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  1. don't know if this is even possible, but the thought struck me: 1. apply for permission for a motocross track (rejected) 2. apply for permission for an offroad play site (rejected) 3. apply for permission for a gypsy camp (rejected) 4. apply for permission for housing.... <phew!> eerm ok then Bingo - value of land increases 500 times... and that was the aim all along. Or am I being cynical? Rog
  2. Great post! I just have to do that one day...
  3. Another vote for these - nice and flexible, and spun the v8 with ease for several 10 second runs before it picked up (it's been inactive for a while...) and they didn't even get warm. Roger
  4. what ARE those aerials for? I assume some kind of ham or CB?
  5. IMHO - and sorry to be so negative, but no...
  6. Spanish Inquisition... Salem Witch Trials... McCarthy Anti-Communist Hearings... GreenPeace - we stand on the shoulders of giants!
  7. :hysterical: It's funny because it's true! :hysterical:
  8. As mentioned above - use of a torque wrench is a good idea for wheel nuts; 120-130 lb/ft does not really feel very much for such a large nut. Even my battery rattler beats 120, and the windy gun easily exceeds that on it's lowest setting Rog
  9. Working in a quiet neighbourhood I am embarrassed enough about grinding and hammering noises (which I can't do much about), but do I think that it must be possible to significantly reduce the noise from the compressor. It's a fairly small one, and very cheap, so it tends to run quite a bit while it's trying to keep up... I reckon the main sources of noise are: 1. The air intake. 2. The tank acting as a resonator. I have sat the thing in it's polystyrene packing base to have a go at the tank noise (not much difference) and I'll try lagging it a bit next, but my main concern is silencing the inlet. It needs to be free-flowing but effective, so I thought - how about an old exhaust silencer? Any comments, observations or better ideas? Have you done similar and was it effective? Thanks in advance for any input. Roger
  10. You can always rely on Si to think outside the box...
  11. <tuppence worth> IMHO whip/tails are recommended for three good reasons: 1. If you damage/sever the pipe near the tool (the most likely place?) you have a connector that you can grab and separate within reach. 2. When disconnecting a tool I think that it's less likely to get dropped it if it has a tail. 3. After disconnecting a tool, if you drop it and it (a couple of kgs of rattler gun) lands on the PCL connector, it is far more likely to damage the tool than if there is a tail on it. </tuppence worth> Rog
  12. Sorry to bring this back from the grave... But does anybody have any updates on these tyres? Pics in action would be nice too... Rog
  13. I think that the most likely time for getting water in the headlights is not plain wading, but when dropping into a hole when the combination of bow-wave, vehicle angle and suspension compression combine to have an effect somewhat similar to this: A different angle on 'dipping the lights' Rog
  14. In FOUR DAYS??? Bl@@dy Hell man that's shifting! Got any pics? Rog
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