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  1. Troll Hunter

    Worth a punt? LED Headlamps

    Any manufacturer can add all the appropriate numbers to their product to make it appear to be genuine/approved. It's only by going down the path outlined above that you have a chance of confirming its provenance, and even then you can be fooled. It is very much "caveat emptor". Mr. Plod is not going to confirm that the specific manufacturer has received EU certification that his product complies with EU specifications, and at the end of the day, if the widget performs in compliance with the regulations does it really matter? However, gross under performance, eg with sub-standard tyres, could initiate further investigation and possible criminal proceedings. Mike
  2. Troll Hunter

    I made a Land Rover fastener part number decoder thing

    I haven't seen it specifically mentioned in this thread, but I assume you're already familiar with this site: https://web.archive.org/web/20110519035353/http://ep90.com/index.php?id=28 Mike
  3. Troll Hunter

    300tdi oil leak

    Hi, You're obviously on the west side of the pond, but even so, it is very often helpful to include your location on your posts so that you can get the most appropriate help, whether it be geographically based or specific country based. Mike
  4. Troll Hunter

    300tdi oil leak

    What's the update? Mike
  5. Troll Hunter

    Defender 300Tdi engine bling

    Well, thank you, all. It looks as if it will be glossy black, if it ever gets blinged. I must admit, Litch, that your "new" engine package looks wonderful. It's quite a change that 20+ years of use achieve. I suppose that it's just like us getting older. Anyway, thanks again for your replies. Mike
  6. Troll Hunter

    Defender 300Tdi engine bling

    I don't usually bother myself with bling, but I'm slowly progressing my ground up rebuild and am considering, and only considering, repainting the engine block. Can someone tell me what colour the block would have been when new, since all trace of paint seems to have long gone. All body panels have been done in their original Alpine white. Many thanks for any and all replies. Mike
  7. Troll Hunter

    over tight bearings

    First off, introduce your novice friend to the forum and let him/her ask their own questions. They will learn far more then than receiving second hand comments. Regarding the OP post, I will not comment. Mike
  8. Troll Hunter

    300tdi turbo inlet size

    I've just measured mine and it's 50mm diameter plus, of course, the diameter of the securing rim. Mike
  9. Troll Hunter

    Snorkel bits

    Neil110, Many thanks for the effort you put in to supply this link Mike.
  10. Troll Hunter

    Running cool or wonky temperature gauge?

    As I think has been suggested earlier, the two tests to do are to put your thermostat in a saucepan of water and gradually heat the water. Use a cooking/toffee thermometer to monitor the water temperature. With a "good" thermostat you should see it opening at the lower set temperature and be completely open at the higher set temperature. Dailysleaze suggests these are 82 deg and 96 deg. for the TD5. The second test, as suggested by Jocklandjohn, is to check the actual temperatures of the engine water circuit by using an IR temperature gun. Once you know you have a "good" thermostat and that the water circuit temperatures are realistic, if you still have unreliable readings on your water temperature indicator, you then have the option of removing the water temperature sensor and gauge and testing them in a saucepan of boiling water, which almost anywhere in UK is pretty well 100 deg. C. If this proves you have a reliable sensor and gauge, then chase the earthing point issues. Mike
  11. Troll Hunter

    Snorkel bits

    neil110, are these manuals on line? If so, could you supply a link, please/ Mike
  12. Troll Hunter

    Breaker bar & impact sockets?

    As above. Forget the power tools and rely on basic physics. Mike
  13. Troll Hunter

    Home made reciprocating file

    Escape, I haven't tried that, but it sounds very interesting. It's on my to try list the next time I need to enlarge a hole. Mike
  14. Troll Hunter

    Recovery mods

    Hi, western, Apologies, I didn't thank you for putting up the photos of your rear recovery/tow points. I like the combination and will definitely be upgrading my ball only Dixon Bate set up when I get to that stage of my rebuild. I don't know if I'll go all the way with a NATO pintle, but will definitely get a height adjustable ball and pin set up. Mike
  15. Troll Hunter

    LR bolt and screw thread codes

    Thank you, both, for your replies. That link, Red90, is just the dog's danglies. It's not the one that I remember seeing, but it's even better, and now downloaded and a valued file in my Land Rover folder. Thank you, again. Mike

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