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  1. Must be exciting to see the finishing touches starting!
  2. There will always be someone! Mate had someone claim they didn't see the bright green Claas combine he was driving!!
  3. Normally when the ACE is removed they fit solid anti roll bars in their place. Rather than leave the ACE system there but inoperable.
  4. Something along those lines Snagger. Might have been rights to sell the products and use the name.
  5. Nige makes some nice reinforced ones. Not sure if it reinforces where you've had the failure this time!
  6. Not just you Jeff! Spending more work time sat in front of a screen doesn't do well for the bank balance! First lockdown mostly: 1Kg Jazzies/Snowies sweets 850g Cadbury bar Big set of Knipex circlip pliers (in/out/straight/90deg etc) Another 1Kg bag of jazzies 3Kg of jelly babies 48bar box of Caramac Lego Defender Lego Car transporter + extra car 1Kg of foamy bananas 36bar box of Daims mid-size vertical bandsaw popped up on facebook for the right money bench grinder with the above tool cart with those too Coupl
  7. Are the bell housing bolts any worse to get to on an Ibex Mike?
  8. Think of it as a way to be even more prepared for next year
  9. LPG for diesels isn’t as a replacement fuel but there as I think a catalyst. Think of it more like a nitrous oxide type setup.
  10. Those drills are lovely! Mate of mine has one of the twin head ones. Bought for an absolute steal as they looked rough as anything plastered with carp, quick clean up and they’re great.
  11. I think it was @TSD worked out his Ibex was cheaper to run including new gearboxes when you take into account depreciation, than a Mondeo or something
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