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  1. I know it'll be buffed and fluffed to within an inch of its life but I do hope it's reliable...
  2. It's not hard to change the bearing in the tensioner but it needs to be the 6203-2RSH-C3 . The C3 has a bit more clearance inside. There is a tech archive article on it...link. Note the comment about filing a notch to get the snap ring out.
  3. Hmm, compressor that old I'd be tempted to wind that big plug out of the end and take a peek inside; they can rust through from the inside quite rapidly
  4. Or.. this might be an opportunity. My daughter wrote off our 110 CSW off about 11 years ago, and we bought the remains back from the insurers at about 25% market value. We got it taken to Paul Marsden at Marsden Auto Developments - he rebuilt it on a new galvanised chassis (with some other new bits it needed before the crash - shocks, brake pipes etc). It gave it a new lease of life. I agree with what the others are saying about writing off and there are others about apart from Paul who will rebuild it ( I have no connection with him except as happy customer, he also did our 90). If the chass
  5. I used to work in a bus factory - the underside parts were made of galvd steel (not zintec) and then epoxy powder coated. Before the powder coating they were dipped in detergent to degrease, phosphate and then chromate washed (probably can't do that these days) then were dried in an oven and went straight into powder coat. You couldn't move the resultant coating even if you scratched with a coin. Without the pretreatment, even on degreased galv it was easy to get it to lift off. If the colourgalv is similar process it should be tough. Pre treated it looked like it had been T washed, and fel
  6. That looks very nice, it still folds up? A bit of a bite out of the wheelarch needed?
  7. Might be worth checking the phasing of the propshafts is correct if you haven't already.
  8. I beg you not to go to Liveridge or whatever the new place is. I have had issues with Liveridge including finding out the vehicle I had bought had more than 100k knocked off the speedo, the camshaft timed a tooth out, a door literally falling apart etc etc.
  9. There is another complete one which I can't find just now and ianmayco68 is doing one. I believe there is a group on Facebook dedicated to it.
  10. Just looking at the drill specs, how does it change speed, is there a gearbox, or is it switched somehow ? It looks like WKT 41/25 is the (catchy!) name for the drill not the motor. Looking at pics of them it looks like it has a gearbox, therefore the motor is probably just a single speed.
  11. Maybe a compression test, see what that gives before ripping it apart?
  12. Yes undoubtedly, but it is kind of fascinating...... Foers used to offer 6x6 - not sure what they used for the driveline. I do know without a third diff between the axles there will inevitably be windup, hence Ed's Sandringham using freewheel hubs. All full size trucks have 3rd diffs. Off road or lightly loaded it may not matter, though
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