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CV Joint Interchange


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OK guys, what's the difference between RTC6811 CV joints fitted to early Discos, compared to RTC6862 CV joints fitted to Tdi Defenders. AFAIK they are both small 32 spline inners, but what about the outer splines, stub length, diameters etc? In other words, can the Defender CVs be made to fit a Disco, and what needs to happen to achieve this? Change to Defender drive members perhaps? Or is there more to it than that?

Paul :)

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I think the answer if yes if you accept it also means using def drive members (which will probably not fit the disco alloys) and chucking out the disco combined stubs/drive flanges.

Both are metric so bolt diams and pcds for the drive flange should be ok.

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Well they look very, very different. The stub is part of the CV with a separate drive flange on the Defender while on the Disco the stub is one with the drive flange (mushroom head) and the CV has a socket to accommodate it.

You couldn't mix the parts but don't see why one or other combination couldn't be fitted.

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