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  1. Hi All, The actual wheelnuts you are all talking about are the steel wheelnuts from RRC's fitted with those fugly three spoke alloys wheels. They were fitted from the early 80's to '92/3, throw those nuts with the chrome covers in the bin.
  2. Well, to add my 10 penneth. I bent both axles on my expedition RRC driving down the Shayba road in the empty quarter and got the guys at Tomcat to build me a pair of their reinforced axle casings. They were tubed internally and had a thicker pan welded on along with external bracing, all I can say is they were superb bits of kit. If you were to use them along with a QT type skid to protect the front of the rear diff, and use Devon 4x4 type pipe guards I think it would be pretty much HFH proof Regards, Roger
  3. The first shots are definitely LC80 (toyota six stud)but the last one looks like a LC100 coz its independant on the front suspension.
  4. There seems to be many people who have problems with the original LR axles. So, how about compiling a list of alternate axles, sizes, power handling capabilities etc that can be used on coil sprung LR's. It needs to be split into two main groups, Portal and Straight, not everyone needs or wants Portals but a lot of people run high power V8's. Not everyone can splash out on Spider 9's and not everyone is capable of welding on new brackets to get the pinion angles/castor setup correctly. For instance would the simplest route be to use a set of Tomcat reinforced cases fitted with a full set of Ashcroft internals and ARB diffs? Regards, Roger.
  5. Wel now then. A friend of mine here in Riyadh has a 6X6 P38 4.6 hunting truck and is having problems with the clutch hydraulics. Yes I know we have already been told by the dealer that all P38 4.6's are auto. However he sold it back in 1997 and it is definitely a 4.6 with a 5 speed box. The problem is that the clutch hydraulic cylinders are both leaking and we need to replace them both. Anyone got any ideas for part numbers?? It seems to be similar to the Jankel design but has a plate on the back stating "RIM Huntsman 6X6". Regards, Roger.
  6. Hello, I found this information some time ago when I needed to replace my solenoids.  MAC Valve 35 Series  Part No. = 35A-ACA-DDBA-1BA  Unit Price = US $ 36.00 You just need to find the UK importer!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hi Dave, Is there any update on the successes of the axles? Regards, Roger
  8. Dear HFH sir, I purchased a pair of these from Rugged Ridge for my JK Wrangler (yes a sin I know) but I was only able to get them in 'Stainless' (now powder coated black) unless I bought a complete bumper. Yes they are very strong and as long as you mount them with HT bolts in line with the chassis rails i dont think even you would rip them off.
  9. Hi Steve, You need to change to a defender LT230 1.4 ratio transfer box. I am running my 3.5 efi auto Traka on 33/12.50x15 tyres and use 3.5 diffs with a 1.4 transfer box. So, our vehicle weight will be about the same and i find the on road and off road performance to be pretty good. I did my swap with a defender box from Ashcrofts and the only problem was I needed two holes tapped for the handbrake brackets and the speedo drive gear is way off but I havent bothered to change it from the original RR one. Regards, Roger
  10. Well, This is how I did mine on my Traka, its the same as any Classis RR. I did however include internal winch controls for the dual Milemarkers. regards, Roger
  11. Thanks Steve, But check out where I am (Riyadh in Saudi Arabia). We are changing an alarming number of air struts and the local main stealer charges more than treble the uk price per strut with a minimum of 3-4 weeks delivery. Apart from that the locals are cheapskates. Also we have been asked to change out the suspension on approximately 20 vehicles by one customer
  12. Hi Guys, I am trying to track down a conversion kit for the L322 Range Rover and have managed to find one from Arnott Industries in Florida for $750 but was wondering if there are any other suppliers of such kits. regards Roger
  13. My take on this is "Keep it Simple". I have tried several types of automatic deflators and none of them seem consistant and none of them are easily adjustable if you want a different pressure. Some you even need different sets for different pressure ranges. I prefer Sun Performance Quick Air Deflators, quick and easy to use and you can do all four tyres at once, just dont stop for a chat or all four will be flat.
  14. Hi You can also get RRC snorkels from Devon 4X4 and Mantec. In either case you will have to modify the air filter casing to connect the piping. On my Mantec I changed the intake pipework from the end to a new fitting i made on the side. Roger
  15. Help guys, I have a friend in the trade here in Riyadh who is suffering badly with the local main stealer. His customers seem to be going through front air suspension struts at an alarming rate and the main stealer is asking for almost 800 quid each (and this is after the trade discount). He managed to get a few (Original Delphi & I think the number is 3497693) from Dubai at about half that price but want to order in quantity (maybe 50 to 100 units). The Delphi website is "under construction" for the page that lists distributors, can anyone on here help out, or suggest who i can contact. We are not looking for anything 'under the counter' but the main stealer is really taking the tiddle here, and we just want to chck if its viable to import at a reasonable cost.
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