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200tdi loom. What is this plug for?

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Strange because White & the Green wires are meant to be ignition switched, following it on the wiring diagram takes me to the fusebox at fuse number 16 a 5amp fuse, then other side of that fuse runs up a green wire to the same plug. 

check for power on the brown/white wire. which goes to fuse 17 then back up the black/white wire to the same lug.

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I'll check the other pins tomorrow. I imagined the white would be as it a female, the others are all male.

I guess it could be that there is another sub-loom I don't have on the inside that runs up to various switches, which provides the power by a 2 wires into one feedback loop. They seem to like doing that on these looms. It would be safer that way too if the option was not fitted - no unconnected live wires floating around in the engine bay.

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