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  1. Plated a few bump stop areas at the rear of Sprinter cold vans over the years .... ......after removing the assistor bump stops... I suspect it would be on the limit of the 7.5T tilt bed in the footage too Steve b
  2. That sounds like it's in 4x4 in high range? That means a risk of breaking diff/halfshaft. Do you have any drive at all ? In low 4th for example - crank over in gear to check etc. Steve b
  3. They were also used in agri vehicles such as self propelled sprayers . Steve
  4. I followed one on the road today , the back end is truly ugly . The thing that possibly looked worst was the outer brake marker lights - 4 tiny LED's in a square pattern that make them look like failed LED packs. The body itself looked narrower than it's parental D4 , that might be an illusion due to the wheelarch flares though. It would have made an excellent D5 ...... Steve
  5. Indeed , hardly an IVA concern . How did you get around Dash warnings for EAS for MOT worthiness? cheers Steve b
  6. It was a serious suggestion - based on it being utility and as others have said , the spiritual sucessor to the (real)Defender . I also think there will be much more real world work use of it (obviously ..?) more quickly than Defender 2.0 purely because 2.0 is more of a SUV/car . The 2.0 has a place here at LR4x4 , it will just have different topics . That said , I did also think it might make a few chuckle and those count for a lot now The teaser pictures are superb , can't wait to see the unveil Steve
  7. That is good to hear , I think we get more here because of the funnel effect of the coast line . Glad you had a nice day and that 88 looks great in limestone . Steve
  8. Was just wondering how much plastic waste you might have come across during the day ? Any trip to the beach down here means taking a bag for plastic waste on the tide line sadly Steve
  9. Were you on the beach ? Steve
  10. If the white and white/black are swapped as you describe it is not a problem - they are both ignition live supply - assuming you can find that white/black. Of course you could put the wires on the terminals as per wiring diagram , then any future troubleshooting will be based on standard wiring diagrams cheers Steve b
  11. the plain white on 3 should be moved to 1 - you can see a twist in the wire that suggests it's in the wrong place - and then there must be a white/black lurking in there for 3 . Cheers Steve b
  12. You don't need the glow plug connection off the ign. module - the timer relay live feed (thick brown) goes to the starter terminal that has the main Battery cable . cheers Steve b
  13. Turners will be fine and very quick too . Fitting a decent SU carb will add to the already great torque and smoothness of the 2 1/4 petrol and would be a period correct mod too . I think some pictures of this 2A would be appropriate now , after all it is a real Land Rover This is part of my current Land Rover project for a client , 1968 2A 88 ex MOD . The engine has a Turner unleaded head rebuild and + 0.060" bore , -0.010" crank mains and big ends cheers Steve b
  14. opened this thinking you had bought another Series with a rusty chassis ....... have fun and enjoy the relics Steve b
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