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  1. I seem to remember in the wibbly wobbly speedo thread that there were some dodgy cheap versions around which seemed to act like the Disco 1 version which has I think twice as many pulses for a given speed.
  2. How much are they now? The last one I bought was I think £25?
  3. IMO I'll be supporting the the Billing Offroad show, the one on the farm next door. The people running the one on the aquadrome have tried to shaft the farm one ever since they started.
  4. If you're on Facebook, the CVC group would be worth an ask
  5. G wagon is well ahead of the new defender, and even the old one! Difflock a all round for a start!
  6. Maybe the wife has got him under the patio?
  7. That’s why I was thinking something removable. I’m going to do something for mine that stops the middle of the roller door being pushed in wards.
  8. I used a long one on the top of my roller door too. Made a huge difference.
  9. For the door seal at the bottom... What about a brush on the inside and outside faces? Or a removable seal for it to shut against at the bottom?
  10. You can often pick them up from Whithams for ~£100.... a set of 4!
  11. In the case of the Disco 200 downpipe, its got to be that shape to clear everything. The Steve parker one is at least flowing bends. The one in the link is the laziest pie-cut exhaust I'v ever seen.
  12. Give the exhaust gas a headache on the way out!
  13. I must say that ebay link above looks awful in comparison to the Steve Parker one.
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