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  1. Bit of a progress report on this , it went on really well and has stayed in place too. Unfortunately it seems to be catnip for mice and has been destroyed to the point where I may as well not have bothered . It's the only vehicle in the yard that has been of interest to the little buggers so I would just say be aware of this if you use it . cheers Steve b
  2. They are pretty simple , why not make a pair? Or shorten the new ones. If you're busy I can mod them for you . cheers Steve b
  3. You might be able to stop it with a large SS worm clip or two around the can ? cheers Steve b
  4. There is a component weight thread on here somewhere , started by dirtydiesel iirc . 300-350kg would be my guess , fully dressed . cheers Steve b
  5. Agreed , I'll see what my local Sealey Agent can do on that model too cheers Steve b
  6. Looking at your link Red90 , I'm now wondering if a pump plant sprayer would do , I've already got all the caps from the old 12v pump . Might have to have a rummage in the garden shed and see what I have . Nice unit though thanks for pointing it out , clutch bleeding is part of the motivation for getting a pressurised fluid bottle . cheers Steve b
  7. I'm even more surprised there is a fuse .... I also wondered where you are supposed to insert it , then noticed the little picture ............ Steve b
  8. Blimey , that back wheel has had a hard life. That's a very similar engine to my JCB 2 , nice 3 cyl unit cheers Steve b
  9. I just had a look on Britcar to see which one it is and gen. only - £8.15+ vat !! , I'm sure they are a standard SS binder so should be available in longer lengths if required an probably cheaper too cheers Steve b
  10. The eezi-bleed is a good bit of kit , what I like about the pressure bleed with reservoir is I can attach it and lift the 4 post and do it all in one go , within the limit of the capacity of the reservoir. 500ml goes a fair way doing component changes and is probably nearly enough to do a brake fluid change. cheers Steve b
  11. My 12v bleed pump has given up after 25 years of service and I'm not sure I want to spend that much (~£700 + ) , a friend suggested Sealey pressure units , I see VS0205 is a LRM star buy . Anyone got one and what do you think ? Or what do you use ? cheers Steve b
  12. that's an 11" rear brake assy. cheers Steve b
  13. The upper spring should go from the anchor pin on the backplate to the pin on the leading (front) shoe and be positioned in the groove on the pin behind the adjuster . The lower spring should be enough to hold the trailing shoe against the piston . It's jamming in reverse because the trailing shoe is moving out on it's own and I suspect that now it's jamming going forwards because the spring is outside the adjuster . As Simon suggests , it could be a seized wheel cyl. I've had problems with new w/cyl's having weak seals (no drag ) and way too strong a spring between the pistons pushing the trailing cyl out causing jamming in reverse. cheers Steve b
  14. You need to bear in mind it started and ran ok before the "moment" . It's just nuts and bolts and procedure - all well documented and simple . A ring compressor and a torque wrench and some time to do it and you are there . I still think you need to remove the engine and crank to pull the pistons and rods but by all means try to remove up the bore first , it's definitely the case with Tdi bent rods . Pulling it apart will be a chance to assess everything and then allow time to decide what to do longer term and budget for it . One or two s/h rods and maybe a set of big end shells are not going to be too much ££'s and it's together again. Regarding piston free play there will be some , the aluminium alloy they are made of expands when hot much more than the cast iron block so if they are too tight when at ambient temp. they will bind at running temps. The shells will be clearly marked . simple to drop the sump with the engine still in and remove the cap of the easiest one to get to and check the back face. Steve b
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