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  1. The ‘TouchNTuff’ ones Stellaghost has posted a picture of are the best ones I’ve come across. We use them at work for high vacuum cleanliness areas and they’re very resilient to sharp edges etc. They’re also resistant to tritium.... but you shouldn’t find that on a Land Rover .
  2. If that doesn’t work, and it can get to the Oxford area, I can get it to the Peterborough show for onward movement.
  3. Nice one! Back when I used to do more machining, I made a few little press tools for cable brackets etc for the sheet metal side of the department. Always enjoyed making bits like that, and in a similar vein, jugs and fixtures to hold other stuff I was making.
  4. I know, I was just seeing if anyone was passing first, it's about £25 in fuel for me.
  5. Not sure how heavy they are for carrying on a bus, but its the Kingswood area apparently.
  6. I'm currently watching something on ebay in Bristol, some wheel skates (4) for the workshop. Anyone on here passing Bristol or near Bristol and able to collect them for me? If you're coming anywhere near Swindon/Oxford/Wantage/Abingdon/A34/A417 too, then even better. Auction finishes on the 19th August.
  7. Yeah! Hence my panic buying of the extra 4 boxes!
  8. I'd echo that. Apart from the new type ones aren't rated as high per draw and don't seem as well made sadly . I don't know what the price is like, but a friend at work has a nice Bahco box which is lovely (if you can stand the retina-burning paint job).
  9. George! I've finally got round to watching your videos, and finally just finished the latest upload! Loving the series, great to see the progress on all of the vehicles and very much looking forward to the next update . If you're ever in the Oxfordshire area and need anything, give me a shout. Likewise for any forum relay type things, I'm around the Oxford/Abingdon area a lot if you need stuff storing for a future visit.
  10. Even more so as it's not got the front baffle bit that follows the line of the underbelly.
  11. For the hot water.... is it worth having the water circulate through the engine and heater as normal, with the hot water tank last in the line before the water returns to the engine? I can’t see any issues. Only thing it might do is knock down the engine temp? . Equally if the cylinder is suitably insulated then that shouldn’t be an issue? sorry for the waffling!
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