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  1. I have recently had to drill out a seized bolt in my bulkhead. Not the easiest to get aligned, and, of course, I failed. Consequently I ended up with a slightly off-centre hole that was not aligned with the axis of the bolt. So, I was faced with a significant amount of filing with a rat-tail file to recover the original hole dimensions. I decided that a power file would be a great help. I believe that these are available in UK, but I've been unable to find one over here, so I decided to make my own. I already have a reciprocating saw, so I took an old saw blade and a rat tail file and started from there. After trimming both and slotting the file I had this, and after welding, and tidying the weld, it was far too crappy to show, my new tool was ready for use. And it works a treat. A very good time and effort saver at virtually zero cost. Mike
  2. Somewhere, and I cannot remember where, or even if it was on this forum, I have seen a list of LR thread codes that allow one to identify the length, diameter and tpi of bolts and screws. I've spent quite some time searching this forum, with no success. Please, can somebody point me to this table. I'm at the stage of cleaning excess zinc from my galvanised bulkhead and need to retap various mounting points. If I was a lot smarter I would have identified the details of all threaded holes before galvanising.😡😣 Mike
  3. Troll Hunter

    LR bolt and screw thread codes

    Thank you, both, for your replies. That link, Red90, is just the dog's danglies. It's not the one that I remember seeing, but it's even better, and now downloaded and a valued file in my Land Rover folder. Thank you, again. Mike
  4. Troll Hunter

    300Tdi starter motor replacement brushes

    Hi, Yes, I was hopeful, but failed. The problem of using a solder sucker on braid is that the combination of capilliary action and the texture of the braid makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to get an air-tight connection, and I just kept drawing air into the solder receiver. It might work on a much coarser braid, such as used in earthing straps, but for the fine threads in the brush braid it was hopeless. It's not surprising that braid is used as one of the methods of removing solder from soldered connections. Mike
  5. My starter motor, a Bosch unit, is getting very close to needing new brushes. I have replacements, which I believe are the correct part number, STC1246. However, on examining my starter the existing brushes appear to have the braided copper strap spot welded to the fixed contacts. How should I approach separating the braided copper strap attached to the fixed terminal to allow removal of the old brushes. The new brushes have a clip on the end of the braided copper strap which looks as if it should be crimped onto the fixed terminals. Many thanks for any and all suggestions. Mike
  6. Troll Hunter

    300Tdi starter motor replacement brushes

    OK, job done. I used a die grinder with a small cutting disc to separate the copper braid of each brush from its terminal. I then soldered the new brush clips to the terminals. The only problem I had was when one of the new brushes hung below the solder terminal and the liquid solder flooded the braid and it set solid. I remedied this by re-using one of the braids from an old brush. Starter now rebuilt, refitted and tested successfully. Mike
  7. Troll Hunter

    300Tdi starter motor replacement brushes

    Bowie69, I agree, provided that would make a good enough and reliable contact, but first I've got to get the old braid off the terminals. How should I do this? Perhaps a small die grinder would do the job. Any other ideas, please? Mike
  8. Troll Hunter

    300Tdi starter motor replacement brushes

    Thanks for the replies so far. Here are some photos: First, a view of the copper strap to one of the old brushes. Here is a clever shot of both sides of the connection. Finally, here is a shot of the replacement STC1246, which I believe to be the correct part. The fixed parts that the copper straps attach to appear to be permanently installed with an epoxy(?) compound, not intended to be replaced. I can't be the first forum member to be replacing 300Tdi starter brushes, so any further thoughts and experience will be much appreciated. Mike
  9. Troll Hunter

    LT230 Rebuild issues

    Alternatively, go to a fishing tackle shop and buy a spring balance. I use a zero to 25kg one for virtually all my pre-load settings. Mike
  10. Troll Hunter

    So what did you get

    Bought myself a dash cam on Black Friday, and two days later my compressor decided to fubar itself, so I then bought a nice 220 volt, 13 amp, 60 gallon tank compressor with a 30% discount!😂👆👆👆 Obviously a long Black Friday! After that I didn't dare expect anything for Christmas, and I wasn't significantly disappointed. Oh yes, I did get a bottle of locally distilled vodka😁😁😁. It's a tough life, but we've just got to put up with it! Mike
  11. Thanks for the explanation and support for photos to be on the forum, not elsewhere, and I fully understand your reasons for putting them on Flickr. Mike
  12. Great photos of what looked to be a fun event, and most of them have nothing to do with Land Rovers, but having been bitten by Photobucket, please can we post thread photos on line, not somewhere that's currently free, but could well change. Sorry to p**s on your parade, but so many older threads, still highly relevant and valuable, are significantly devalued by photos no longer being available. Mike
  13. Troll Hunter

    intake manifold thread size

    Agreed. I've also done that. But I believe that the waste gate starts opening at about 9 - 10 psi boost, and is fully open at 15psi. I haven't worked out yet how to delay the opening of the waste gate without raising the final boost pressure. Perhaps a grown up can cover that mod. Mike
  14. Troll Hunter

    Alpine window hole cutting help

    I have the alpine windows out of my 1991 110 CSW and the front of the cut out is 38" measured from the front end of the rain gutter above the corner of the windscreen. Alternatively, the rear of the cut out is 39.5" measured from the rear of the roof. Hope this helps. Mike
  15. Troll Hunter

    Recovery mods

    Hi, western, Any chance of a photo of your rear set up, please? Thx. Mike
  16. Troll Hunter

    intake manifold thread size

    Hi, I did this exact addition myself a few years ago. I bought, I can't remember where from, perhaps ebay, a banjo fitting with a bayonet connection, see photo. I've just measured it and it's a 12x1.5 metric fitting. HTH. Mike
  17. Troll Hunter

    Front axle leak advice

    Yes, definitely a new seal is needed. The track marks left on the surface of the swivel indicate that the seal is badly worn. The swivel should be wiped clean by the seal. Mike
  18. My vehicle is a 1991 110CSW, VIN .... HA905197, but has a 300Tdi engine. The power steering box has a crack in the female threaded socket for the fluid return to the reservoir, see photo: This looks to me to be a fairly difficult fault to repair, but if members think otherwise I'd be very glad to receive suggestions. Now my question. The original box is a 6-bolt (Gemmer?) and I have a recon 4-bolt box, see photo. The only visible difference in the fitting appears to be the flat on the output shaft of the 6-bolt box, which is not present on the 4-bolt box, see photos. So, can I replace the 6-bolt box with the 4-bolt box without any problems? Do I need to swap the output shafts over? Are there any other differences I have not recognised? All views,, advice and experiences will be very much appreciated. Thank you. Mike
  19. 1991 Defender 110 CSW fitted with a 300Tdi I need a new hose from the steering box to return fluid to the reservoir. The part I have just removed is approximately 16 3/4 inches long. I believe that it is part no. NTS8860, Item no. 3 on page 468 of my LR parts catalogue. I ordered this part from a UK independent LR specialist supplier and the part I've received, which has the correct part no. on the stick-on label on it, is approximately 59 inches long!!! Please can you clarify if I have ordered the correct part no., or have I received an incorrectly labelled part? Many thanks. Mike
  20. Troll Hunter

    PS line from steering box to reservoir

    Western, Yes! That's it. Congratulations and thank you very much. I must admit that I can't remember where the PS reservoir was located prior to the V8 being replaced, but I should probably have told you that it is now mounted just behind the radiator on the inside edge of the left wing, viewed from the cab. I obviously fell into the trap, of my own making, of the VIN numbers. Probably VIN: JA918809 was the start of LHD Defenders with Tdi engines and they relocated the reservoir, and fitted a shorter hose, from that number, but this photo does nothing to help: https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/89141/0/steering_box_pipe_to_reservoir___left_hand_drive___defender_from_vin_ja9_la9 Anyway, many thanks again, Western, for sorting it. Mike
  21. Troll Hunter

    90 solid rear side windows and trim

    Of course, you could just flag down a passing Defender CSW and ask if you could take some measurements, or some kind forum member could send you them. Mike
  22. Troll Hunter

    Replacing a 6-bolt steering box with a 4-bolt unit

    It's OK, FF, pedantry isn't illegal, and it's good to know some of the history and thinking behind apparently pointless changes. Mike
  23. Troll Hunter

    PS line from steering box to reservoir

    There's no rush to sort this since I'm tackling various mechanical fixits while I'm still painting separate body panels. Enjoy your bed. It'll be a long time before I need to have the power steering connected. I don't think that the original pipe is a special since it has a totally circular metal band securing the flexible hose to the rigid pipe. There are no crimp marks on the band. Both the original and the new one I've received are to be secured to the reservoir nozzle with a hose clamp. Mike
  24. Troll Hunter

    PS line from steering box to reservoir

    Western, Thanks for your questions. Firstly, apologies for giving the wrong part no. It should, of course, have been NTC8860, not NTS8860.😕 No legible info on the label in the top photo. VIN: SALLDHMV8HA905197 Originally had a 3.5 litre V8, replaced with a 300Tdi in 2005. PAS reservoir is on the left side of engine bay when viewed from the driving seat. It is LHD. The Britcar part is what I have received, which contradicts the LR parts catalogue, as referenced in my OP. There it states NTC8860 UP TO JA918809. Hoping this helps. Mike
  25. Troll Hunter

    Replacing a 6-bolt steering box with a 4-bolt unit

    Well, thank you, all, you've given me a lot of confidence that I can change out the box without any trouble. A great Christmas present. Now I can attempt to repair the old box without worrying that if it doesn't work out I'll be looking for a new one. And I wish you all a very good Christmas and a muddy new year. Mike

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