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  1. Final help and opinions for my 110 300tdi rebuild

    I can't see any advantage myself either. You'll be blowing hot air all the time even in summer?
  2. Swivel seal retaining plate.

    It doesn't show two, one is the retaining plate and the other is a massive fibre gasket. Sorry peaklander, misread your post!
  3. Hi & Advice

    If you've bought it from a Trade seller, I'd be wanting them to cover the costs :). As for the camping gear get some proper ratchet straps bungees are horrible things. As mentioned above by Maverik make sure shes secured. X-Eng do a great range of visible and easy to use deterrents like the pedal lock (saved a mates 110 on a couple of occasions) and also the gearstick lock. Both of which take seconds to put on.
  4. STOLEN Camel Trophy Discovery J414 ROP

    I believe it was found Chris! The rooftent and sandladders were found dumped and the car not long after according to Facebook
  5. KAM "Fuseable Stub shafts" CV Conversion Kits - Please respond !

    Its a difficult one. I've got KAM CVs sat in the workshop ready to go in my front axle so I'd be after a spare or two. But having said that I'm wondering about putting some 300M shafts in the front to reduce the likelihood of diff damage so I would then be looking at 300M stubs. How much would they be for a small run? What are the KAM CVs made of Nige?
  6. Discovery Seats in Defender

    Where are you based Dave?
  7. Steering heavy to right

    Defintiely check the column UJs, mine were only stiff in one direction.
  8. Front Windscreen Frame and heated screen idea

    I wish I'd done that with my Mini.... I'm sure the screen doesn't clear as well since being replaced, the heated area is narrower at the bottom than the old one. I also notice the wires in this one in sunlight.
  9. Final help and opinions for my 110 300tdi rebuild

    I did wonder when you said it was from a 2007. Hopefully they'll let you return it?
  10. front diff pinion bearing

    The one closest to the seal? I think you'll struggle as you won't be able to move the pinion out of the way?
  11. LED Fog and Reversing lights - Rectangle types

    I think all of the td5 are on Econoseal connectors.
  12. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Were the ends cut nice and squarely? If not and been cut with side cutters or squashed with a knife they can leak.
  13. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Echo what Steve said, I think it would only make a noise if it's leaking.
  14. Final help and opinions for my 110 300tdi rebuild

    Neil @V8 Freak I think has a Griffin one on his 90 if I remember correctly?
  15. Final help and opinions for my 110 300tdi rebuild

    Have a search on here for stainless exhaust. @CwazyWabbit had some issues with I think his DoubleS exhaust, and I think he went for a griffin instead? Steering column brackets I'd suggest getting yours galvanised, it's what I've done. As for the heater, I picked one up from Newbury sortout for I think £50?