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  1. steve b

    Can't remove window winder (no central cap)

    They just push on and when you hear the click the spring clip is seated cheers Steve b
  2. Some top class bush engineering there Soren cheers Steve b
  3. steve b

    Volvo C202 build

    Very nice warninglight , a build thread would be great Steve b
  4. steve b

    Rear crankshaft seal leak

    It is a joyous task to do for a relatively cheap item . Did you fit a factory supplied seal ? ....mind you it is really satisfying when it's done and you aren't leaving little messages everywhere it's parked cheers Steve b
  5. My experience with flux core is fairly limited , but it never looks as neat as MIG or MMA for me , most recently with a SIFWeld inverter MIG/TIG/MMA unit around 200a , +ve earth and always on site at the end of a long extension lead which I suspect does not help and could be an issue for you too ? You may well find an inverter MMA only unit and rods will weigh less than a MIG with flux core wire and may well cope with voltage drop better too . We have an inverter MMA 240/110v at work that can only be a few kilo's , can't remember if it's Lincoln or Miller right now though . And make sure you have a gopher with you to do the running for stuff works for me cheers Steve
  6. As Bowie says , correct insurance and welding qualification's (coding ? ) and test procedures in place assumed , R-tech make some nice inverter units as do Lincoln , Miller and ESAB . I had to source a new head-gear unit for my Miller Elite helmet this week and used a (new to me ) welding supplies company based in Wolverhampton - www.wirs.co.uk - and had good results pricewise and service . No connection other than that but they certainly know welding and supply all the big names. Do you already weld with flux-core? great pic's of "what I did today " too Doug cheers Steve b
  7. Hi Sam Give me a call and we can arrange something cheers Steve b
  8. steve b

    Best place to buy a bulkhead from

    Thanks - I've just been on your build thread too - it looks pretty good on the pictures , you must be pleased with that . I'll keep up on your build thread now too cheers Steve b
  9. steve b

    Best place to buy a bulkhead from

    Pictures , we need pictures Steve b
  10. steve b

    Another small accessories outfit

    Not strictly true Ross , all factory steel and alloy wheels are centred to the hub with a pressed upset edge on steels and a machined diameter inside the alloy's , wheels such as modular and 8 spokes work because the M16 stud is up to acting as not only the clamping force but is able to maintain accurate centring if you see what I mean , those of us of a certain age will have experience of series screw-in/staked studs (smaller diameter too) coming loose with eight spokes/dumper wheels with oversize centres . cheers Steve b
  11. steve b

    Raptorising my 6x4 Landy

    You're making great progress Simone , pic's required Everything that is steel and hollow section Door frames , chassis and bulkhead . With the doors it works best to hang them from all four edges and inject each time then lay flat - inside on top and inject again . Not sure if the bulkhead is separated , if it is inject it hanging upside down , if not then go in through the door hinge bolt holes and any other holes , you could drill small access holes to aid injection then seal with rivets or grommets . cheers Steve b
  12. steve b

    Raptorising my 6x4 Landy

    You will need an etch primer for the aluminium and now it's stripped I'd paint as separate parts otherwise you will not get a good coat where it bolts together . Are you going to inject the bulkhead sections with cavity wax after the repairs are done ? It does look in very good condition for it's age generally cheers Steve b
  13. steve b

    Historic MOT status

    All sounds simple enough Joe , V112's are in short supply in Suffolk too as my mate found out - the PO he went to never mentioned scanning the V5 however . I will pass that on. cheers Steve b
  14. steve b

    Historic MOT status

    Just wondering if anyone has a historic vehicle on the road under the new MOT exempt status ? Did you have to apply for the exemption as one would for historic VED initially ? cheers Steve b
  15. steve b

    Best place to buy a bulkhead from

    L19 MUD on here had his refurb-ed by Moss-side (?) over in Ireland , check his 109 2a thread . Pegasus have been mentioned too , then there is the panel work that Daslandroverman - on here - has been developing . cheers Steve b

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