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  1. Easiest option there would be to weld something on each end that overlaps the chassis a bit, perhaps part of the skid plate. Not sure what the clamping force would be for 4 M12s, but its going to be pretty high!
  2. Thanks Soren As you say, only time will tell how it handles. It might drive like a bag of sh!t who knows! I've tried to make the 3-link calc numbers around where they should be, but obviously limited when it comes to link placement on a standard chassis. Not sure where I would be able to add them, other than to say I'm probably going to be linking the two crossmembers together, either with some kind of skid plate and frame or just a bolt in frame. Thankfully the line of the arm in place (doesn't look like it in the above pictures though) is in between the upper and lower bolts for the crossmember so there should be little rotational forces on it. If I was building this onto a non-galv chassis I'd weld a bit of bar in front and behind that crossmember.
  3. Here's the most up to date CAD assembly.... this is missing things which I've not bothered designing until the major parts of the design are finished, bits like the radius arm mount braces and the boxing in of the radius arm axle brackets. I also need to change the size of the Track rod box section to 100x60 to take the trackrod through it.
  4. Yeah, I'm just surprised its so small!
  5. That doesn't look like a very large cable to feed a starter?!
  6. Glad to hear its sorted. Got a build thread?
  7. Didcot plant I'm sure have engine hoists they rent out.
  8. I saw that on there the other day. What a beast! 😁 If only I had the cash!
  9. Jamie, thanks for the comments :). There's a bit more discussion in my build thread that isn't here about material thickness amongst other things so this lot should hopefully clear some things up! Radius on the track rod hole: Not really much point doing that, if you see the next point. There is going to be a 100x60x3mm Box running from outside-to-outside through all four radius arm brackets, and be fully welded to each of them. So not a lot of point radiusing the corners of the holes as they'd have to be tiny to let the box section in and then they're just going to get melted! Materials, everything is going to be S355 so stronger than your normal mild steel. Thickness - these haven't been decided yet, but with the cost of the laser cut stuff its not worth my time knocking up prototype brackets. So where others might use a cardboard bracket or a rough steel one, I've had them cut. So at the moment they're only I think 3mm or 4mm. They're most likely to end up at either 5 or 6mm. Radius arm brackets are going to be fully boxed in ~3mm S355, with weld 'washers' on the insides being one piece blending back into the track rod protection box section. As I want it all bolt-on, and to work with an unmodified chassis, I'm a bit forced as to where the links go so all I'm really able to work with is the AD by adjusting the chassis end of the upper link. Think I need to post another up date with some pictures. Working on a few bits at the moment: Track rod box section clearance with the diff.... or lack of. I think its going to have to be notched to clear and plated back in. I just need to make sure there is enough space for the track rod to pass through the guard to make removal easier. Got the track rod box section mocked up with some string. Main thing at the moment is to work on the narrowing of the upper link axle bracket. I've got 115mm between the side of the chassis and the side of the sump. And the bolt at the moment is the same! Once the upper link axle mount is sorted I'll tack it in position and pull the axle out to sort the rest on the bench. I'll probably check the suspension link to chassis clearance first actually, with some mock up steel links. Has anyone run a track rod guard where you needed to take the TRE off to remove it? was it a real pain in the arse?
  10. Well stick the findings and info in here then the thread is complete and a useful bit of tech for the future for anyone with the same issue.
  11. Not like the earlier ones where it has to pass through the support?
  12. I'd like to know too!
  13. Once it has burned up and created a smokescreen to slow the competition, it creates the necessary space for it to all move around.
  14. Albee have a distributor in Waterbeach if that's any use?