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Series 3 Tdci Puma brake servo conversion

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I know this is a well covered subject in terms of retrofitting type 50 and 80 servo/pedal boxes Into a series 3 land rover. However, I have not found much I formation about fitting of the newer style twin diaphragm servos and pedal box.


I understand that there would be clearance issues most likely requiring the wing to be cutout and new brake lines made up however does anyone know of any reason why this would not work? Does anyone know of the pedal box bolt pattern is the same between the series and puma bulkhead?


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Defender footwells are a different angle and I don't think the bolt holes line up either - people usually fit the smaller diameter servos (early Defender / RRC) with a ~10mm spacer plate to account for the pushrod length. You could be making a lot of work for yourself compared to buying a known good servo + MC.

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