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  1. steve b

    Interesting industrial drill

    I have one of those , they are a great bit of kit for a small Radial arm drill , morse taper 3 , the table lifts and has tee slots top and sides and a good range of speeds , forward and reverse . Mine cost £25 back in the mid 80's . I also picked up a quick clamp machine vice with a max throat of 300mm which has been bolted to it ever since . I do like old machinery , it's bomb proof . cheers Steve b
  2. steve b

    Bit of a bench in the making

    I can't give you the scientific reason Ross , but experience of production MIG welding stainless with an 3ph. transformer unit has shown that any spatter will very firmly attach itself to SS particularly any polished/cleaned area , even with copious anti-spatter spray . TIG is sooo much neater but sooo much slower for production work . Thanks for the pic's Blanco , mine has one powered slide out and a pinned fixed extension but otherwise looks the same with a max reach of 2.5m cheers Steve b
  3. steve b

    Bit of a bench in the making

    A pic or two of the crane and plate would be great ta . It sounds like mine is the same or similar , they lift really well . ...mind you a dipper and another slide out or two would be good , Hyva make a rather nice unit for 3.5T LGV's but it is pricey cheers Steve b
  4. steve b

    Bit of a bench in the making

    I wouldn't use SS , it will hold every bit of spatter from welding , a thin sheet of Hardox or AXR ~ 3 or 4mm would be dent resistant or 6mm S275 steel . wandering off a bit , what model no HIAB do you have on your trailer ? I have one very similar cobbled onto the Yard Hicap with no model type or proper rating plate cheers Steve b
  5. steve b

    Mog 404 axles

    I for one would be interested in seeing your builds documented on here Jamie , it's all relevant fabricating tech and I'm sure would be of interest to others too cheers Steve b
  6. steve b

    Mog 404 axles

    Have you tried Atkinson Vos? they should be able to supply the gasket kit . Steve b
  7. steve b

    Defender Vs Series Track Rod ends

    I'm pretty sure the thread is a non-standard pitch with a UN profile for Series and Defender/RRC/D1 as I had a look for a pair of taps earlier this year to clean up old series 1 steering rods. cheers Steve b
  8. steve b

    Mog 404 axles

    I bet that took many hours and much swarf to clear away , what outer diameter have you ended up with ? cheers Steve b
  9. steve b

    Mog 404 axles

    Have you had a look at dirtydiesel's thread - g-wagen on 404's? Whereabouts are you ? I can profile plate on a HD plasma CNC up to 50mm and CNC gas above that . Some pic's would be good when you can cheers Steve b
  10. steve b

    Injector Pump Noise

    The last time I had one in with this noise it was air getting into the fuel feed to the pump - it had an inline filter bodged into the feed line and it was leaking air into the fuel line but not diesel out even when switched off . It sounded like the FIP was about to dis-integrate ... cheers Steve b
  11. steve b

    Trailer Floor preservation

    Having watched the replacement (£350) buffalo board on my 14' flat bed turn to mush in 5 years I will be using hardwood planking this time . If it's the original board - which lasted 26 yrs. on mine - I'd probably use creosote mixed with engine oil regularly . Some sort of storage cover with an angled top surface will help no end as I've come to realise... My trailer is a BCR btw. cheers Steve b
  12. steve b

    Engine numbers

    Hi , The second one is a 2.25 from a series 2 , so quite early -from here www.glencoyne.co.uk - there is a listing and some decent history and tips on LR engines Some pic's of the trucks would be nice cheers Steve b
  13. steve b

    Vac pump cam wear 300Tdi

    Great stuff Mr Shifter , Audi pumps look to be the common choice , I'll just need to ID the Audi sensor that switches it on and off to go with it , thanks for looking for it As an aside we've not heard from Boydie in a while , I do like his wild outback trips that have been posted cheers Steve b
  14. steve b

    Vac pump cam wear 300Tdi

    I've been thinking a trip to my local friendly motor trade supplier might be worthwhile - I'll start with Audi pump and vac. switch ta Steve b
  15. steve b

    Vac pump cam wear 300Tdi

    I did give that some thought , pretty tight for space to the exhaust manifold and a long run for the oil pipe from the other side too . Not completely ruled out though . cheers Steve b

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