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    VED rates?

    Ok, thanks, i shall bear that in mind. I have seen a rather lovely Puma engined truck cab which takes my fancy, but then i think how little i will use it and what i actually want it for and it seems like an awful lot of money on a "toy"!!!
  2. So what is the answer, do they pay out in that situation and does the insurance continue for the other vehicles??? (My gut feeling is probably no, and no!)
  3. smo

    VED rates?

    Thanks for the replies. Do i take it getting a vehicle reclassified is a non-starter?
  4. smo

    VED rates?

    Hmm, that government page is great if you know the VED band.....which i dont! I presume that most TD5's (pre 2006) fall in at band K £260/year.....or is a pickup a light goods vehicle @ £210/year?
  5. Having not been around for a while i'm a little out of touch with the "basics". Can anyone enlighten me as to the current VED rates for defenders?? Is it the same for a 200tdi as a TD5, are truck cabs any different to Station wagons?
  6. Equally it could be the last image....either way they came straight off a 2004 TD5 90 as i dismantled it myself.
  7. 2nd/3rd pic ANR3200 & ANR3201, these fix to the 4 bolt plate that bolts to the transfer case. Stud bolts down through the chassis mount.
  8. Dear god it looks bloody awful. I've never been a huge fan of Ibex's but that is dam pig ugly.
  9. Curiouser and couriouser, mine doesnt seem to fit any of the pictures!! WTF is my d-lander built on?? I purchased the chassis direct from LR in market rasen up north and it was meant to be a 100" RRC/Disco 1 chassis. Its definately not a TD5 chassis as the engine mounts were all wrong yet doesnt match the images Ralph kindly posted.
  10. Definately not a TD5 chassis as i have to weld on TD5 engine mounts and cut off the others. I'll try and get some pictures later.
  11. Not a clue, the chassis was brand new from LR 3 years back and has no numbers/stamps. I would put them in then fit the rubbers but due to the silly mounts and lack of space you end u trying to put a 40mm M12 bolt through a 10mm gap and do it up by hand with equal clearance...not really possible. I'm just trying to load microcat on my laptop to find an image of the mounts.
  12. Hi Ralph - i dont have a crossmember as it is indeed removable. What those pictures dont show are any form of gearbox/transfer box mounts....mine are welded as part of the chassis not removable like the later type.
  13. Nope, if they were removable i'd not have a problem. Box cant go in from above, has to go in from below...how did people do it with RRC's and Disco's?
  14. Nope, nothing like mine!!! I did fail to mention my chassis is actually a 100" RRC/Disco chassis and hence isnt entirely conventional!!
  15. That doesnt sound like the mounts on mine, I have 2 U shaped brackets on the chassis into which a rubber mount bolts using 1 bolt, and then they in turn fix to the boxes with 4 giant fat M12's or similar... The problem being getting them into and out of the U shaped brackets on the chassis rails, you cant slide in horizontally, or lift in bottom up, they have to drop in from top???
  16. When fitting and removing a gearbox, and/or transfer box from a defender type setup do you remove the rubber mounts before attempting the task?? I've always found it a pain in the arse with them on (almost impossible!) however when putting the mounts in first and then trying to bolt a box onto them it equally impossible....so, how should it be done?
  17. There is a seperate vent on the tank, it has a non-return valve on it to keep fuel in when you park upside down. Chip fat, SVO/WVO and TD5's dont mix, if it has ever been run on this then its a good starting point for the problems you are having.
  18. Thats pretty good going Nige, sounds like you had fun cutting it about. Thank god my wife is a surgeon, i dont have to do any self butchery any more
  19. Not very clever on either part realy, i guess it was never reported stolen as the DVLA didnt pick it up, and also why did the man wait until a friend saw it, surely the letter of sale/transfer from the DVLA was a bit of a give away as everyone is sent these out after a sale!!!
  20. The panels are GRP.....i happen to have an unfinished one outside. If anyone wants to buy it then feel free to make me an offer!
  21. I have a box and compushift i'm going to get rid of, never finish the conversion and if it wasnt for the auto box my d-lan der would be finished a long time ago!!
  22. I've done it alone 4 times in the past now without issue. Its very simple, you dont drive the strata after heavy rain alone or in a group!!
  23. Am i to presume that the strapline will be spellchecked first??
  24. Tell your garage to go swivel, they have no authority to do the work, their opinion is just that and doesnt give them the right to do work and charge for it without permission. So, demand they swap them back, or assume its a gift and pay for the work you authorised and definately do not pay for the exhaust, or labour relating to it.
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