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  1. cackshifter

    Adwest steering box

    That should read can't be dismantled.
  2. cackshifter

    How long to fit galv chassis

    Peaklander on here is just doing a 110. It gives you an idea of what's involved, esp on your own. link
  3. cackshifter

    Adwest steering box

    There are one or two tutorials on the rebuild on the internet which would give a taste of what you are taking on; as I recall one cautions against a speedisleeve, saying you can't rebuild it again after because it can be dismantled. There are also the seals from Zeus Engineering which I believe use different sections of the shaft.
  4. cackshifter

    OT: Someone as bad as Nige

    Good job he wasn't attempting a Prince Albert
  5. cackshifter


    Do you have a price in mind for sale of said items, are they in reasonable nick. Its just I'll be needing an R380 and you are probably relatively close.
  6. cackshifter

    Tail light earth

    I think my rear lights are earthed to tags on the right side of the transfer box.Might be wrong, it ws a while ago, I have slept a bit since. However I subsequently discovered, if you have the wiring diagram, all these points have a reference which you can use to look up in the Electrical Library manual, and it usually shows a picture of the point, albeit in a clean and lovely condition.
  7. cackshifter

    Fuel starvation...?

    Is it vented on a td5 or is there a sepatate vent?
  8. cackshifter

    Unusual 300 Tdi injection pump....

    Im with retroanaconda, its the throttle position sensor potentimeter from an Egr system. What monkie says is true, but that isn't one of them. It will still have a throttle cable. That sensor can be removed, leaving a couple of prongs to drive it
  9. cackshifter

    Speedometer take off from gearbox

    He ain't kidding (even with the transfer box out). That's why they are retained with two fingers I think.
  10. cackshifter

    Generators - need some help

    You might want to consider something like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/lister-8-cs-diesel-engine-generator-5kw-240-volt/222999794945?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D49130%26meid%3D7f710615a68b43099048713876de501c%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D122948288613%26itm%3D222999794945&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 The large flywheel helps overcome the start surge of induction motors. It's 5 KVA so has a bit in hand for the compressor. And it'll run on all sorts of fuel, and they are reasonably quiet once started.
  11. cackshifter

    Persistent LT77 leak

    OK, another thing you might do if you are desperate (you do sound a bit desperate) is to pressurise the box slightly through the breather, while it is on the ramp - that might be enough to make it leak more rapidly and let you spot it.
  12. cackshifter

    200Tdi - blue smoke on first pulling away

    One thing though, the turbo can leak oil into exhaust from the exhaust side, not just the inlet. I'd take off the input trunking and have a feel of the shaft, if much side to side movent it's suspect
  13. cackshifter

    200Tdi - blue smoke on first pulling away

    The black smoke is normal,its starting enrichment. The bue could be stem seals, or could be turbo. You could try disconnecting the pipe intercooler to manifold and see if it still smokes at idle. If so stem seals are in frame. If not, turbo or breather maybe. Rings tend to cause smoke all the time, more load more smoke.
  14. cackshifter

    Salisbury axle

    Was your old seal leather? Mine was and started leaking when it dried out. If the new one is rubber I think it'll stand a better chance. I think this is one of those occasions where rubber is better than leather.
  15. cackshifter

    Salisbury axle

    Yes, I swapped to the new flange, took Snagger's excellent advice and have had no issues since. Its quite hard tightening it as there is some spring in the halfshafts. I made a tool to engage with the flange, hole in the middle to get at the nut, and an arm to rest on the ground or chassis. Once the flange is held still its much easier.

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