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  1. Chang of engine on v5

    What on earth was their justification?
  2. Marsland Rear A Frame Mounts

    Given the issues you've found since driving it home, have you considered asking for some money back? Especially for the safety critical bits.
  3. Marsland Rear A Frame Mounts

    It really does seem like you've picked the wrong people to do the job and they've done an awful one at best!
  4. Rear diff

    Best trying it with the propshaft removed to eliminate feeling anything from the transferbox end.
  5. Rear diff

    Drive flanges would definitely be a first check, but I think Ian has checked them. Might still be worth double checking them. Pull the flanges off and shafts out a bit so you can feel for and play between the two. If the gears are worn you'll feel slack between them when you rock the pinion back and forth.
  6. Invisible Defender

    No one has said you have to have ridden a bike to be an observant driver. Just people saying how being a biker has made them more observant.
  7. Rear diff

    The main culprit is going to be the crownwheel and pinion wear I would have said. Have you tried moving the pinion in and out along its axis? That would show up or eliminate any bearing wear.
  8. Invisible Defender

    If you read what I'm saying, I'm not saying they're incapable of paying attention, just that being a biker makes you more aware. I guarantee no matter how good a driver someone is, putting them on a bike will make them more aware. They have to be or they'll end up dead. Riding around on something with no protection and being harder to see will make you pay more attention to everything. Yes there are lots of observant car/lorry/bus drivers out there, but if they miss something the likely hood is they're going to survive; that chance on a bike is FAR less.
  9. Invisible Defender

    I'm not a biker but have plenty of friends that are. Being a biker does make you more aware of what is going on around you. You have to otherwise you get killed, simple as that.
  10. Old 110 not stopping on the key sometimes

    Can be a sticky fuel stop solenoid or carp jammed in it stopping it closing.
  11. Rock Slider Design

    Just looking at all the bits that have failed, its just the crappy welds that haven't held. As you're bringing them in closer too I think you should be fine .
  12. Rock Slider Design

    Ah I hadn't seen them. My instinct too is that with them then, and it all actually welded it should be fine.
  13. Rock Slider Design

    If he hit it from the front, sounds like you want some horizontal diagonal bracing between the mounts.
  14. Is this normal

    Different people do it different ways. By the book it should be left out all the time and put in for wading. I always left mine in and checked every now and then.
  15. Bobbed and caged RRC called The "JWH"

    Turning it into a big quad bike