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  1. Have you read much of the BMW forums? Might be worth looking to see how many have issues at the power level you're talking about. £360 would probably buy you another compete donor car?
  2. Before you swap to studs, they aren't always better. I know this isn't one, but take the Cummins crowd, mostly stateside they love to swap the original bolts out for studs, but ARP studs are utterly pointless in that application (steel block) until you're pushing the limits of block integrity. I can't remember the exact details but a chap in the Cummins LR group was part of the team developing the 6BT and it was something like ~900-1000bhp before the cylinder pressures started lifting the heads.
  3. Annealing it might be an option if you're working with what you've got.
  4. I think you need to not clamp the outside of the material until the former is bottomed out. With my dimple dies once the as the final shape is formed the dies bottom out and flatten the material out. I think the biggest barrier here is the aluminium grade. I'm sure in my old department it was 1050 grade we used for anything that needed bending. If you tried bending anything like the 6082 (or the other grade I can't remember) it would just crack.
  5. it’s a shame so little was original when I bought it or I’d have kept it original.
  6. I've got a Range Rover which was from some anniversary. I was given it by my Grandy who worked at JLR for about 30ish years.
  7. The bumper reminds me of the european spec bumper on the Jeep Wrangler. The US version has a much smaller one from memory.
  8. This thread has solved the mystery of why my Mini doesn't stay in sport mode then!
  9. I'm the same. I've got a dodgy back after I drunkenly folded myself in half backwards on a bouncy assault course. For me the standard Defender seats are one of the most comfy for me.
  10. Hows this going Ian? Guessing your efforts are concentrated on the 110 at the mo?
  11. And whilst we're on the loading subject... Once saw a caravan pull up next to us which we forever named 'the circus'. Amongst the contents they dragged out of the 'van was an extra large Awning (think 160-170% the size of a standard full length one) and a ~35-40" CRT telly. Which was loaded in the back of the van under the rear dinette table . As well as that TV at the back, they also had a cast iron table and two chairs stacked in the back of the van with the telly. On top of that they had at least a further 3 sets of outdoor seating, and there were only 2 of them and a toddler!!! all towed
  12. I think you'll find all but the tiny super lightweight 'vans are 750kg or under these days! And as Fridge says above, its people who haven't got a friggin clue about the distribution of the weight more than the shape of them. Full of cupboards to make living in them good, but people just haven't a clue on where the weight needs to be. Compounded by things like the current crop of fixed bed models with a huge space under the bed which is behind the axle. Perfect for filling up when you don't know what you're doing .
  13. The trouble with systems like that, and the trailer based versions available on most if not all new caravans is that it just breeds complacency. I'll happily admit that I've never towed on the road as I still need to do my B+E as I'm a youung-un, however I've grown up around trailers and caravans and know how stuff needs to be loaded. I can't help but think all the aids whilst making it safer do make people blind to the affects of where they've put stuff. And as we've discussed in this thread several times, electronics can only make up for so much. Case in point was chatting to some friends of
  14. The distortion thing is a bit of a myth IMO. Land Rover stuff doesn't fit that well to start with so as long as the bottom is braced across the two outrigger holes then I don't think there are any issues. As for the galvanising, Yes its sacrifical, but well worth it and in normal use will last a lifetime. Worth bearing in mind that your series bulkhead is likley to be far nicer metal than the more recent defender stuff. There's certainly nothing to loose from dipping the bulkhead, only gains to be had.
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