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  1. Good to hear , and by no means a rookie mistake , I've just finished doing a full BH swap on a 200Tdi Defender and the non functioning blower motor turned out to be because I'd plugged the brake balance light tail in - the only other 3 pin connector in the loom -once the two tails were in the right place all was good , never stop learning things , and I've been in Land Rovers for several decades . cheers Steve b
  2. Check the voltage at the multi-pin connection at the switch on the output side of the front SW button , (light green/black ?) it should be possible to separate the block enough to get the probe in and keep it connected , it sounds like you have a break between the switch and pump . cheers Steve b
  3. ....so are we going to wave at a new Discfender when we see one coming the other way , eventually , sometime in the future ? That distinctive Defender front end will be easy to spot too. Steve b
  4. If it is valve seat damage from unleaded you can start by checking the valve clearances - the valve sinks into the seat to simplify it and closes up tappet clearances . Once these are set do a compression test with the right tool . cheers Steve b
  5. As a final aside , I noticed Richards Chassis have a 6x6 90 galv. chassis in the clearance section due to a cancelled order ... I like what you're putting together there Henk , very tidy. cheers Steve b
  6. By mistake I ended up with a Britpart series 3 speedo cable in an order recently and , oh what a surprise the speedo end does not fit . Not only did it not fit but prior to trying to fit I had to clean out a fully grease packed socket . We all know what too much grease does to a cable drive speedo ..... This company is truly carp . Just goes to show how pointless ISO/BS accreditation seems to be . ...I really must remember to put NO BRITPART at the top of all order emails As an aside , in the course of fitting a bulkhead to a defender I recently ordered new seals for the clutch and brake pedal boxes and the brake box seal was twice the price of JLR from Britpart , while the clutch box seal was much less than genuine , no sense at all /mini-rant-over/ Steve b
  7. ...Stellagit comes to mind A nice old school universal mill . Have fun with it , they are super useful for so many jobs . cheers Steve b
  8. If you don't have the install details I'd suggest getting in touch with one of the suppliers - several on eblag . A quick search shows they come up on retro-rides.org. cheers Steve b
  9. It could be saved then maybe - a specialist company might be able to acid dip it , then a good coat of tank liner paint inside . With the price of a new tank to consider there is some room to renovate . Steve b
  10. Pretty surprised the tank is not leaking , you could always pop the pick up pipe out and put a push on pick up filter on it , then just leave the tank 'til it starts leaking ? Steve b
  11. That's a lot of rust , I think you are right about the tank! The sediment bowl did it's job. cheers Steve b
  12. Another thing is the riveted centre plate is only on early tubed type wheels . All tubeless rims are welded on the inner face and in standard pattern 5.5" wide . The riveted rims can be 4.5" / 5" / 5.5" & 6.5" . What usually destroys tubes in tubeless tyres are the sticky labels on the inside of the tyre . Removal of these and cleaning off the adhesive is a good idea . cheers Steve b
  13. Now you've all pointed out the coils , a coil is partially visible under the front , should've looked a bit closer . I've driven a Mazda 3.5 turbo and auto combo in a 4 door RRC years ago , very nice - so much grunt . I wonder what steering set up is on the 110 FC Defender ? It is something that keeps rattling around in the potential project section of my head ... cheers Steve b
  14. The Defender screen and cab look good on there . Did you take a peek underneath to see what engine/box it has ? Looks to be on SOA parabolics at the front . cheers Steve b
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