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Last week I bought a repair panel for my '90 RRC, described on the web-site as:

Front headlight box - RH - RANGE ROVER 1986-1994

RR339R £37.50 ex VAT

I didn't want to start cutting out the old one until I could see the extent of the replacement, so on Saturday afternoon I chopped out the old one and prep'd up ready for welding on Sunday.

Sunday morning was fine and (for a change) not too windy, so I started clamping up the replacement part and then noticed that it was the wrong part! There are extra brackets on this one and several holes and slots missing, Should I mangle it myself or send it back and get the correct one? Decided to do the latter (which meant that I lost the day) :(

So today I called Paddocks and was told that they only stock one for the whole range to '96 !

The mods required are not huge (probably an hour's worth done carefully) but what annoyed me is that I lost a day!

On the plus side the value is excellent, and when I clamped it up, the assembly fitted perfectly - quality kit. It's just a shame that Paddocks don't make it plain on the web-site that it would need work to fit later models.

I am taking photos of the work and will post when finished...


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I had the same kind of experience with Craddocks, I stressed original and genuine but got cheap and spurious. Some parts were correct but others were applicable but nasty.

Don't get me wrong they're a good service it's just you need to almost know exactly what they have/know before you go shelling out.

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