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  1. The response has been sent today. We wait.
  2. Sorn doesn't need renewing these days. The letter even says it's sorned. Yes, we are going for evidence, but since posting one of the neighbours has dug out some CCTV footage, which I hope will be reasonably definitive. It's just who wants the hassle? They will need to do some serious grovelling if I get my way.
  3. Hi, you may be right about the cloning, but the letter states it was in our street, last Saturday, at 10.35am, so I am thinking some of it at least is fiction.
  4. Hi, I have a 110 CSW which is just undergoing a floor replacement - well to be honest it has been for quite a while, scope creep being what it is. It's parked on the drive of our house, but there is no front wall so it is easily visible from the road, but well beyond the pavement, ie on my land. There is currently no floor in it, no battery, the B posts are in tatters, and the new C posts are held to the floor rails with mole grips, pending an improvement in weather to move things on. It is of couse SORNed. The problem is we have just had a letter from the DVLA alleging it has been used or kept on the road, and I have till 3rd March to pay them £559 or go to court. That is a ridiculous accusation considering its current state, and it hasn't even moved for over a year. We will be contesting that fine needless to say, but I suspect it has to be either the result of a camera car picking up the number plate, or a malicious anonymous report being made ( I am not aware of any issues with neighbours, not yet anyway). Either way, my point is that if anyone else is in this position of having a vehicle SORNed, maybe undergoing repair within sight of the road, to avoid similar issues, I would suggest you remove the number plates. (Mods, if this isn't the right place for this feel free to move it)
  5. I have 265/75 16 on 7" rims, no problem. I think that was the minimum size, 8" was the max, but I wanted to be able to fit 235/85 or 255/85 16 if I wanted to.
  6. I'd have a feel of the the turbo shaft - that must be relatively easy to get at , and a prime suspect as a source of the oil.
  7. Stunning pictures for posterity. And they might even help me explain to SWMBO how it works. Maybe.
  8. Yes well, NZ has a surfeit of hydro-electricity, much, much fewer people, and the properties usually have much more land so driveway charging is less of a problem. It's much more able to quickly adapt to electric cars.
  9. The glow plugs take 16 amps each and are fed through a 60 amp fuse.
  10. The engine was designed when 15w/40 was the best commonly available. The 40 gives the viscosity (and it is this determines the oil film thickness) at 100C, the 15w at 0C. However if you look at the actual viscosity numbers you can see that even '5W' is still much thicker than '40'. The clearances are designed for when the engine is hot, ie the the '40'. Therefore, if you use 5w/40 or 10w/40 the viscosity at start will be nearer the warm viscosity, so the oil will get to pressure and be pumped round sooner on a cold start. The eventual pressure may not be quite as much as cold 15w/40 but that doesn't matter as it'll be higher than when its warm anyway, and you don't need huge pressure; that's just a sign of the effort the pump is making to circulate it. Your turbo in particular will like this, but it will reduce wear on other things, oil pump etc as the pressure isn't as big when cold, but it gets to pressure sooner. So the 5w/40 or 10w/40 will help with cold starts and warming up. There's no reason you can't take advantage of oil improvements over the last couple of decades. We do a lot of short journeys; I use Millers 5w/40 EE but oil is like choice of underwear; everyone has their own ideas.
  11. It may use a bit of oil initially, but that should reduce with use. I'd just keep an eye on the level.
  12. Good to hear it lives again. It must feel better after all that TLC.
  13. Suspense is killing. But those switches die for a pastime.
  14. Finger crossed obvs. I think you'll have to see how it feels - if it feels tight don't go mad, but equally avoid being ridiculously gentle, You said the hone had increased the friction, I think the thing is just use it without extremes.
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