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  1. Its also not a reversible one by any chance?
  2. How big are the slots in the collet? Some of the ones I had at work for the mill covered a surprisingly large size range.
  3. M8x1 would be fine pitch, so those would probably then be extra fine which is M8x0.75 if I remember correctly.
  4. You should be fine with that James. In my workshop, it’s enough to just have the oil filled radiator on in front of my toolbox to keep the tools from getting condensation.
  5. I work at a government lab.... I think the biggest thing for us will be a greater number of people working from home more often. Hopefully, although I really can't see it happening, a reduction in the number of bloody meetings. Most of which are pointless, or you get chastised for making no progress but the previous week has been filled with meetings.
  6. I had 255/85R16 muds on my wolfs before and I never had any qualms with the amount of steering lock.
  7. This thread seems to thing they're M8. https://www.aulro.com/afvb/discovery-2-a/126913-thread-typre-into-rear-air-bag-suspension.html Which if you can screw in a bit would seem to match. Does the thread taper?
  8. The TD5 doesn’t have any BMW heritage, it was designed before BMW took over.
  9. In fact, I think they are all differing versions of an Econoseal. @paulMC will know for sure.
  10. That last one looks like an Econoseal as found on the back of a later defender stop/tail.
  11. I’ve decided against it for the moment. Would be just my luck to get some carp in my eye even with specs on.
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