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  1. Bogmonster’s 110s are both the later type axle. His earlier one is a RoW spec one so late Td5 but with a tdi instead.
  2. I was thinking it still gave you the option to engage it when testing. I’m thinking there might be a short in the wiring somewhere.
  3. Would it be worth rigging another temporary way of switching the solenoid? That would rule out any possible issues in the wiring to the switch on the gearstick.
  4. What about some of the black reflective stuff? Looks black but reflects like the stripes on a hi-vis
  5. If you’re considering the possibility of cracks in the housing/bores, it’s probably worth having or doing some NDT like dye-pen testing. I assume it something you’d have access to at work Ralph? For those not in the know, with dye-pen (dye penetrant) you douse it in a dye which can wick into tiny imperfections. The object is then cleaned and sprayed with a developer which is like a chalky substance and you can then see the dye soak out of any imperfections.
  6. I can't see a problem running an ATB on standard shafts. I ran with the rear ARB locker on standard shafts for a while without any breakages.
  7. Maybe because they've been around for a long time?
  8. Yeah! Useful being able to borrow the truck! Slowly.... it’s not progressed in a year as I’ve been waiting on some machining. Of course, drop me a PM and we can find a time!
  9. If you're after tubeless wheels, then the later defender steels (I'm sure they're tubeless) don't look out of place on a series.
  10. Pionneer 4x4 I think is the name. Good to see you at Newbury
  11. That fits with my thoughts on Sunday then Michael!
  12. Purple one is on coils, if it’s the same one I poked my head under at the weekend.
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