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  1. Anticlockwise to remove , made some good progress though cheers Steve b
  2. Correct Diesel Starting Procedure

    The only time I find that holding the throttle wide open helps is when bleeding a stubborn DPA IP by cranking with the injector pipe top nuts cracked off , otherwise given that everything is operating correctly a cold start shouldn't need any throttle , with the 2.25 / 2.5 diesels it does help to crank the engine for a few seconds to warm the air in the bores a little before doing the normal preheat when it's really cold . cheers Steve b
  3. Correct Diesel Starting Procedure

    ............I think the fact that he describes the hot spots as aluminium is enough to suggest that there may well be no correct information in that at all. Steve b
  4. Can anyone recommend a press

    That looks perfect mate , a good choice . Dimples/racing holes can be made using stuff that's lying around the workshop - bearing outer races / old sockets / bearing inner races minus the rollers etc cheers Steve b
  5. Can anyone recommend a press

    Being able to move the press ram along the rail is useful and variable height too . A selection of bearer blocks - plain face, holes and notches are good too . Tonnage probably no less than 25T ? Free standing allows it to be moved for those really awkward shape things that will inevitably end up in your workshop when word gets around that you have a press cheers Steve b
  6. It could be sticking splines on the clutch , with the gearstick assy. removed you should be able to get in there with some freeing oil , otherwise if all the nuts are off the studs it should split with some shaking about . Putting the box in 4th and low with the HB locked on and working the crank left to right may help . If it's still stuck extract all the studs to see if the block will rotate - this will show if it's the clutch splines stuck . Also removing the starter motor allows a short bit of wood in to hammer against the bell housing Keep us posted , what model series 3 is it ? Just out of interest 2.25 3mb diesel from the pic . cheers Steve b
  7. New Leaf spring suppliers

    Thanks guys , I will look into it next week . I do have 2x early 2A's to resurrect next year and would really like to keep the spring style original on those , so any experiences of std. style spring would still be useful from anyone . My doubts about para's were based on some that I fitted to a 109 sw a while ago - probably 17 years ago thinking about it - that were like 2 bits of RSJ , can't remember the make , but they were painted green . cheers Steve b
  8. New Leaf spring suppliers

    Hi Daan Which parabolic supplier would you suggest ? cheers Steve b
  9. New Leaf spring suppliers

    A bit of background - I'm building a 109 series 3 TC 2.25 5mb petrol onto a galv. chassis ( Richards ) and I'm having some problems with new OE spec, spring quality , so was wondering how others have got on with various spring manufacturers ? The current new ones I have are way too stiff and are currently waiting the manufacturers response . I don't particularly want to go to parabolics as I would prefer it to look original . The truck is completely standard so no added weight or indeed removed weight . cheers Steve b
  10. High pitched ticking noise

    good to hear you are under way with it Dave , I'd imagine video's would have to go on youtube or similar first keep us posted cheers Steve b
  11. tyre/wheel

    The original swb rim - S1 - was 4.5" , but that was for 600-16 cross ply's , those Avons are radial (?) so would not look too out of place I'd think . pretty sure blackcircle.com have a wheel size range chart to check for sure . cheers Steve b
  12. Throttle Issues

    The symptoms suggest fuel delivery issues - blocked fuel filter and/or failed lift pump ? Welcome by the way cheers Steve b
  13. 110 rear fuel tank mismatch with cradle

    They are not a good fit , I've commented on this problem in other threads . The large radius bend where the guard wraps around the tank is not far enough to the rear . The last two I have done I re-used the factory guard plate after a good clean and a coat of paint . I use grease between the tank and guard/cradle. Be sure to fit fibre washers under the screw heads(x5) on the return fitting as the threaded inserts are not blind like the factory units and will leak if filled to the top . cheers Steve b
  14. Membership Changes - Read Here !

    Hi Nige Why have I lost my avatar pic ? I can't see the relevance to this being linked to support funding ? ...like many , it's not like I've been here 5 min and don't contribute to the community ? I know all the work to keep this place on the rails is freely given , but I would appreciate your time to answer Nige . Also , I keep getting logged out every time I go back to my main page - this has only just started today cheers Steve b
  15. sheared body mount 110 csw

    That looks like the whole crossmember has become detached and started to roll forward ? If so it is certainly not safe to drive as the rear axle will not be securely located . Time for a new chassis by the look of that . Steve b