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  1. Hi, Thanks Ralph, it is a bit of a conundrum, and thank you for the kind offer. At this point I don't need spares thanks, but the motivation was I think the O ring might be leaking slightly, so I thought while it is apart maybe I would replace the insides, after all the coolant thermostat seems to have a finite life so maybe this does, and I wasn't sure whether it was actually working, no easy way to find out. Then I looked in the WSM & parts manual and thought strange! Since posting this I have watched the Brittanica Restorations video on it, and I can see I can test the cartridge quite easily, and I don't suppose the spring and washers will be any the worse, I'll probably get a new cartridge anyway for what it costs.
  2. Looks like 200tdi has just one washer according to RR Classic WSM.
  3. Hi, the oil thermostat seems to be ERC5923, but the workshop manual shows a spring and 2 washers with it for which I can find no part numbers. They don't seem to exists in the parts catalogue. All the pictures of ER5923 just show the wax cartridge, except Turners who show a cartridge, spring and one washer. Any ideas? Are these included in ERC5923? Thanks Nigel
  4. Apologies for yet another tyre topic, but I am shopping for some new tyres to replace Cooper ST-Maxx which seem to have perished rather than worn out. We don't do many miles, maybe 6,000 per year max, and journeys are generally solo short and local, but need to be able to done in light snow, but are almost completely on road. But there are also some occasions going to horseshows towing a trailer, which may be up to 100 miles each way, and there are sometimes wet and muddy bits to get through. I don't see the point of having a tyre that is '20% off road, 80% on road' - the mud is still the same. But MT tyres would be overkill 99% of the time. I need to be able to rely on the tyres at all times with the horse. The ST-Maxx has handled it all, and been generally very satisfactory, we have never had to be towed. But I don't like that they have started to show signs of cracking around the perimeter just near the bead. So, I was just looking to see what there was (I like BFG but no point in going BFG as they would definitely time-expire before wearing out), and saw the Falken AT3WA Wildpeak. That seems to potentially fit the bill as well as the Cooper. I am just asking that, if anyone has experience of the Falken AT3WA Wildpeak, could you share experience, good or bad. I have no connection with either manufacturer.
  5. The feed on mine, 300tdi, is fused at 15amp. If you need 50, eg for tyre pump, you need to run new wires, it would need a similar sized earth
  6. In fact, having thought about it a bit more, the seals blowing off proves they are actually sealing against the boost pressure and if they do blow off on the inlet guides may allow boost pressure to leak into the crankcase, probably not helping oil carryover through the breather, or boost pressure. On the exhaust, there must be some manifold pressure as the turbo is in the way of the gases, so again they probably have to resist pressure coming up the guides. It's an argument for not having guides that are too worn, they seem more critical than I had realised. And maybe having something like a honed internal finish to help hold some oil. Turner's performance heads have I believe bronze sleeves in the guides.
  7. DaveW's blowout looked to me like a Cooper ST Maxx, and as I was renewing pads it prompted me to look closely at ours. They have been very satisfactory and are about 10 years old, and we don't do so many miles, so from tread depth still some wear left. But on some there was a crack forming just beyond the bead. New tyres time.
  8. If you think about it, they do a different job than in a naturally aspirated petrol engine. In that, they try to stop excess oil being drawn down the guides by vacuum in the engine. In a 300tdi there should be next to no vacuum, maybe some till the turbo gets going, IE at startup. Mostly, they will be trying to stop air under boost pressure going up the guides into the crankcase. So the fact they blow off is not so surprising.
  9. Good effort! My concern was round whether it would be considered roadworthy and therefore what effect it might have on insurance esp as the op would have been setting out with it faulty.
  10. I think you need to get it fixed, it is difficult to steer without power. One thing to limp to safety like that, another to set off on a 150 mile trip
  11. 1.2 transfer box? Elec fan? Didn't someone find closing the gap between bumper and wing helped?
  12. Maybe an airbag going off while you are cuddling a wheel may cause some dental derangement. And maybe rectal
  13. You might also ensure it has plastic fittings inside and in contact as a brass ballcock for example would encourage galvanic corrosion.
  14. You just need some robotic thing to smack the driver round the head when they are running round on DRLs when it is near dark or in daylight fog and they might be almost acceptable
  15. Well I needed one last week on my Mondeo; ran over a screw which ripped they tyre and the local garage didn't have a tyre till the next day. I wouldn't want a car without a spare of some sort. Re spacesavers, they are OK maybe for local use, but years back I was killing time while my Audi was being serviced, and I wandered into the VW section where the salesman was keen I look at a Toureg. So I asked where was the spare and he showed me a spindly spacesaver in a well under the boot floor (bearing in mind it was on very fat tyres) At that time I was regularly doing 200 mile journeys to and from my mother's at weekends, so I asked, OK, "It's Sunday night, throwing it down, I'm returning home with kids asleep and the (Alsatian) dog on the luggage behind, we get a puncture - what then? He said, " Oh put the space saver on",so I said "it's only allowed to do 50 miles, we need 200, and what do you do with a big dirty sopping wet rear wheel with a flat tyre (which won't go in the spacesaver well) - do VW have a rim recovery service, you just tell them where it is and they'll return it to you? Or do you put it on one of the passengers' lap?" He said "good question, hadn't thought of that."
  16. Yes that's right. I suggest check crank endfloat/thrusts too before ordering
  17. The reason they want you to push it is because the rolling radius of the tyre loaded is not the same as the radius is jacked up, as the tyre deflects under load. So they can see exactly the distance you cover for one turn (better done over more turns if possible and averaged). If you do it unloaded your speedo will read too high. Some tyre manufacturers publish rolling radius figures, but it assumes loading. Sorry didn't see above post - hadn't refreshed the screen
  18. There seem to be some coarse teeth next to the ring gear - maybe for a pawl of some kind?
  19. Maybe you could test the coolant of combustion gases with one of those testing kits before assuming the worst? I am wondering if the hoses leak very slightly, I have a set that does, never amounts to a drip but can sometimes see traces of dried anti-freeze. This on a 300tdi with VNT that tows, so not entirely dissimilar ( I do have a 4 core rad though). Oil temps are interesting.
  20. Not done all the chassis but t-wash, Jotun penguard HB or jotamastic 87 AL , then jotun hardtop flexi on top.
  21. TBH it might have just been a weak gasket. 300tdi seem to need a periodic gasket change, they don't seem to last indefinitely, so there is probably no margin for anything not being absolutely bob-on. There is no doubt the boost pin would increase cylinder pressures (otherwise what is its point), but plenty of folk seem to run them without issue. I'd just check the flatness again and if Ok stick a new gasket in.
  22. That is truly annoying. Just wondering if there is a waterpump problem if the water coming out wasn't hot - or maybe a bolt for whatever reason wasn't clamping properly
  23. It was obviously meticulously planned, and at the end of the day it was a family having a funeral, with the obvious emotions and grief. Good job they had left the number plates off the Land Rover though or the DVLA would be trying to do them for VED.
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