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  1. Pictures of 90’s with 265/75/16 mud terrains

    OK not mud terrain, 265/75 Cooper ST-Maxx on 7" rims with zero offset, std suspension.
  2. 300TDi Non Starter After Fuel Filter Change

    Glencoyne sell the spacer
  3. Universal joints

    The bearings are slightly longer on those than the 'standard' ones. So maybe they are better. Whatever you use I'd advise cleaning the crosspiece of grease and refilling before use, as sometimes there is some very dried-out stuff in there if they have been stored a while.
  4. Hi, SS108161L is a Socket Screw (SS), metric(1), M8(08), 16mm(16) long, zinc plated(1). So it should be fine. Don't know where 15 came from , in any case it would be just 1mm shorter.
  5. Steering adjustment - opinions please

    Hmm, I wouldn't bother taking off the drop arm unless you are pretty sure it is 90 deg out; they have the knack of resisting all attempts short of an angle grinder to remove them, and it is unlikely to be wrongly positioned.
  6. Steering adjustment - opinions please

    I don't think you can move the drop arm on the splines (as above) It sounds like you need to centre the wheels, centre the column, disconnect the column disconnect the drag link and centre the box (if you have the slot at the back of the pitman arm a drill bit works, otherwise its the 2 turns from the left thing, both as above) . Reconnect the column. Adjust draglink to fit (at both ends), and fit it. Centre the steering wheel if necessary.
  7. Crank case breather gone soft

    If you do go silicone get one with a fluorosilicone or fluorocarbon liner otherwise you may have the same problem
  8. 20amp aux fuse keeps popping

    You'll have to disconnect things till you find the thing that turns off the light I'm afraid. Try the easy ones, then you are down to harnesses. The wiring diagrams give you the numbers of the connectors, and the electrical library manuals show where they are located.
  9. 20amp aux fuse keeps popping

    No not quite, just remove the fuse (or if blown you could leave in place) but put a small bulb in parallel with the fuse, ie across the fuse holder., connect it as if it was the fuse Then if there is a short(and we think there is!) the bulb will light up. In any case its resistance will be large versus other stuff on that circuit, so it will limit the current and show you if current is flowing. A little bulb will only pass a fraction of an amp, so no wiring will be damaged even if there is a short. When the light goes out you have found the problem.
  10. 20amp aux fuse keeps popping

    Get a small 12v bulb with some wire attached (eg an accessory warning light) and wire it across the fuse holder with no fuse. When the bulb lights you have your short. Then you can start unpicking stuff/jiggling harnesses etc to see where the problem is. The current through the bulb is going to be limited by the bulb so no harm done.
  11. Swing Away Spare Wheel Carrier of choice?

    I've been looking at the Extreme 4x4 versions; They too are greasable and I like that you can get them galvanised before coating. Is that site Scorpion re-born though?
  12. What's the deal with Britpart spare parts?

    I generally avoid Britpart for reasons above, though sometimes they are the only option. However they do seem to supply 'OEM' parts as well as their own. While the true meaning of 'OEM' is debatable, I have not had problems with their 'OEM' parts. And they do Richards chassis which you could say was a pattern part. After all, even LR parts are not infallible, witness 300tdi valve caps. I use lrdirect quite a bit; I quite like that they show usually Britpart, Allmakes and Bearmach and indicate acceptability to them of parts as LRD workshop approved. They have their own workshop, K Motors, and I do think if it's good enough for them it should be OK.
  13. New [old] Camelback Drill

    How about a 3 phase motor and inverter? Its probaby an imperial motor, like the myford lathes etc. Youd have variable speed, max torque at very low speed, and braking.
  14. OT - Ford engine oil pressure way too high

    Not entirely surprised at the garage, but great result.
  15. Diff lock overheating?

    Im wondering if difflock linkage and handbrake cable are somehow tangled, so applying difflock also applies the handbrake. Have a crawl underneath.