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  1. cackshifter

    Allisport intercooler defender mounting brackets

    This is similar to the hump hose I used Link
  2. cackshifter

    Allisport intercooler defender mounting brackets

    One thing if you are installing one - the intercooler is held by those brackets and if there isn't some flexibility and 'give'in the piping to the intercooler, if the engine moves forward on its mounts for whatever reason, it 'leans' on the intercooler through the pipes - those brackets bear the brunt of that, and in my case tore a boss out of the cooler. I now have a hump hose between to provide some flexibility.
  3. cackshifter

    Trackers good bad and ugly

    Heritage insurance seem to be offering a free Skytag, and discount for having it. I have no connection, just looking into it too.
  4. I have done the matching you describe, I think it goes better, but then I would. I also smoothed the back of the valves, they have a huge seating surface most of which doesn't actually touch the seat.
  5. cackshifter

    OT Perkins A3.152 Run dry of water

    How daft to run it without water. Was water too expensive? The 'boom' is slightly worrying though.If possible I'd inspect the bores really carefully, it could have picked up or cracked between the bores
  6. Get the caps from Turner's, supposed to be better than others even genuine.
  7. cackshifter

    TD5 Disco 2 rear air suspension

    As I recall the sensors aren't expensive, and the plugs are available separately
  8. Try a picture framers. The card is good quality and when they cut out a mount the middle is spare
  9. cackshifter

    New springs ?

    Or, flatdog springs are made in Sheffield, by something like coil springs ltd, and to match standard spec.
  10. cackshifter

    New springs ?

    I have bilstein b6 and konis on different vehicles, I like them both. A lot like Old Man Emu.
  11. cackshifter

    Windscreen wiper removal

    Brushes definitely can affect speed if worn, but friction is your enemy, so don't overgrease the cable. I recently had a dry bottom bearing in the motor too. Maybe check the voltage the motor is actually getting is something approaching battery voltage.
  12. cackshifter

    Analog clock gauge

    Hi mine does just that. But I have found at some times it works ok. Try it at a different time, for me when the big hand is past 3 it works.
  13. cackshifter

    Odd clutch moment

    If you have the 300tdi type clothes peg return spring, you might find one side has snapped. I have had 2 do this now, and it keeps working on one side but isn't as strong.
  14. cackshifter

    ERR7143 Crank shaft seal

    Or, you could not bother changing it. It doesn't do anything except keep dust out of the timing case. Or maybe keep timing case dust out of environment. Point is it doesn't hold any oil back. The one inside it under the timing sprocket is the one that does the work,that plus the O ring are a good idea to change.
  15. cackshifter

    Crank Pulley puller

    That looks the dog's Mutley.

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