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  1. Didn't know that! Just searched my 90 and didn't turn anything up, but found my Grandy's range rover.
  2. The D1 chassis are normally good, it was the Td5 era discos which are famous for rust.
  3. And even more impressive to your average punter who hasn’t ever done anything off-road before.
  4. The other thing worth noting is keep the axle as parallel to the chassis at you can. It makes it so much easier!
  5. I love that Ford story. Proper ingenuity
  6. That's the conclusion I've come to over the last few years. Having said that though... It would seem that the magazines don't even proof read what they put in! The number of basic mistakes in LRO/LRM is astounding for a 'specialist' mag.
  7. There's a huge difference between an electric supercharger/turbo and two PC fans in an offcut of drainpipe.
  8. It's one of their early, less polished, videos but never the less it's worth a watch!
  9. D2s (I think all) don't have the speedo output on the rear housing either.
  10. What Ian said, the 110 ones are shorter than a 90.
  11. 1.003:1 boxes will be harder to find now, as it’s the box the Cummins boys love. At the very least they’ll get Cummins tax added to the price.
  12. Careful on the wording.... 1.4 is a lower ratio than a 1.2.
  13. I was about to say the TDCi ones are, 110 too I believe. But not heard of a factory 1.2 Td5 defender.
  14. Difflock - you can engage any time as long as you’re on a loose surface and aren’t spinning a wheel. Yes to the clutch for shifting between high/low. There isn’t really a need for the neutral, certainly no need to leave it parked in that. Unless you want to do it to make a theft more awkward. Shifting between low and high is much easier than the other way round, but both are doable, with the clutch, while moving. The gears don’t have synchromesh so will crunch if you get it wrong. I’m not sure what you mean with the numbers on your diagram, but you can engage difflock in any of the positions, just not on hard surfaces or with a wheel spinning. hope that helps!
  15. Yeah that’s the chap. I think we spoke about him when you came round Liam?
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