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  1. Scottish aviation "Miniartic"

    Haha! She'll come round to it eventually!
  2. Query about front springs

    Mo, I'm not going to be needing my springs for a little while if you want to test them?
  3. Can anyone recommend a press

    I think we're all guilty of that.... although my workshop is generally just a sh!thole
  4. Can anyone recommend a press

    That wonky bolt is comical haha! Its difficult to actually get a tap started that wonky unless they went straight in with the plug
  5. Transition from td5 to Puma.

    The transits and Rangers just don't sound very nice, even when new. The same obviously going for the Puma defenders. On the other hand... a TD5 has to be one of the best sounding engines in the world
  6. info needed from the experts

    Bananas turning you bananas eh! I did have to think for a sec when I read that.
  7. New Defender

  8. New Defender

    Well a friend's Dad works for JLR and has knowledge of the Defender replacement. Now he knows my love of the defender and what it stands for and in his words 'I think you'll like it'. So will have to wait and see. He wouldn't give me any info when pressed sadly
  9. Thought I should alert you about No Fear Off Road

    Nice one Stobbie
  10. Kempi tig 150

    Try sticking the model number into google. That will find you a manual I'm sure.
  11. Transition from td5 to Puma.

    Gearbox was changed to the Ford/Getrag MT82 6 speed. Transfer box was changed to the 1.2:1 version. The diffs/axles all stayed the same as far as I know.
  12. Soren's Budget Single-Seater Crawler

    Probably more capable than most things still!
  13. Soren's Budget Single-Seater Crawler

    Sticking the tyres in the 88"?
  14. Can anyone recommend a press

    Why not have something nice lasered, dimple it so its nice and light.... then it will be easier to fend her off and take less effort
  15. Query about front springs

    Doug beat me to it.... I had blue/Red (90 rear springs) on the rear and Yellow/White (110HD front/90 rear) on the front which sat nicely with the first four bumper and winch.