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Checking a Hazard switch

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My indicators are all working correctly but there's nothing when I switch the hazard switch on.  I have confirmed wiring continuity on all wires in the system.    I suspected that I have a faulty hazard switch.  With the switch removed, using my multi-test meter to identify internal connections between the switch pins I got the following results.

Switch in OFF position:  no internal contact between any two pins.

Switch in ON position:   the only internal contact was between pins 5 and 6.

Looking at the back of the switch:          image.png.2da4f80e7db605f4137314c393fcf8a9.png


I bought a new switch.  It came in a blue bag😞!  It has exactly the same contact pattern as my old switch.


a)  is my original switch, and the new one, faulty?  

b)  If it is faulty, what internal pin connections should there be in both the ON and OFF positions?

c)  If the switch is not faulty where do I go from here?

Many thanks for any info and suggestions that I receive.


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Correcting the diagram.
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Thank you for that link, fmmv.  It certainly looks as if both the switches are toast.  I’ll perhaps open the old one and see what’s happening in there.  It’s not worth returning the new one from here the shipping would be more than any refund.


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As I recall, it would be possible to emulate the switch with relays and diodes. However, if the old switch is duff, is it possible to look inside? Maybe gently try prising the rocker out, then cleaning it out? After all, if it's dead what have got to lose?

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A good suggestion, thank you, fmmv.  I’ve already designed the circuit and I’ve identified that there are two pairs of contacts that make contact when the switch is ON, and no contacts when the switch is OFF.  This means that I can use it as a double throw switch with one pair connecting the battery  positive supply to the flasher unit and the other pair supplying the flasher output to the four sets of indicators.  All I need is four diodes, which I have.  I’ll let you know when it’s all working.


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