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Mig welding overhead


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Hi again all,

I hope there are some experienced welders who can advise me.

I can mig weld reasonably well in a horizontal and vertical position but I'm having trouble welding underneath my Rangie.

What settings need to be changed to stop the weld forming blobs and dropping on to my chest..ouch!

e.g turn power down/up, turn wire speed down/ up compared to welding from above.

My Mig only has 4 power settings and I normally use 2 for welding 18g sheet, wire speed is about 1/2 way round the dial.

I'm using BOC argoshield.

Thanks in advance,


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back off on the power, use a pull instead of a push, keep a long arc, keep the gun oriented so the shroud isnt collecting dross (check REGULARLY!!), you are going to end up wearing spatter, leather smock minimises the fun and games off burning flesh :)

hope that helps a bit?

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