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2.4 VM Glow Plug Help


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It is possible with patience.

It has been several years since I did the job.  I think I used 3/8" drive long socket which I turned down the outside diameter to fit in the hole around the glowplug to undo about one turn.  Then used a ring spanner to undo 1/12 turn at a time until I could reach them with long nose pliers.

A 1/4" drive" long socket might fit to crack them.  Buy an extra socket and spanner or two that you can cut up or bend to suit the angle needed.

To start them if you cannot get your rachet head in, weld a bar on the side of a socket .

Do not be afraid to 'sacrifice' some new tools , they become the special tools that you can keep for the next time.

Bon Courage

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