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  1. steve b

    range rover classic parts catolouge

    If you don't find an on-line copy I have a 2 door parts book and possibly an early 4 door one somewhere , just post up what you are trying to find , there are several RRC lovers on here so someone will know cheers Steve b
  2. steve b

    Deep water

    That roller has lost it's surface hardness and needs replacing , what is the cam like ? Any wear like the above would point towards a new camshaft . A new oil pump might be in order too. cheers Steve b
  3. steve b

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    Very nice indeed , I like all the subtle modern upgrades too . I' m looking forward to seeing the threads about your travels in it This has been an inspiring read , thanks Steve b
  4. steve b

    Prep to Overland across west africa

    Hi Wheely Great to see it's going to travel An infra red temperature meter would be worthwhile , they are cheap enough to buy and a good way to monitor transmission and wheelbearing heat . The cam belt should be good for 5 years /50k miles but they do degrade if left stationary for long periods . Fixable if it goes on the trip but failure when running will bend pushrods and maybe break the odd rocker arm . The clutch release arm is worth the upgrade , the std. version splits around the pivot pressing with no warning and if you are in there upgrading to the metal housing thrust bearing is peace of mind . Accurate coolant temperature and oil pressure gauges is peace of mind too , particularly oil pressure as a fall in pressure will be noticed way before the warning light comes on at 5psi . The radiator pipes just need a good check , good original pipes last well . Happy trails Steve b
  5. steve b

    200 tdi over revving

    ....sorry Sam , been a lot going on lately It's worth a crack Ozzy , take the precautions and all should be safe enough - I'd have something to hand to block the inlet manifold , just as a back up stop method , but that's just me . Steve b
  6. steve b

    200 tdi over revving

    It's a Bosch VE pump and this was covered recently on here by someone in the Defender section but I can't remember who it was - theirs freed off by opening and shutting the throttle - engine off . Otherwise it's a case of removing the FIP and having it cleaned by a specialist . If you want to try running it briefly to try and free it disconnect the breather and turbo to inlet manifold first . It was not running on it's own oil as you would not have been able to turn it off or indeed see anything for black smoke... cheers Steve b
  7. steve b

    Series 2a clutch

    It does sound like the three finger coil spring cover could be an early S3 . Pop the engine out and measure the two , everything looks to be in order from what you have said, some pic's of the LandRover would be nice , we do love a Series cheers Steve
  8. steve b

    Series 2a clutch

    What is the part no for the 3 finger cover you fitted ? The spacer isn't a standard part I think , probably an adaption to fit a S3 slave maybe ? I have my doubts about the fitted finger height , it's not unheard of for old parts to be patterned to later specs. Steve
  9. steve b

    Series 2a clutch

    The 3 finger style is normally Series 2/2A , but the only way to check both is to bolt them to the flywheel with the centre plate and measure the finger/diaphragm heights relative to the flywheel housing . The S2 should be higher , from memory it's about 1/2" . Are you sure the two cross pins in the release shaft assy. are good ? they do hide in the rubber boot , finally , is the push-rod on the m/c set with minimal clearance (pedal fully up )? cheers Steve b
  10. steve b

    Series 2a clutch

    The diaphragm cover is series 3 in your lower pic , the 2/2A version of this type has a steel spacer ring fitted to the centre of the fingers . The 3 fingered cover using coil springs for grip pressure should be a different height from the pressure face to the release side of the 3 fingers compared to the diaphragm spring release side cheers Steve b
  11. I'm pretty sure 109 and 88 rear's are the same length , I had a set of worn dual rate 109 rear's on an 88" years ago . I'm looking forward to seeing this progress - a nice little project cheers Steve b
  12. steve b

    Won't fire

    Can you rig a small can to gravity feed to the lift pump - maybe a lawnmower tank ? It does sound like lack of fuel . The solenoid stop should have the plunger and spring removed to de-activate the off function . cheers Steve b
  13. steve b

    Unimog 404 Diffs

    Hi pm sent Steve b
  14. steve b

    Won't fire

    What colour smoke do you get out of exhaust when attempting tow starting ? cheers Steve b
  15. steve b

    Unimog 404 Diffs

    Hi I have 2 back axles from 404 model 'mogs , pm me if they are of interest cheers Steve b

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