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75mm Landrover oval

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Hi guys, 

im after a Landrover oval badge that is 75mm along its long side. 
it’s to go in the oval blank on my 300tdi inlet manifold..

silver letters on a black background would be ideal  

ive looked on eBay and google and have only found a cast jobbie, it is the right size but is only made in the USA and the shipping is ridiculous 





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I don't think & can't find a suitable badge that would cope with the underbonnet hear when fixed to the inlet manifold, they only one I know of is part of the engine top rubber cover sound deadner matting, but that badge is not listed seperatly.

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Thanks for looking, I will have a rummage through my spares as I have a couple of those sound deadening rubbers somewhere. 
the item I’ve seen on eBay is only £29.00 ( only lol ) but the shipping is £50.00 !!! But it is cast alloy so would withstand the heat. 
thanks for trying though. 

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Incase it helps any one else on here Ive had a little success !!

I have found and ordered this 


It should fit exactly (maybe a little fettling !!) and it is cast so shouldn't have any heat issues.

Also the side oval badge on a freelander (DAG100260) is only 71mm long so should also fit.


Anyway will let you all know if the cast one is ok when it turns up





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