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  1. I recently had a blowout on a single axle trailer wheel. I had the correct spare, wheel brace, socket and a jack, but .... with the trailer down on the wheel rim I couldn't get the jack under the axle. I was helped by a local farmer who appreciated the problem and went and fetched his trolley jack and a hi-lift jack, just in case the trolley jack wouldn't go under. So, check that your jack will go under your vehicle if the rim is on the road. Mike
  2. A big, fat earth to each corner is the way to go, and, of course a big, fat earth to the engine block and several to the g'box and t'box. Since the original wiring spec includes more than one earth to the t'box I assume that various gaskets, etc., potentially prevent a single earth being effective, no matter how massive, serving all the systems. Of course, a dedicated earth wire from each of the switches on the transmission to the main earth wire to the battery should suffice. Mike
  3. Oops! Didn't look at the date, but I agree very much with your "think about things" comment. Mike
  4. Before you start on any project the thread below has some very sound advise regarding the use of non-standard components. Mike
  5. ^^^^^^ Agreed. Not acceptable for what should be a finished product. It looks as if it missed the last couple of stages of preparation. Mike
  6. If it's a hydrocarbon oil residue have you tried any readily available solvents, eg methanol, IPA, acetone, xylene, or even diesel? You might find that any of these is your friend. Mike
  7. Get yourself a pair of proper thread gauges and measure one of the bolts. Gauges come in both imperial and metric, so you need one of each. I use mine very frequently and they are well worth investing in, and they stop silly misgivings like this. Mike
  8. Are those genuine LR/OEM dogs, or did they come in a blue bag? The way they seem comfortable it suggests that they are genuine items not uncomfortable with being in a classic Land Rover. Perhaps it's their natural environment. If they did come in a blue bag, look out, they could be snarly. Mike
  9. Just watched, and a magnificent change from the usual travelogues. Subscribed! Mike
  10. I am also an admirer of Ian's custom dash, and I wish that I had the skills to do something like that. So far, I've limited my dash mods to a Mudpod addition when I fitted an EGT gauge. I'm surprised that you're putting the fuel gauge in the main binnacle. Unless you're in the "Oh carp, we're nearly out of fuel!" situation you only need to look at the fuel gauge every hour or so, since fuel level moves relatively slowly - except in a V8, whereas the EGT can change in seconds, and be very damaging if not recognised immediately. For these reasons I've mounted my fuel gauge in a Mudpod on top of the dash and fitted the EGT gauge where the fuel gauge normally is. Mike
  11. This is ironic! Over here many of us BUY whistles to fit to our vehicles to scare wildlife, particularly deer, elk and moose. You certainly don't want any of these coming through the windscreen. https://www.amazon.ca/Vehicles-Whistles-Motorcycles-Collisions-Ultrasonic/dp/B083GT4FF6/ref=asc_df_B083GT4FF6/?tag=googleshopc0c-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=459613115671&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=203416747954920397&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1001908&hvtargid=pla-1036004801039&psc=1 Mike
  12. The downside of an upgrade is that you think that you now have indestructible gizmos and then you overload them to failure. Not so bad if you're within striking distance of home, or a supplier of said uprated gizmos, but its the absolute sh*ts if you're in the middle of nowhere - Africa? Also, of course, if you are off the beaten track and one of a pair fails, at best you may have to reverse engineer your upgrade to re-install whatever standard gizmos are available locally. The other consideration is that by installing uprated components you are shifting the perhaps deigned weak link, which now doesn't fail, but a far more serious/expensive failure occurs elsewhere while taking advantage of the uprated = stronger components. Dan Grec is talking a lot of practical good sense. Mike
  13. A brilliant article, with so much good advice, and he took the trouble to respond to all the questions and comments with logical responses. Now I have to find time to watch his Youtube vids. Mike
  14. I had the single centre light and augmented it with three additional lights, one over each front seat and one over the load space. These were just mounted into the semi-rigid roof lining. They're so light that they had no effect on the lining. Mike
  15. That's a pretty comprehensive set, with the drill bit and three taps for each size. I've only got a single tap for each size. What about the corresponding dies? You'll need them as well. Mike
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