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  1. Part suppliers

    I've just picked up an order of parts to re- chassis a 109 Series 3 from Britcar , all correct and well priced too . At several hundred quid for a first order from them, it may seem a gamble , but I chose them from recommendations on here and not least they are local for me . cheers Steve b
  2. A look through what engine conversions are popular in Australia may help to narrow it down - conversion kits may be available as well . What your intended use is and such things as tyre size/ tread type and normal rolling weight may be worth factoring in too . Welcome by the way , you are in the right place to find answers Some pic's are always nice too cheers Steve b
  3. Clutch/transmission judder

    Is the flywheel wading plug hole clear ? , you could always pop the gearlever off and squirt copious amounts of brake cleaner onto clutch through the hole under the front of the gearlever mount . Holding the clutch pedal down would help to get cleaner onto the friction surfaces . A series clutch should last for many years with a std. engine . If it hasn't changed in the time you have had it , then it's probably not a big problem ? cheers Steve b
  4. Clutch/transmission judder

    If it's judder on take up of drive then it's most likely oil on the clutch plates or possibly a distorted driven plate . If the judder occurs once the clutch is engaged then more likely engine/gearbox mounts and/or rough low speed engine running . cheers Steve b
  5. Refitting twin leading shoes brakes

    Good to hear Jordan , Pressure bleeding helps lots . cheers Steve b
  6. Refitting twin leading shoes brakes

    I locate the shoe to the piston with the spring hooked on both ends then lever the other end into the slot using a thin flat lever ( screwdriver ) directly on the back of the other cylinder . Make sure the bleed nipple is in the top cylinder . cheers Steve b
  7. The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    The 107" TC in the background in one of the pic's looks ok , and more old iron beyond in the barn , and an old 'mog in another ? the listing however is in a different league...... Steve b
  8. What are these?

    That's right , a quick test fit dry will show the difference depending which way round the plunger is . cheers Steve b
  9. What are these?

    Yes that's the bit - make sure the plungers are the right way round on re-assy. as it makes a difference cheers Steve b
  10. If they are all the same amount undersize installed why not remove and bore to that much oversize , it may be good to do one in increments as it may shrink less with removal to find the optimum size . This does not replicate a proper line bore though .I would not consider grinding the cam journals down . cheers Steve b
  11. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    As Ralph says , That's the filler breather connection , It's the 8mm stub on the same side as the filler in your pic to the front of the tank . cheers Steve b
  12. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    Fuel return is to the short stubby pipe on the filler neck side . Now we can see the tank you won't need the fibre washers I mentioned . cheers Steve b
  13. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    They are to go under the 5 screws securing the return line fitting , discard any existing washers so the fibre washer is in direct contact between the screw and the return fitting , either washer would do the job or whatever you can source locally similar to those . cheers Steve b
  14. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    I've been using ones from an assorted box , but I found these on part no RDL-5X9X2-FIBRE , 5mm ID 9mm OD 2mm thick , or RDL-5X10X1.5-FIBRE , 5mm ID 10mm OD 1.5mm Thick . The last 2 or 3 tanks I have fitted on 110's the guard panel has needed more form on the curves to wrap around the front and rear to align with the mounts . A thread on your truck would be interesting I'm sure including any overland adaptations during prep. What engine does it have ? cheers Steve b
  15. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    Hi Just be aware that the tank will almost certainly have open threaded inserts for the fittings in the top - the original ones will have been blind (closed end ) , you will need to put fibre sealing washers under the screws to stop diesel coming out when full or at odd angles . I've also found the guard plate to be less than perfectly formed with recent tank fits so some time making it fit before fitting makes life easier. Is that your Truck in the avatar pic? A little write up on it would be nice with some pics if possible cheers Steve b