlier LRs they have a different numbering system (for sometimes the same fastener) from before the black hole that was British Leyland got them. There did used to be a standards guide, I can't believe all copies have been annihilated.
  12. cackshifter

    Starter motor continues to run after failed start

    Next thing to look at I would suggest is the starter solenoid; maybe the contacts weld together sometimes? Or, if it's within warranty, return the starter.
  13. cackshifter

    Wiper Spindle PRC8495

    Or, you could always throw money at it linky .
  14. cackshifter

    Wiper Spindle PRC8495

    As you seem to have realised already, its removal of the old that is the challenge, the rest is straightforward. New genuine come with the adaptors btw.
  15. cackshifter

    Wiper Spindle PRC8495

    Well I have recently replaced Britpart with genuine, and they were without doubt different. Treat yourself to a new cable too, it helps with reduction of slop.

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