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  1. landroversforever

    New workshop project

    Perhaps a sweetener with the neighbours?
  2. landroversforever

    TD5 remap

    If you're in the Warwickshire area, Ian at IRB Developments would be the only person I'd use. Top chap who knows his onions. He used to work for LR as a Engine and Drivetrain development engineer I believe.
  3. landroversforever

    kiwi series build

    For the Galv cappings, have a look at Galvafroid I think it’s called. It’s essentially the heaviest tin of paint you’ve ever bought as it’s full of zinc.
  4. landroversforever

    kiwi series build

    What’s the reason for he plastic fairleads over say some stainless pipe and fittings?
  5. landroversforever

    Stop and tail LED bulbs

    It's all doable, but my understanding is that LEDs can't be filtered in the same way light from an incandescent lamp can be. So in the case of a stop/tail LED in white, you would not get a very good output if you then put that behind a red lense.
  6. landroversforever

    Stop and tail LED bulbs

    Because of the way an LED works, I don't think you'll find a white LED version of a stop/tail.
  7. landroversforever

    Toolbox Trolley Build

    Go large or go home as they say
  8. landroversforever

    Toolbox Trolley Build

    Thank you Arjan, Ian and Scott Hopefully pictures of toolboxes on tonight!
  9. landroversforever

    Toolbox Trolley Build

    Damnit.... the old man wasn't available this afternoon so no toolbox pictures today
  10. landroversforever

    ABS retro fit

    I think G's have lockers front and rear from the factory.
  11. landroversforever

    Toolbox Trolley Build

    Thanks Michael
  12. landroversforever

    Toolbox Trolley Build

    Thanks all
  13. landroversforever

    Toolbox Trolley Build

    Frame No.2 got the same treatment. Worth noting here that I made the two sides handed. Just in case there were any discrepancies in dimensions I marked each end of the trolley with some centre punch marks either 2 or 3 dots so that I could see the marks once coated. Worked perfectly and everything could drop together. Only this time I did it differently...Top first! This one took about 1/10th of the time of the first one. This is how they're held on: Some more paneling the same as the other: Finally for today a picture of the chassis with the two on. I put one each way round so you can see what it's going to look like from each side. This one shows the colour of the rivets better. They're a bit too shiny in the previous angles so they look a different colour. Tomorrows job if I get out of work at a sensible time is to borrow Dad from the chores and lift the boxes on so I can then bolt down the two end cupboards.
  14. landroversforever

    Toolbox Trolley Build

    Time for the end cupboards! One bolted up to test fit, it fitted! Phewwww! Time for some panels. I was expecting to have to tickle the holes as they were all drilled at 4mm for the rivets, which actually recommended 4.1mm. I like to keep everything snug! I ran the drill back through every hole in the frame, and every hole in each of the three panels. Place the panel on pop the rivets in. And the rest. As you can see, not all went in first time. Not the end of the world give they were all drilled by hand, using the ali panel as a 'guide' there was going to be some miss-matching. Easily solved by running the drill through, and hardly removing any material. All pulled up! This reminded me of why you don't pull up the rivet a bit, then reset the tool.... it makes it more jumpy at the end! Always pull in one go. Rinse and repeat for the back narrow one. It's looking good And with a second big panel on. Next its the turn of the top! This screws on to the frame with 4 little tabs, time to clear out the threads. Perfect little tap wrench I forgot I had when I tapped them originally Drop the top on.... I'm liking this!! Well I was once it was on and done up... what a right royal £$%*"$%*"$(%&$(%&(£$&%^"()&%^")(*% that was!!!!!!!!!! Totally dark in there trying to see to align the holes even with a torch... and can't get head in. A few on-and-offs and a couple of opened up holes later it was on. Perfect . Sat on the main rail:
  15. landroversforever

    Toolbox Trolley Build

    Time for some wheels! Rated at 300kg each, these will give me 100kg headroom on the 1100Kg max in case of any offset weight. Also a decent brand so will last forever (Tente ones, I used some on a project at work ~10 years ago and still going strong!). First one bolted up - A4-70 Stainless Bolts won't rust, but also will be plenty strong enough for this, Loctited to make sure they don't ever work loose. Also a nice close up of the finished coating over the holes. Couple of wheels. The cable ties are there to stop the brakes coming off all the way so they don't touch the gussets. Another gratuitous picture of the whole thing, this time with wheels.

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