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  1. "Blue Box" oil-filters...

    I can see what you are saying Snagger , it would suggest that the oil pressure gauge feed is on the out-flow side of the filter ? as the pressure before the restriction would be greater . Is the spring on the left filter some sort of blockage bypass relief valve? cheers Steve b
  2. Look what I brought home last night ..

    Very nice work on the bulkhead , I know what you mean about cover up jobs - I have a early S2a 88 in at the moment with an equally badly bodged bulkhead . A straight edge across the vent flaps just below the screen mount brackets shows the centre between the vents to be 25mm further back than the outer edges .....and that is the smallest problem Great build , looking forward to further posts Steve b
  3. 6cyl SWB?

    How deep is the spigot boss on the flywheel ? How about a spacer with a spigot crank side and an appropriate counterbore flywheel side ? What are the respective diameters? cheers Steve b
  4. Alpine glass can be either 4mm or 5mm thick , so if you don't know what you have I'd go with seals to suit 5mm cheers Steve b
  5. Welding critique please...

    Note the tapering off of the penetration heat zone , the further you go in one run the more likelihood of cold lap as red90 says . Chopping a few practice pieces across the weld and bending the sample along the weld will help to show you what you are getting . It looks like you are getting close to it . cheers Steve b
  6. Do the wheel cylinder pistons move freely ? Are the shoes fitted correctly ? it is not hard to get them on wrong so the adjuster pins do not line up with the cams correctly , I've done it myself before Is the pedal clearance to the master cylinder correct ? If too tight it can build pressure in the system pushing the pistons out What happens if you set the adjusters at minimum? What new parts have been fitted ? and what manufacturer's were used ? cheers Steve b
  7. 6cyl SWB?

    Make sure it's set to the same rotational location as the standard one to retain balance , I'd still prefer headed shrink fit plugs to welding , with maybe a machined loose ring about 8mm thick to go between the head of the bolt and the face of the flywheel to spread the torque load of the bolt . Good to hear you are going to go ahead cheers Steve b
  8. Generators - need some help

    Take a look at Genset 6 or 10 kva 240/110v second-hand they come on a good wheeled frame and are in a noise reduction case , good industrial level stuff . Have used one quite a lot with a 200a 240v 16a plug inverter MIG/TIG/Stick and they do work really well . Kubota 3 pot diesel so pretty economic on the diesel too . cheers Steve b
  9. True or false? Defender unveiling?

    maybe the TC isn't up to getting through the bull5hit.... stands by with sharpened pike and burning torch Steve b
  10. 6cyl SWB?

    I'm thinking more of shrink fitted tophat plugs , so a counter bore to the crank face of the FW holes and plugs machined to fit when FW is warm (oven usually) and frozen plugs and whatever diameter machining to suit the crank spigot , I'm sure Vulcan bomber or EJParrott can advise on this for exact technique and class of fit cheers Steve b
  11. 6cyl SWB?

    A 2.6 flywheel could be made to fit by a good machine shop if all else fails to set things correct for the gearbox cheers Steve b
  12. 6cyl SWB?

    Putting aside the flywheel issue does the 2.6 flywheel housing fit the back of the block? I'm sure this is possible , I recall several 3.0 IOE conversions back in the early 80's and I don't recall any conversion housings either . cheers Steve b
  13. Generators - need some help

    Unlikely , the problem would be the compressor - what sort do you have ? 2.2kw would not run a 9" disc cutter to give you some idea . cheers Steve b
  14. Series 3 Brake Lights

    I'm sure the OP will post when there is something to report - it may well be that the truck is back with the mechanic addressing some of the points raised .. the symptoms certainly suggest switch issues cheers Steve b
  15. Gearbox help and advice needed

    It's most likely to be broken detent spring plates in the 3rd/4th synchro- hub . accessible once out of vehicle without fully stripping it . If it was otherwise ok I'd do that - simplest and cheapest if you are thinking of selling it anyway ? cheers Steve b