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  1. Sieve the sand with a flour sieve before use, and keep it very dry.If you can catch it, it is reusable if sieved. A wet trap before the blaster is a good idea. In the UK the sand for going in between brick paviors is good, but as above silicosis is a risk to using sand.
  2. Might be an idea to check the wastegate is free, any leaks there won't help
  3. Many thanks for that, fantastic even, I can get a couple ordered
  4. I am thinking it is JPT as used on VWs now having looked all over the place.
  5. If only they would send us the photograph. Or even look at it themselves.
  6. Ha, the DVLA don't bother with proof. In any case the GDPR request was made after that offence was alleged to take place. It should therefore be included in the information we ultimately receive.
  7. No I am not surprised by that either. DVLA needs to review that practice of that if it is the case. But GDPR doesn't allow for that; the time starts from the date of receipt. In any case we have allowed much longer than officially needed, and followed up with a reminder, again allowed a longer period. Most if not all of the time elapsed was before the lockdown. The ICO's site has plenty of cases where the DVLA has had to be forced to respond
  8. Hi, Quite possibly so. But wouldn't you think DVLA might think that as well? Yours probably wasn't the only occasion that has happened.
  9. I would appreciate it if anyone can shed any light on the plug type in the attached photo, and where to get mating ones - they are on Hella vacuum pumps I have bought, and it would be nice to leave them original if possible.
  10. Thanks for your support anyway, and apologies for the rant but I just need to vent a bit, as I do find it hardly believable. Well amazingly on Tuesday we got a letter from DVLA complaints team, they had received our letter on 11th May, and despite their website commitment to respond within 10 working days (so maybe they only work 10 days per month?), it crossed with the one we sent to the Chief Exec on Monday. I wish I could say it was good news. The original alleged offence was at the end of our drive on 15th Feb - the enforcement notice said so. The new letter said the offence still stood as the vehicle was sighted on 17th Feb (no year or time) in a street I have never heard of. A quick Google showed the nearest street of that name is around 15 miles away. So that is a complete fabrication (ie we can't substantiate your original offence, but no problem, we'll invent a new one). The letter then said our GDPR request had been received 6 days later than it actually had been according to the Royal Mail - so again a lie, and we would not be prioritised against key workers or HGV drivers for the information. It then went on to say if we had parked under a bridge it was still on the road etc, and the penalty still stood. The writer clearly had read none of the previous letters, even their own, or had chosen to ignore them. Another letter has been returned to the Chief Exec, and we have now also written to our MP. We are awaiting a response from the ICO to our complaint about the non-compliance with GDPR. As @sean f suggests above the time it takes and the effort to write all these letters or make calls, record the receipts etc is wearing, and frankly there are other things I would much rather be doing. I can imagine a lot of folk would be intimidated into paying to make it go away.
  11. Well, I am just posting an update in case anyone is interested. We have had no response from the DVLA to the GDPR request (SAR) for the photograph, and related stuff. The request should have been returned before the ICO published their relaxation of guidelines on returning information, so it should have at least been responded to within the normal timescales; even so we allowed 2 weeks extra time and sent a reminder. So a complaint has been made to the ICO. Meanwhile we also made a complaint to the DVLA, not about the alleged offence, but the lack of any response to the GDPR request. We received no reply to that complaint within the time they promise on the web site to respond by, plus another week or so, so today a complaint has been made to the DVLA Chief Executive, in accordance with their published complaints procedure. In that letter we have also made a Freedom of Information request for a simple count of the number of items of post that have left the DVLA since the initial GDPR request was received (we have receipts for all letters), as, yes, we have all had problems to varying degrees during the lockdown, but I don't accept they have been totally unable to at least acknowledge receipt of the request, and I suspect that will be presented ultimately as an excuse. As there are time limits imposed on the complaints procedures we have had to be careful to allow extra time, but not so much as to jeopardise the opportunity to take matters further.
  12. Forgot no egr on a 200. But, also you will need a downpipe gasket, or whatever is on a 200. For some reason they didn't include the last few bits, about £2 worth. But in its defence I am very pleased with mine
  13. Getting the horn in and winding up on the move must be issues.....
  14. Hi, might be different now, but they didn't supply the gasket between the drain stub and turbo casing on my 300 version. And you will also need an egr gasket. Only pence but annoying if you don't happen to have spares. They want you to fit a new oil feed pipe too.
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