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  1. IMO it's a fair price to me once you've paid for the bosch seals, machining time, material and coating. That's without the time packing/sending or stuff like design time and things like insurance and other business costs. Nick won't be seeing much of that in his pocket!
  2. I also want to say I'd seen somewhere that the spacer is also found on some versions of the pump?
  3. I’ll leave the decision on aftermarket pin or not, but if you do, @NRS91at Steggs Supplies ones match the original Bosch material and process spec and would be where my money would go.
  4. Another one here that actually found it an enjoyable read. Lots of well made points and it read well unlike a lot of tripe in the press.
  5. It would certainly be interesting to know the reasons. If it means that other sites can be saved based on the knowledge it can only be a good thing.
  6. I do love that @Rightfoot Always keep an eye out for it!
  7. Little drop of diesel? Always amazing how far it goes!
  8. Unlike the RRC, I don't think the 3-door doors were any different.
  9. That one looks to me like they've added a bit to the wheelbase.... unless D2/D1 doors are a different length but I suspect not.
  10. Looks like they've just cut through the lights on that one
  11. I wonder if it’s something to do with data/info from each of the parts manufacturers and what’s allowed to be shared in different jurisdictions.
  12. The normal (rather than stainless) ones come electro plated, or at least mine did. They just gain that slightly greyed look after a while. Painting them won’t harm though!
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