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  1. That has been honed by hand I reckon and there is signs of scuffing in several pictures too . An internal micrometer will tell the story more fully , can you borrow one from your re-con people ? The piston pic's suggest blowby - carbon below the rings and on the skirt - the rings look to have scuff marks on too ? cheers Steve b
  2. Indeed , and that supports Red90's theory of bore wear or ring damage . I would be a bit suspicious of the scuffing on your pic , the outcome may well be a deglaze in situ and new rings all round . I think pulling that piston would show something - blow by probably ? cheers Steve b
  3. That is very tidy Daan , but your reputation for detail is legend I do like snagger's solution for rear storage , very tidy too. cheers Steve b
  4. They have a van or two on the road , so will come to your work or home to suit collection & return . They do all diesel work including FIP and electronic injectors , I'm glad I tried them out as the alternate choices locally are not much good IMO . It would seem you are not far from my place so feel free to pm me if you need anything LR or a second opinion on something . cheers Steve b
  5. If you decide to go for serviced/re-con injectors I use M&C in Colchester , they will collect and return when sorted and they know what they are doing and well priced the last time I had cause to call . cheers Steve b
  6. Black smoke is too advanced in this situation , probably along with a more pronounced diesel knock Steve b
  7. Check your fuel line connections from the tank to the FIP , it sounds like an air leak . Any non-standard fuel lines/connections would be particularly suspect . Is the fuel filter clean ? If all of that checks out ok then the next suspect would be fuel lift pump . cheers Steve b
  8. Don't you mean too tight a clearance ? Last year I added a Facet electric pump to the fuel supply in line with the mechanical pump for someone with a 300Tdi 90 as an experiment and it seems to have marginally improved performance and economy too , might be worth a go ? cheers Steve b
  9. I add small cable ties or fencing wire to the clip/rod/arm to try and avoid future problems . This little tiny clip is another one of those "Why do they do it like this? " features . cheers Steve b
  10. Not in my opinion , there is no way any fabrication could possibly come anywhere near the factory item . These things encapsulate the risk of so-called upgrades with highly safety critical parts . They should be regulated out of production , utter carp . cheers Steve b
  11. Yorkshire West Riding , from www.oldclassiccar.co.uk/registrations cheers Steve b
  12. I think the motor is very similar to the one used on the series 3 blower unit iirc , you could try taking it off and soaking it in a tub of brake cleaner ? cheers Steve b
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