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All of a Flap


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I need assistance from anyone who knows about the wiring for a 3.5 with the flapper EFI system on a 1988 RRC.

I am at long last finishing the engine wiring connections on my Traka. I have reconnected all as per the diagrams and run through the EFI diagnostics in the manuals.

The pumps work, & the rest Airflow meter etc all checks out but I do not get a spark and there is no 12v at the coil?

I have tried a spare ECU, and the wiring is the same as a scrapper '89 RRC. If I hot wire the coil +ve side to 12v I get a spark at #1 plug.

According to the diagrams the neg side of the coil is fed from pin No.1 on the ECU through the overrun relay which is activated by the ign switch via the vacuum switch. I have continuity through from the ECU and the relay and vacuum switch are fine, but there is no 12v in fact nothing at all!

In a normal state of affairs what voltage should I get at the coil? There is also a small resistor connected at the coil end of the wire from the ECU.

Any ideas anyone ??????????????????????????????? :angry::angry::angry::blink::blink::blink::unsure::unsure:

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The coil does not "get" anything from the ECU - the ECU "gets" the engine speed from the coil -ve side, you need the -ve side connected to the ignition amp. The over-run relay is a factory bodge that turns the signal to the ECU off on over-run: ECU sees "stopped" engine, stops injecting fuel and then turns fuel pump off :rolleyes: obviously too much effort to put a proper fuel map into the ECU <_<

BTW if your ignition amp is dead, have a look here.

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Hi Roger,

Take your "hotwire" feed from the ignition switch instead of the battery and you are done. There should have been a feed existing from ignition switch to coil pos if you used a complete wiring loom.

You have checked for ballast resistor requirements of the coil haven't you?

The resistor in the ECU pickup from the coil is required, it is protection to prevent the highest level spikes in the ignition circuit from reaching the ECU.


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