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Any idea what gearbox this is?


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I'm after an indication of the model number as i am after specific ones and for some reason the seller isnt responding to me asking! (Maybe they just dont know but a response would be good)


Thats the link, the box is an auto from a 2002 disco II TD5....i think it should be either a 766 or 773 but if it isnt then its no use to me so cant afford to "risk" it.

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Guest diesel_jim
SMO, that'll be an HP22EH. You just need an ordinary HP22 (any V8 ZF4 should do) to make a hydralic TD5 HP22. Add a P38 4.6 'box to get you enough to make an HP24 spec box.


do you mean hypotheticaly one would need the HP22EH from a Td5, PLUS an ordinary ex-V8 HP22 together to make a hydaulic Td5 HP22?

then if you found a P38 HP24 and added that to the couldrin, you'd get a very HD box for a Td5?

I assume you need the HP22EH so you get the Td5 bellhousing? what size torque converter does it use? better than a 300Tdi one?

cheers mate!


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