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  1. Just got round to reading this thread Retropower , very nice work on the body and chassis . The OM606 conversion is an interesting option and I think your choice of working up from a relatively low state of tune is worthwhile too , after all it's a fair upgrade anyway . I'm also enjoying the classic steel in the background of some shots . @Santa a build thread would be excellent please Great to see RRC's being preserved , the only real Range Rover cheers Steve b
  2. The spring wrapped around the inside of the seal should the be on the oily side of whatever is being sealed - in this case the wheel bearing . I did notice in your pic's in the other thread the seal track on the stub axle looked pretty ropy , a good coating of grease will help make the seal last longer , also have you checked the state of the oil/grease in the CV housing ? - it was a front iirc? cheers Steve b
  3. That's interesting Dave , learnt something on here again ...wandering off a bit , but not the same rules for electric winches ? cheers Steve b
  4. It sounds like the exhaust gasket which is a relatively straightforward and cheap job , I'd do it just to check first . If not then probably the HG . cheers Steve b
  5. What model / year and what sort of transfer box is it ? cheers Steve b
  6. Hi and welcome to LR4x4 The prime suspects would be the rear sliding window runners not draining to the outside and then the roof galv'd section not sealed to the roof panel . The rear quarter windows leak too if the seals fail. That looks a nice truck , how about some more pic's and a little more info ? cheers Steve b
  7. What engine does the IIA have now ? They are one of my favourite Land Rover models , I recently picked up an 88"IIA Hardtop with original diesel to rebuild/preserve , I'll start a thread when the work gets under way . Nice find , looking forward to the pic's cheers Steve b
  8. I've visited a couple of places nearby that use it on large pipework - butt joints around 50mm wide at the top , never had the chance to watch it live though . Do you work in the welding field then Red90 ? It's of endless interest once you get involved Steve b
  9. That looks nice on those 8.25's chicken drumstick , did you get them from L W Vass ? A mate has a set on an old 101 ambulance body which work well enough but look a bit skinny under all that LandRover . Many years ago Staff Dovey had an 80" with a 1t transfer box running on re-cut 900-16 bar grips and fairly low ride height - just high enough to clear the bodywork ...he never seemed to get stuck in that little machine cheers Steve b
  10. I can achieve spray or dip transfer on my 160a snap on single phase in the home workshop - it's just a question of balancing wire speed and amps in one direction or another . Agreed it's easy at work on the end of 500a of Kemppi loveliness on 20mm plate but with a bit of practice it should be possible in a home workshop . What mix is your Ar/CO2 ? somewhere around 5% CO2 should be optimal . cheers Steve b
  11. It should be fine , providing good prep. and technique is applied - as said above vee prep fillet edges to gain full thickness penetration with a good hot root (spray deposition ) then a dip transfer cap , weaving as required . Don't forget the rule of thumb for fillet welds - a 10mm run of 6mm fillet will take a 1t tensile load , so if done well it will be plenty strong cheers Steve b
  12. Good to hear , and original parts retained too cheers Steve b
  13. Is there any form of insulator block between the carb and manifold ? Also , when it stops as you describe how many pumps on the prime lever to get it going ? What happens if you leave it ticking over upon re-start after a run ? cheers Steve b
  14. Thanks , I reckon it's the one then - the picture on Britcar looks right too Steve b
  15. Morning Ralph Could you confirm the part no. for the downpipe for a K / L reg 200 Tdi auto is ESR 2628 ? from Britcar website ? There is no VIN no. as the engine and box are in a LandRover now. TIA Steve b