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  1. Invisible Defender

    It's a rare moment on the road to feel enjoyment of the journey these days , and even rarer to see indicators being used properly ... Stay safe Steve b
  2. Repairing Birmabright panels

    AV8R , What grade would you say the floor panels in a Series LR are made of ? They are considerably tougher than the bodywork. cheers Steve b
  3. Look what I brought home last night ..

    I thought they looked like Jones' work. I'm soon going to fit a full set to the 109 S3 TC that I put onto a new galv. chassis last year. I originally sourced through BM but they were over 3 times stiffer than the OE spec, so were returned . The new Jones springs tested to spec on my test rig so should go on fine . A friend has just sent his original 2A FC springs to Jones to be refurbed cheers Steve b
  4. Look what I brought home last night ..

    That looks so good with the green chassis , lovely work . cheers Steve b
  5. A night in the Glens

    The Glen Orchy I visited is in New Zealand , and I can see why it was named that . Lovely pics DC . cheers Steve b
  6. Electrical problems 300 tdi 1995 vehicle

    The live to the ignition controlled fuses comes through the ign. module at the other end of the key so it could be module failure or the wire has come off , it's a bit odd that the FIP solenoid is live as that is ign. controlled too , obviously. cheers Steve b
  7. Series IIA Left Side Sag

    That is a nice 88 SW you have there , welcome to the forum . As Jon says the bolts should be loosened and only tightened with the weight of the vehicle resting on them on a level surface . Which supplier did you choose and are they multi-leaf of parabolic? cheers Steve b
  8. Goblin Works Garage

    it's a recent "new" car prog on TV here , I watched the first one which was centred on a MK2 Escort and a reworking of a new Norton and that was enough for me , apparently the said outfit are high end resto-modders whatever the f--- that means . ...not my idea of quality or inspiring either cheers Steve b
  9. The barn and shed thread

    Please do Arjan , the more different set ups on this thread the better , out of professional interest - do you have to use CE certified fabricated steels ? And Kris , what a lovely spec for your workshop , I do know a few people that still build wood structures in that style . Where did you source the oak ? cheers Steve b
  10. Nearly lost the Defender!!!

    Yes , the spikes are 3 ft long forged octagonal section steel with an eye in the top to aid removal . The plates are designed to be bolted together in a line to suit . More normally found in the locker of Army heavy recovery lorries such as Scammell's or Martians . The single bar and 8 pins that I have must be 60kg ish and are at the back of the recovery gear store covered in dust cheers Steve b
  11. Look what I brought home last night ..

    Those repair parts are very neat , I've saved Radfords to my favourites , thanks . Their bulkhead's are nice too by the look of it . Just off at a slight tangent , how much would a 1600 engine go for ? Nice work Steve b
  12. Turbo upgrade

    A pic or two then Ian if it's snowing well All sounds good there , will await your findings cheers Steve b
  13. Turbo upgrade

    It's timed with the crank at TDC on No.1 so pull No.1 Inj. and once near to TDC use a probe to determine exact TDC being mindful of the angle the probe will be at to the piston travel . It sounds like the timing between the crank / cam /FIP is not right as Red90 has said . I've been following this thread Ian with some interest so it will be good to see a fix to this issue and get a better idea of the upgrade cheers Steve b
  14. Roll cage fitted by Land Rover?

    Cages are listed in the genuine Factory parts listings for 90 and 110 , so surely that is enough ? cheers Steve b
  15. Assault helmet

    I can see what you need - get one of these and lock the workshop and give the key to a responsible adult , seriously though if you feel at that much risk you shouldn't be working like that , a properly set and operated press requires no PPE Steve b