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D90 Rock-Jock rear sway bar install

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Decided to see if we can squeeze a Rock-Jock Anti-Rock sway bar into the back of my D100, with the flexy suspension it can’t not help with on-road manners.

After a few emails back & forth with a tech at Rock-Jock the only option is the 36” long torsion bar, the shorter 32” bar won’t fit as the frame is 31” outside and the mounting tube is 30” long… and a 34” is not made 🙁

So, rather than use the 30” DOM tube they sell decided to make some end mounts that’ll bolt in place of the old shock top mounting brackets. This’ll allow the arms to be ~14” long before hitting the rear spring mounts. Will need to trim out the old tub support mounts but there redundant now anyway.


Looking at one of the Jeep brackets, it has a counter bore for the bushing and a quick check shows 1.5” Sch.80 pipe will work for the short mounting tubes. Next to draw up some mounting brackets.


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5 hours ago, landroversforever said:

That’s a really neat way of mounting it! 

Well, sort of the only way for me now. Have seen them being mounted through & in front of the central cross member but that’s all over laid with 1/4” plate for the cage mounts, in front has too much cage in the way.

Now looking for some clamp on mounts that’ll fit on the 2” dia. lower trailing arms, I switched out the axle end joints to a rubber bushing type that’ll resist the twisting the sway bar will try to introduce.

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