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3 MB petrol crank measurements

Little mule

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Hi all I got a call from my machine shop today and they had a question for me .

im a defender RRC and disco guy so bear with me lol 

the machine shop needs the min and max diameter of the surface for the rear crank seal  on a 3MB crank shaft . 

they are trying to save a crank and need to know what they need to turn It down to .


any help would be greatly appreciated 



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My WSM only has main bearing diameter listed-

2.500" std

with undersize in 0.010" increments to 

2.460" max.

If I need info that I can't find , a quick call or email to Frida at Turner engineering usually provides the facts.


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Hi Steve 

thanks for the reply the machine shop already had those measurements. 
the main reason I need the measurements for the rear oil seal surface is because the had to do some welding to save the crank for the gentleman . 
personally. Would have swapped the engine out for a 5 MB but he is trying to do a full on restoration and keep as much of the original truck as possible .



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