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  1. Need a different classification of RCD then, one designed to handle the in-rush current.
  2. Normally with these they just ask for an engineers report. This seems to just entail getting your garage or an MOT tester to write a letter on headed paper that they think it's been satisfactorily fitted.
  3. Always nice to hear of something being fixed and not just chucked like so many people do these days.
  4. When I split up with the ex last year... About two weeks later, totally out of the blue without any mention of either Tinder or Hinge I started getting adverts for both! Had it with other things that I’ve talked about and then see adverts for.
  5. Realised I’ve got a gearbox in the way of measuring the one on the chassis, but the spare bulkhead measures up at 1500mm centre to centre.
  6. I can check tomorrow too if Steve doesn't. Also matched up nicely with my chassis without any issues.
  7. Wonder if it will default to 4wd when on road but has detected a trailer.
  8. I was also thinking Nonimouse was referring to Ashcrofts.... As I don't know of anyone else other than Syncro, and was surprised. I've not yet used my rebuilt LT230, my only gripe being the lack of plating on the external bolts on the LT230. Friend's LT77 became a bit notchy a year or so out of warranty and was replaced FoC.
  9. Looks similar to a junior power timer, but as above @PaulMc is your connector man.
  10. It’s going to be a nightmare getting a routine appointment after this all lifts, it’s bad enough normally!
  11. The rear is a good shout. I had a wobble on a Hired 110 When the rear trailing arm chassis bushes were on their way out.
  12. I'd also suggest that once you've tested it without the spacers, I'd try it without the steering damper on it too to make sure that's not masking anything that's there repeatedly.
  13. I'd also be looking at the spacers. Did you look at the bolts on the panhard? they can wear and cause issues, along with the hole in the axle bracket. Talking of panhard - Are all the bolts on the chassis bracket tight?
  14. Isn’t the EGR thing one of those that they can’t do anything about if the engine cover is on and you can’t see it?
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