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  1. There you go fixed it for you . Products look to have potential but the site has no clicky links to anything . SKU pt.no. refs are similar to Padocks..... Steve
  2. Very nice , and real sand tyres too ? Steve
  3. Oh , ok , so not fuelling then . Does your electronic distributor have advance weights and vac. advance too ?
  4. It sounds like fuelling issues so if it's on LPG the delivery ring to the carb. , connections to vapouriser and the vapouriser itself should be inspected . What is it like on petrol ? cheers Steve b
  5. A couple of other things to think about - new head bolts and having the head checked for flatness and pressure tested while off . Steve
  6. Hopefully a renovation thread will appear in due course then ? They were quite an innovation at that time . I will keep an eye out for the rebuild . Steve
  7. most likely Ralph's second comment - just spill from the coolant jacket when removing the head . If it had been running with coolant in the combustion process the piston usually looks steam cleaned . Steve b
  8. Jack it up on the chassis so the axles are hanging , it will help to open any space between the leaves . I would start this with a thin oil like WD40 to get into the space between each leaf. I'd then use ordinary engine oil and repeat regularly until you can feel it working , chain oil is very sticky . just my opinion based on my experience Steve
  9. 4 post lift all the way , so much more flexibility . If you want it flush with finished floor height cast in a shallow recess to fit it into . 2 beam jacks are good to have as well - and all the above that Bowie has pointed out . A good long bedway and over spec'd tonnage is no bad thing either . They make great fabricating benches too being nice and flat/level and height adjustable A nice thing to be planning Steve
  10. .....hardly a contest really The right decision reb78 , there is only so much welding that can be done to prolong life . Steve
  11. £7222 for the Esarco , that's a lot of money for that . No V5 , tyres that are now not road legal and soo rusty . On the plus side whoever paid out for that is clearly motivated so one would hope that it will be done up Steve
  12. .........cheap fix then , my 185a single phase showed the same symptoms a few months ago and after getting the board repaired - 4 transistors - it still wouldn't run so is on the naughty step with a cover over it and the 285a 3ph is now the lead welding plant Steve
  13. ..I know the owner of those , the Esarco has been sitting around for a long while and is very rusty but mostly there . The 2B is his baby so not for sale and in much better order . Steve
  14. That tropical roof on the truckcab is fairly rare . Does it run ? All looks nice and unmolested if a bit rusty cheers Steve
  15. Isn't the VIN stored in the main ECU ? Worth checking , but other than that and the dash VIN tag it's just a like for like body swap ? Steve
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