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  1. V8 Limited Edition Defender to celebrate 70th Anniversary

    Yeah, but they're having to pay prices for GENUINE parts, and we all know what they cost - lots o' lolly! And, of course, they have to show the same (exhorbitant) profit per vehicle as they do on Chelsea tractors! Mike
  2. The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    Oops! Sorry, mis-info there. The bidding stopped at $23,000, but the reserve had not been reached. As for the second linked LR the auction has now finished and that vehicle was not presented, but I don't know why. Mike
  3. Adjusting differential selector on LT230T transfer Box

    Thank you, paintman.
  4. The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    OK, not eBay, but still a vehicle at auction, at Mecum car auctions at Kissimmee, Florida: https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0118-311785/1991-land-rover-defender-110-tithonus/ I watched the auction on YouTube and it reached US$23,000, but I'm not sure that the reserve was reached since the listing shows "The bid goes on". There's another Defender at auction on Sunday, so I'll try to watch that one. https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0118-321921/2007-land-rover-defender-110/ How somebody managed to import a 2007 Defender beats me, because the authorities in the USA are far more strict than here, in Canada, and Canada requires private imports of vehicles that do not have the equivalent of type approval to be a minimum of 15 years old. Mike
  5. Adjusting differential selector on LT230T transfer Box

    Problem solved! Red90, you put your finger on it, thank you. I was expecting more rotation of the differential selector than required. After tightening everything up, from top to bottom, and connecting to my battery, the "Engaged" light comes on and off as it should, and checking the two output shafts they are locked together when they should be, and free when they should be. I'll still replace the two plastic bushes on the intermediate swivel if somebody can give me the part number, please. I note, Maverick, that those parts are not even shown on the parts page included in you earlier post. Mike
  6. Adjusting differential selector on LT230T transfer Box

    Many thanks for the tips. Red90, which of the three clicks do I need to use, the centre and clockwise or the centre and anticlockwise? Maverick, in your linked post you imply that there should be three positions. Are there three clicks, or is neutral just the area between On and Off? QUOTE: "While I can get hi - low no problem, the actual diff lock "on-neutral-off" doesn't engage properly either side of this, it sits fine in neutral, the only way I can get a positive lock in either 'on' or 'off' is when I put a socket on the locking nut and do it that way." Also, what publication is the parts page from, please? Mike
  7. Many thanks to David Sparkes and Bowie69 for supplying links to the LT230T transfer box manual, where I hoped to find adjutment details for the box differential lock selector. Dead out of luck! The linkage appears to be quite straightforward, but mine has so much play in it that no matter how I adjust the central pivot I cannot fully move from one position to the other. The photos below show the problem. The vertical operating lever, which is pivoted about a third of the way from the top. The top connection shows virtually zero play, since the nut and bolt cann be seured well. The intermediate connection is located by two plastic bushes. There is zero radial play at the bushes but the whole shaft can twist due to the poor fixing design for the shaft on its pivot. There is no means of tightening this bush and pivot design to prevent the play. As far anticlockwise that the lever will move the selector. Anticlockwise to where I believe it should go: As far clockwise as the lever will move the selector: Due to the poor design of the bottom link, coupled with the play at the intermediate pivot, the selector does not rotate the required amount. Where I believe the selector should rotate to clockwise: As can be seen, due to aggregated slop in the system the selector will not move the required amount. If I lengthen the intermediate pivot then the selector will rotate to the correct clockwise position, but totally fails anticlockwise, and if I shorten the intermediate pivot the opposite occurs. I Irealise that I could replace the sloppy bottom link with a horizontal, rigid bar welded to the vertical leg. I'm sure this would help, but what about the twisting at the intermediate pivot? I know that I cannot be the first to experience this problem, so how have others tackled it, please? Many thanks in advance for any and all suggestions. Mike
  8. Manuals for Download

    Many thanks for the link, David. Mods, this would be a good addition to the manuals in the Tech Archive. Mike
  9. Manuals for Download

    Hi, http://workshop-manuals.com/landrover/lt230t/lt230t_transfer_box_overhaul_manual_3rd_edition_eng/ I want to download this LT230T manual, but it appears to be available only one page at a time. Is there any clever way to download it as a *.pdf file. please? Thanks. Mike
  10. New shiny bits

    Many thanks for the interest, but no, not yet. After having been invaded by seven family members for a week over Xmas, in a two bedroom, one bathroom house, we're taking some time for ourselves. And I've still got some mechanical work and welding on the tub to do before I start drilling and re-tapping chassis and bulkhead threaded holes. Then there's T-washing and painting of all the galved bits before re-assembly starts. I will, however, post photos when I do start rebuilding. Mike
  11. 300Tdi starter - any emergency repairs possible?

    Sorry it's been so long to close out this post, but since I've previously complained about posts not being completed with the "final fix" I thought that I should do so. When I finally resolved family issues in UK and returned home I almost immediately took the Landy off the road and started my tear down for a rebuild. I've only just, in the last couple of days, looked at the starter that had been "bush engineered" while we were miles from home. I don't know what the engineering shop did, but the starter worked faultlessly until we got home, in total over another 2,000 km. Hats off to "bush engineering". When I opened it up all that I could see that was not original was a length of white insulating tape wrapped around the brush holders. Everything else appeared to be clean and normal. So, I cleaned all the components and reassembled the rotor, etc., struggled for ages to get the brushes remounted, and tested the completed unit. Connected across a 12volt battery it spun like crazy, but, of course, it wasn't turning the engine over.. Once refitted it spun but refused to engage. Removed it again, eventually removed the three recalcitrant phillips screws from the end of the solenoid and stripped the latter. Nothing untoward found, but cleaned the sliding piston and cylinder, gave them a thin smear of copper grease and re-assembled them. Refitted the starter to the motor and it worked fine ten out of ten times, turning the engine over just as it always had done, so I hope it is now fixed, but I will still fit new brushes when I get them. I can only assume that the sliding piston was binding and failing to engage the drive with the starter ring. Mike
  12. Service myself rather than pay the garage

    A great thread, and although I've been doing most of my own servicing for the last 22 years I still found it refreshing and helpful. Many thanks, Suffolk Defender, for your perseverance in chasing down the answers to your questions. As you will have found, there is a wealth of technical info on this forum. Hope you continue to enjoy your Landy. Mike

    I'm sure a dedicated Landy owner can get pressies far all the family in twenty minutes on 24th December, no prob! Alternatively, be a really Frugal McDougal and wait for the Boxing Day sales, and get double the value for half the dosh! Of course, concerns regarding the longevity of relationships may come into it. And while I'm at it, very best season's wishes to all forum members, and special thanks to all those who have shared their knowledge and experience to help solve and respond to my multiple requests for help. Mike
  14. LT85 20c solid case rebuilt

    Just to beat the drum on one of the topics I frequently go on about, and to ensure that this thread is of value to future readers, please, please, please ensure that all photos are on the forum, not on some hosting site that may give us future problems, just like PB. OK, drum beating over! Mike
  15. LT85 20c solid case rebuilt

    "Makes me want to do more! " You must be a masochist! Mike