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  1. The 'Culpret' is that it's working as it's maker intended - unlikely as this might seem in the context of Land Rover! Si
  2. I'd love to go to another show - I went to every Billing Show up until about 2016 (including the very first). I felt it had started to loose it's way a bit & started going to Peterborough instead. I think though, this year, the risk is probably still too high. I can wait for 2022. Anyway, a socially distanced show, with masks would suck. Si
  3. Does it have the same ACE system as D3,4,RRS? For me, this is the thing that makes the air suspension really work. I find that even on max height, my RRS still has a decent amount of articulation (maybe not compared to an average 'old' defender). I suspect the springs are deliberately too soft - and the ACE fixes the wallowing that you would otherwise get.
  4. Me too! EasyEDA for the circuit design which links seamlesly to JLC PCB who deliver your design, generally within 10 days, often within 7. I'm nothing but impressed with their quality. Surprisingly though, they are geared towards prototyping. 5 boards (minimum order) $0.40 each. 1000 boards, $0.62 each. 10,000 boards, $0.68 each - which makes no sense, but I'm deligted that they favour small orders.
  5. This is my little project for the weekend. New PCBs arrived (from China, after 7 days) on Thursday. It's a replacement controller for a Webasto ThermoTop C - which dynamically varies the fuel & combustion fan to regulate to a preset temperature, more accurately than the original Full Power / slightly less than full power / Off. While I was waiting for the PCBs I thought of a better way for one of the bits to work - but it was only $20 for 5 pcbs delivered. Mk3 is already in the works! The Mk1 used a different processor which struggled to measure the temperature accu
  6. I did consider calling 'someone I know' - but it was in the middle of the first Lockdown. Everything was closed & we couldn't go anywhere. I thought best to limit myself to what I could buy mail order or make myself! I'll call said person for the next one though 😉 Si
  7. Now you're talking! A multi DoF, motion controlled Hydraulic Sponge robot. I like the sound of that! Si
  8. Steve, that looks really good to me! Do you know if it can handle more than one PDM connected to the same display? The reason being to minimise the wiring running the length of the vehicle. I guess, ideally it would be one in the engine bay, one in the cab & another at the rear - with just a high current power bus & data linking them. In terms of field servicability, so long as the modules themselves are reliable, I would rather be able to plug in a laptop & use that for diagnostics without having to lie in the mud with a multimeter. Si
  9. As you might imagine, I did consider that! However, for expediency I used an off the shelf (fairly nasty) plastic shower tray, which has flat spots in two corners for the plug hole. I originally intended to make the wholecubicle out of 0.5mm 304 Stainless sheet with a folded & welded shower tray, sink etc. I was worried though that it might look a bit 'institutional' - so I went with white plastic! I still have it in the back of my mind to re-fit the whole thing in stainless! I considered Fibreglass too - but my previous experience with it, a sort of rat-bonnet, said stick to
  10. Delighted! The only problems I've had are Software! My DIY Webasto controller started behaving strangely - which took a long time to chase down. It turned out to be a 'feature' of the processor (ESP32) that the Analog inputs go crazy when you use WiFi. Disable WiFi - problems vanished! While the heater was not working, I was wishing I'd used a more off-the-shelf solution. Now I've figured it out, I'm glad I didn't! Even with no heating, the van was remarkably warm due to all the insulation. What would I change on the next one? Put 4 plug-holes in the shower,
  11. FH Brundle are great for a lot of stuff. Hub-le-bas also for unusual tube sections. Best bet is to find a local fabrication company - and just ask if you can buy some steel sections from them. Anyone buying steel in decent quantities gets such a good price that, even with their markup / cutting charge it will feel like an absolute bargain compared to eBay. Periodically, I've asked my local fabrication company for 1 length of every size / section they have in stock, cut into max 3m lengths. That gives me enough to improvise just anout anything. Because the order is of a reasonable
  12. My 2 Door RRC was probably my favorite Land Rover ever. It only managed 9mpg but was the most comfortable and capable vehicle. I have a RRS which I like - but still prefer the RRC. I'm sure there is still one in my future somewhere!
  13. I had them on a Suzuki, as you say (with Toyota 80 axles) - but I also tried 2.5" Air shocks on the back of my 110. On both the Suzuki and the 110, they took a lot of effort to set up well. Not only adjusting the pressure, but the internal valving which involves a complete strip & rebuild. After too many rebuilds, I gave up and fitted more 'standard' Fox shocks. Normal shocks have more 'bandwidth' in the damping - they will give near critical damping over a wide range of loads in the vehicle. The Fox Air shocks were quite narrow bandwidth. You could set them up perfectly, go
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