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  1. steve b

    Piston rings

    They will be fine , the critical things are end gap within spec and clearance in the groove in spec too . the inside diameter is not critical at all . Fit them with the gaps at 120 degrees to the previous one , happy building cheers Steve b
  2. steve b

    wiring harness

    Tdi glow plug relay colours : heavy brown =Battery live black = earth heavy yellow/black = glow plug feed yellow/black = glow plug warning light white = ignition live red/white = starter solenoid circuit Autosparks build to the colour key for the year of the chassis as I understand it with mods built to the key relevant to year of engine etc. This should allow connections to be made from the factory wiring diagrams cheers Steve b
  3. I've not seen a Tdi without caps , what are the contact faces of the rockers like ? cheers Steve b
  4. Tdi are stretch bolts , there may be a factory measurement for max length to allow re-use but I usually change them for peace of mind . cheers Steve b
  5. Yep , that is the Head gasket I would say , it's not running on all 4 evenly too - another sign . Get it checked for flatness and cracks while it's off and new genuine headbolts on re=assembly . cheers Steve b
  6. steve b

    A cautionary tale

    A picture or two might help to assess the damage . I would have thought the mating face would have been protected by something substantial enough to withstand the vagaries of the courier chain - the surface finish spec is pretty tight . That said , from your description it doesn't sound like it's in a critical area , but equally a new head is a new head ... cheers Steve b
  7. steve b

    Simplest 300Tdi coolant alarm

    I need to re-visit this and do similar to suggested above , the set up bench tested fine several times ( 20+) and was ok for about 2 days , now it's random . Any idea why this is configured like this when a very simple float switch would have been plenty , just a simple on/off .... cheers Steve b
  8. steve b

    Power loss, No boost, white smoke on startup

    you have to love the Tdi throttle cable , I usually put a short bit of 8mm rubber pipe cut down it's length with a couple of cable ties up against the "nut" to stop it unwinding Veg oil is a short term saving when used neat imo glad it turned out ok cheers Steve b
  9. steve b

    Simplest 300Tdi coolant alarm

    I'm pretty sure the relay I've used is low amp to energise - of course should it fail it will set the buzzer off and highlight a fault anyway . This all started with a split bottom hose on the road so by the time any symptoms appeared it was too late , head bent but machine-able and not cracked , new rad also as pressure split the rad cores - old and ripe for it ... cheers Steve b
  10. steve b

    Simplest 300Tdi coolant alarm

    I have just fitted this to a 300 Tdi Land Rover with a low level buzzer , all I did was to use a standard 5 pin 2 way load switch relay to energise when ok and when it drops too low the relay drops out to make the "idle" contact and sets the buzzer off. cheers Steve b
  11. steve b

    ibex 300 build

    It does look great Mike , you have every right to be pleased , I think I like this LWB better than the standard trucks , it just seems right . cheers Steve b
  12. steve b

    New user new 2a owner

    The T seal is between the rear main bearing cap and the block then outside that on the back of the block is the rear main seal , a two piece ring with the seal moulded to it , if you are doing one I'd do both , and yes it is engine out to make it easier to work on . I'm no fan of fixes in a bottle but there are seal swelling additives on the market which may slow it down for a while . It would be the same engine out/box off for any other engine with a rear crank leak , of course while it's out it is the ideal opportunity to paint the block etc. cheers Steve b
  13. steve b

    Strange 300tdi noise

    Good point , you have reminded me of one I had in about 5 years ago that had a clear plastic in line filter grafted badly into the FIP feed line and had the same noise from the FIP . It turned out the connections on the in-line filter were allowing air in but not diesel out . I removed it and replaced the feed pipe and all good . The most strange thing of all was that performance was unaffected , which I found unusual . cheers Steve b
  14. steve b

    Strange 300tdi noise

    It could be broken/missing valve stem cap(s) , it sounds too light to be the vac pump cheers Steve b
  15. Do you know if it's a Steve Parker conversion kit ? That cover is not Land Rover , I'd try the clutch cover for the engine , is it a 2.5 or 3.0 ? A nice conversion of it's day cheers Steve b

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