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    As most people know, I used to own X-Eng - Something I'm still very proud of. In 2012 I handed it over to Foundry4x4 because my role had changed from designing cool stuff to essentially working in a shop! Since then, I've worked on contract for a number of companies including Jankel, Continental and most recently SpaceBear on SFX for Star Wars VIII - which has been the coolest thing I've ever done! Not often you can come home & say (truthfully) you've been designing space ships with Lasers!

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  1. Eight blade fan or four?.........

    Despite being a previous seller of electric fan kits - I completely agree with this! A direct driven or viscose (preferred) fan can draw the equivalent of 10Hp (7.5kW) from the engine. Compare that to even the most powerful electric fans at 2/3Hp / 500W and you see why an engine driven fan will provide way more cooling. There is an argument that in cooler places like the UK you don't need that much cooling - until you do! Si
  2. Security locks

    Deadlocks on the lower half of the door are of limited value other than a visual deterrent. They will stop a casual theft (such as Will's Radio) but are unlikely to deter a vehicle theft. The reason being that its easier to fold the top of the door down. It snaps off fairly cleanly, usually without breaking the glass giving access to climb in. A LR with no door-top doesn't look unusual so it doesn't attract attention. The deadlocks need to go half way up the window. This makes it near impossible to fold the door. Several fairly off the shelf options are available including locks for van doors. Even a simple sliding bolt domestic sash window lock is effective. Si
  3. Transmission shudder.....

    Most auto box problems are down to the oil. First try topping up. If that doesn't help, change the filter (take the sump off to find the filter) and the oil. My guess at the cause of the shuddering is the band brakes (the equivalent of clutches) slipping. This usually happens (initially) due to low hydraulic pressure due to low oil or blocked filter. You need to fix it quickly as the slipping heats the oil up to the point of burning (going black / dark brown) and damaging the friction surfaces permanently. Si
  4. Suggestions for rear speakers in 110 CSW

    My friend (also named Simon) has a pair of regular HiFi bookshelf speakers mounted in the back. The sound out of them is impressive, not from a volume but quality perspctive. I wonder if, for your application they might be a better option than car specific speakers? Si
  5. New Series - RR Heavy

    I'm going to use a word to describe this, that I never use - because very little really is. Awesome! Si
  6. Help with electronics

    That's easy - use the sensor to trigger a one-shot timer (timer relay) which sounds the alarm, then switches off after the preset time. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hot-12V-DC-Delay-Relay-Delay-Turn-on-Delay-Turn-off-Switch-Module-with-Timer-/322457269251?hash=item4b13f37403:g:wTsAAOSwhRxXKy5l
  7. Lokuts - Fitting

    Are the new inserts Genuine (from an LR Main Dealer)? I had a load of patterned ones and they didn't fit in an un-galvanized bulkhead without a good hammering! Bought some from my local dealer and they fitted much better. Still needed to tap them in to place - but it didn't destroy the insert in the process. The patterned ones were white (genuine were red-ish) and made from more brittle plastic. Si
  8. Thanks Dave, That's the most valuable info I've received so far! It's still ambiguous regarding what they expect to see on the exterior of a vehicle - but does make the intention clear. Si
  9. Help with electronics

    It's often simpler & cheaper to hack an existing product. There are plenty of key-fob switches which operate a relay. The one I use to switch the fuel burning heater in my LR is intended for turning LED lights on & off. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-Remote-Control-Switch-ON-and-Off-Using-This-25m-RF-controller-/152478281003?hash=item238069ed2b:g:o44AAOxy69JTCm3R You really only need that plus the window / door switch and the sounder - both of which you can buy off the shelf. Si
  10. How is the roof attached - is it removable in one piece, leaving the sides like a Defender? One of the best I've seen (on a Defender) was making the whole roof lift vertically on gas struts with a curtain joining the two parts together. There was a loop of elastic round the middle of the curtain so it gathered itself into the middle when the roof collapses as well as keeping it taught when up. The curtain was double skinned. He had a slatted bed at the original gutter height which you climb on to through the cab. The rear of the bed could fold 90 deg allowing you to stand at the rear of the vehicle as well. I thought that's what I'd do if I ever built one!
  11. Do you have any links Dave? I'm going to have another go. I now have horrible graphics on it and will add a fake ladder plus maybe a bike rack to the back. The sides now look quite camper-ish but the back still looks like a panel van, even with the graphics. It's not obvious at first glance. Maybe I need a sign saying "This is a Camper Van"? What do you reckon? Besides this, I've been refused entry to two caravan parks because it looks too much like a van. I ended up just parking on the road outside and sleeping there instead (to spite them!) I would like to have the option though. Si
  12. This is clearly not a camper van! Go figure!
  13. Before you send it off.... Last year I built a Camper which ticked all the requirements so far as a camper conversion is concerned - but it was refused! The bit they don't tell you is it has to be obvious to someone looking at it (following) that it is a camper. Mine looks mostly like a white van on the outside. Their suggestions included graphics, bike rack, ladder, top box, rear windows etc to make it look camper-ish. I wanted it to look like a white van - so i could stay in any old car park or by the side of the road without being woken up by the police at 3am and moved on (as per my previous van). I've since ordered magnetic graphics to stick on when it needs to be a camper - and remove the rest of the time. Si
  14. In Car Entertainment

    Thanks, Si
  15. In Car Entertainment

    I've been considering DAB for a while (I think they have turned down the transmission power on Radio 4 as I can no longer pick it up in a lot of places). Advice on what works is useful! What Antenna did you buy and where did you locate it? Si