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Front brake rotors: P38 NTC8780 vs Disco2 SDB000380 difference?


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I'm not sure this is the right spot for this thread but I couldn't identify a general technical section of the Forum.

In regards to the front brake setups on a P38 Range Rover and a Discovery 2, does anyone know what the difference is in their front brake disc rotors? The P38 Land Rover part number is NTC8780 and the Discovery 2 Land Rover part number is SDB000380. Given that the two vehicles share the same front brake callipers (Land Rover part numbers STC1915 for LH and STC1916 for RH) and a few other parts around that area, it's likely that the brake disc rotors are not drastically different - the picture on Microcat of the setup is identical for the pair. In the rear the brake disc rotors are the same.

The reason for asking this is we are considering big brake kit options for the Discovery 2. Given the similarity of the platform to the P38 which already has big brake kit options available (e.g. Overfinch / Alcon) the easiest solution is to consider the adaption of that P38 setup to the Discovery 2.

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Diameter (297mm) and thickness (25mm) is identical, obviously the bolt is as well.

As D2 and P38 use the same wheels, it's very likely the shape of the bell is identical as well.

However, EBC lists different heights, possibly due to the different hubs. So they will not be interchangeable. Which explains why I've never heard of it. too bad I don't have any Disco parts lying around, or I'd check.



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