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  1. landroversforever

    wiper wheel box

    I've got a couple of I think 300 era ones kicking about from memory. Came on the scrap bulkhead I bought for chopping about. You're welcome to them Ian.
  2. landroversforever

    chattering clutch plate

    They make clutches rather than fit then, it's all they do and they've got decades of experience. From classic cars to lorries and beyond.
  3. landroversforever

    chattering clutch plate

    I'd go to Clutchfix if I wasn't going to be running an auto. Clutches are what they do.
  4. landroversforever

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    There are plenty of 2 seat commercials running round with a full compliment of seats too. Often done to get around the tax costs. With the commercial you also get loads of storage under the front floor area where the middle row seats would be. A friend uses a D3 for work and has all sorts of stuff stashed under there and the flat floor is good for sleeping too.
  5. landroversforever

    Led lights

    I believe there's a modified dash light for this problem. Can't remember who from though.
  6. landroversforever

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!
  7. landroversforever


    Alpine Restorations do it and seem to have a good reputation.
  8. Miggit, I've got a rear one you're welcome to if it's of any use? I'll probably have a front one too at some point but I need to use it for some playing on the front of mine first, not sure exactly when that will be. But the rear one you're welcome to any time.
  9. landroversforever

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    Must feel like its getting so close!
  10. Anodizing only effects the surface of the material.So more resistant to scrapes and corrosion.
  11. landroversforever

    Hand pump for oil change

    I've got the B&Q sprayers.... I think £15 each from memory.
  12. landroversforever

    kiwi series build

    Very pretty!
  13. landroversforever

    Fastening an engine to an engine stand

    My other merc lump is on the stand at the moment. Can't remember if it's on with bolts or studding but it's on there and not going anywhere. It's just got a bit of spring in the stand . Turning it back upright needs a friend though!
  14. landroversforever

    110 suspension setup / advice on springs

    What's the budget like? It's spendy but you could go air?
  15. landroversforever

    ibex 300 build

    Sounds good with the warning light, my Mini light comes on with 50miles left.

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