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  1. That was my point earlier - the sign ally will be a stiff grade to withstand wind etc. , have a word with your local Aalco distributor , they have good technical advice specialists . Aluminium also ages , another reason to go for new when you are close to getting sorted , which you are now by the look of it Steve
  2. ..you also have a launch year 90 in a shed somewhere .....😉
  3. there's still lots of low hanging lumpy bits underneath , and I notice it appears to be missing the right side wiper again ? Overall more clearly a functional 4x4 as opposed to the somewhat bland SUV appearance of the new Defender . It would be interesting to see it with a new and old 110 either side ... Steve
  4. Zinc coated mild steel sheet , it's grey in colour and weldable as is , but welds better cleaned back a little . very common with repair panels such as footwells . It paints really well too . A test with 1.2mm ish steel would be the same Steve
  5. With that clearance you are in deep drawing territory , something around 5mm all round would be more appropriate for 3mm . 2mm would give a similar clearance to material thickness ratio with your existing clearance . The radius around the form edge of the punch needs to be very smooth too and maybe R3 at least Would be interesting to see what 1.2mm Zintec would come out like . @daslandroverman was developing tooling for Series upper vent panel inner and outer skins iirc- there is a thread on here somewhere Steve
  6. how much clearance do you have between the punch and die around the edges ? proper candle wax might make a good drawing lube Using Aluminium of the best grade for deep drawing (and new) will probably make a big difference to the splitting , the oblong hole you cut in one of your pieces will also help around the ends . The edge of the oblong needs to be good and smooth with hole saw cut radii in the corners - the smooth edge reduces stress raised points that start the tear . doing it in two stages with an annealing between could also help . Great fab as always Stephen , yo
  7. Time for a shunting (☺️) hitch on the front bumper? Keep up the good work , my most local preservation Railway has been shut since the start of CV Steve
  8. Not yet , but someone I know was registered to bid so am hoping to find out soon . I would not be surprised if it went for five figures including fees , but that's just a guess really in this new normal ... I do hope it is preserved and not polished up Steve b
  9. keep us updated ,always good to Know how these things go - welcome by the way ☺️ Steve b
  10. Noisy FIP is usually air in the fuel check all the pipes and nuts are good , also check the leak-off pipes too joining the tops of the injectors Steve b
  11. That was not my point , sorry if it was not clear. Summer by it's very nature was a window of opportunity to get mass testing under way but it did not happen . I'm all for the change in stance , could have been much tougher all through in my opinion , NO air travel off island at all would have made sense to me . The quicker it is suppressed and properly monitored the quicker business will be able to work... Without £'s flowing around the whirlpool we are somewhat screwed are we not ?
  12. So , despite the spin and science fiction spouted over the last 3 months here we all are waiting for BoJo to spout more carp while we wait for effective regular testing and some sort of vaccine................... So many U turns .....
  13. He was quite happy to kiss/slobber anyone who wasn't looking , the lurcher was more considered (diva) ☺️
  14. Been too busy working , you've finished the 90 ...upgrade your yard tractor ☺️ thanks , I wish those two were still around , still have a wolfie - his sister as it goes Steve
  15. ☺️ Gotta love a Benz...Love my Wolfies more though U1000Ag Steve
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