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  1. ....full order book then A thread on the 109 ( and the 88 too!) when you can - I've got a 68 88 tidy up to get around to posting , it's nearly done so when finished I might have more time to sort it out . Steve
  2. That was a good find , I'd imagine it is pretty rust free having been away from road salt for a big chunk of it's life . Very nice 88 indeed . thanks for the pic. Steve
  3. Good work , that looks like an early 2a or even a 2 from the bulkhead engine bay shot ? Is it still running the Solex carb? A few full vehicle pic's would be nice to see if possible , early Series 2/2a are such good looking Land Rovers Steve
  4. Just to add , the Marsland chassis can be supplied stamped with the VIN number prior to galvanising if you provide a scan of the V5c . They are made by GKN who supplied JLR for new Defenders up until production ceased . I have a 110 csw one on order along with a pair of B/C and sills also in galv. I've also used Richards for a Series 3 109 most recently . Most people also cut out the VIN from the old scrap chassis and retain should further proof be needed . Mosside do a reconditioning service for Bulkheads and are in NI , can be found on FB Welcome to the forum too Steve
  5. That's interesting , and maybe less hassle than converting a 2.5 N/A manifold - thanks Todd. Steve
  6. Thanks for the link , I have already offered up the 2.5 3 stud exhaust manifold to a spare tdi engine and thought it could work with a bit of grinding and some bridge clamps , I'll read through it . Steve
  7. Not looking for Tdi power and torque as this should make clear ... Just a short term reduction in power/torque and associated combustion heat until the right original spec diesel can be sourced . Steve
  8. The particular installation is already in use with the turbo fitted but no intercooler which brings it's own set of risks ... As it is bolted to the front of a 2a gearbox my preferred solution would be to remove the turbo to reduce power and torque to a better level for this box. What exhaust manifold is the best fit ? Longer term it will go back to it's original spec 2 1/4 diesel 3mb engine - see my wanted ad thanks Steve
  9. The correct spring rates are in the factory workshop manual and as far as I can tell Jones Springs are the only manufacturers able to make to this data , and do it very well . I will not supply any other make to my clients and all the sets I've supplied and fitted go on at precisely the right standard ride height , have plenty of flex and ride extremely well . The vehicles sit perfectly level across the axle and there has been no evidence of sag at all . Steve b
  10. Nice 88 and pretty unmolested too . Petrol or diesel ? Not that I need any more Land Rovers either Steve
  11. That's something you don't see every day Truck looks ok though , for the right price it could be worth a horse.... Steve
  12. It certainly looks like the first release body style as Mike said - the rear series type sliding windows are correct along with the galvanised cappings . A very nice truck and the 1 ton rims look good on 110's as well Steve
  13. Try www.pastparts.co.uk for rebuilding your CB master cylinder . I've not used them yet but I know people that have and the standard of rebuild is supposed to be excellent , not just LR either Steve
  14. spot on , most cars had little peashooters for a tailpipe and about 50hp , different times I read Vizards serialised bible on 100hp per litre in Car and Car Conversions back when it was cutting edge Steve
  15. ....anyone else remember when it was just XJ Jaaags and Jensens that had two exhaust pipes sticking out the back ? Steve
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