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  1. Err? 10 hrs per week 50 weeks per year = 500 hrs per year 50000 hrs = 100 yrs. Mike
  2. but they are not interchangeable. Please use compatible bolts and nuts. Mike
  3. https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/688070/0/grille_integration_kit_with_lazer_triple_r_750_led_spotlights?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Defender 2020 Spotlights&utm_content=Defender 2020 Spotlights+CID_2b4f4d31d06720e880c91cb40b71c5f2&utm_source=Mailr&utm_term=ORDER YOURS NOW Obviously an essential bling for the Chelsea Tractor driver to clearly see the parking lot curbs! I don't know who else would be interested at that price. Mike
  4. Thank you, Tobias. Your description and photos are gem. I hadn't considered the area under my heater box and header tank, out of sight, out of mind, but I've measured it up and I'm pretty sure that I can fit the Webasto there. I might have to remove and relocate the water pump, but I don't think so. I'll almost certainly have to alter the position of the control box because the original mounting panel is fitted between the control box and the heat exchanger. I'll update as I progress. Mike
  5. PaulMc, quoting from your roof top lighting thread, referenced in this thread: "I use a continuous length of the larger gauge cable, with the conductor exposed and the smaller gauge 'spur' to each lamp crimped onto it it, using a splice crimp, which is then over-sleeved with adhesive-lined heatshrink, as this picture sequence illustrates - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v686/paulmc0308/Electrical/Misc/th_DSC02722.jpg . http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v686/paulmc0308/Electrical/Misc/th_DSC02723.jpg . http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v686/paulmc0308/Electrical/Misc/th_DSC02724.jp
  6. I'm intrigued by your comment regarding the washer bottle location, Tobias. My vehicle originally had a 3.5 V8, which I replaced with a 300 Tdi. I bought the vehicle in 1995, and as far as I know it had everything in their original places, but the washer bottle is under the front left wing, and obviously well before any TD5. Because this vehicle originally had both a heater and A/C, within the same housing, the housing is huge. Immediately in front of the housing is the coolant header tank, and in front of that is the fuel filter. There is no space to mount anything along that side of the
  7. Jocklandjohn, I see from your post "Possible exhaust ......." that you have a 200Tdi. Mike
  8. Many thanks for your reply, Jocklandjohn. I was beginning to fear that the entire forum was suffering from new year amnesia or that I had committed a mega-pi** off blunder. I know from the threads I have read that a number of members have Webasto or Eberspacher heaters, but perhaps they have forgotten why they put them where they did!! So far, I'm considering putting my unit in one of three places. 1) Under the front passenger seat. Space may be a bit limited, but it's relatively convenient for connecting into the engine cooling system and for connection to a fuel supply. 2) Under the
  9. Yes, a piece of thin sheet steel, say 16 - 18 gauge, maybe 20 gauge at a pinch. It's thin enough to shape fairly easily, strong enough to be self supporting, as long as you can minimise the unsupported section, and it provides a good heat shield effect, unaffected by the heat source. And you can weld it to complex shapes if necessary, or even add stiffening/supporting sections if needed. I've used this both to protect the underbody from exhaust pipe heat and in the 300Tdi engine bay to protect the rubber air inlet hose from exhaust manifold heat. Mike
  10. As in the title. Quite a few years ago I bought a second hand Webasto DBW46, which is a coolant heater, not a hot air model, but never got round to fitting it. I think I may get a round twit this spring, for my birthday, so I have started looking for suitable locations. I've searched the forum and have read plenty of threads about various problem fixes and piping runs, but couldn't find any threads that discussed the various installation locations. I must admit that I did not read all 694 results of my searches! So, where have people fitted Webasto or Eberspacher auxiliary heaters, and wh
  11. Yes, you're right, Snagger, I probably could have a variety of lock barrels that would have fitted, but I chose the path of least resistance and opted for central locking. Mike
  12. Bu**er, carp, F**k and many other Saxon swear words that I shouted! As the guy in the Brittanica Restorations video warned, "They're very slippery." Oops, crash, and at least a thousand little bits of glass were on the floor.😞😞😞😞. Oh well, carp happens. Now, do I try to mold a replacement out of some variety of clear plastic, or do I order a replacement from UK, and risk it getting broken in transit? Any recommendations, on either course of action, please? Mike
  13. A alternative to FF's suggestion is an ordinary drill bit, a left hand tap and matching die, all small enough diameter to not jeopardise the original thread. Once the stuck bolt is tapped, make a left hand bolt and thread it into the stuck bolt. Then use the method posted by Bowie69, above. The left hand bolt should be made long enough for you to make a reasonable electrical contact on it as well as get a spanner on it. The left hand threads allow you to attempt to undo the bolt without screwing the smaller bolt out of the stuck bolt. I know that left hand taps and dies are not cheap, but
  14. Perhaps before UK went decimal there was enough genuine Wire Harness Smoke, and no market for Replacement!😉 Mike
  15. Two humorous views recently circulating this side of the Atlantic. And a happy new year to you all. Mike
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