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Spot on Marsie , 1/4 UNC to be exact. I hab a thread pulled out of the top housing where the motor bolts on, Luckily there are two blank holes at 75 degrees to the original ones , Just tap them Hey presto , The only thing is the terminals on the motor now face the front instead of the top. :D:D:D

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Yep the older the better, mines 1984 and is like new inside , Compare it to a late one and the older one seems more well built , with only a few minor differences . I have just fitted one of the uprated Gigglepin shafts to mine , nice simple conversion ,

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Yes you have to fit an intermediate gear shim wich comprises of drilling 2 small holes in the lower housing and file out the shaft locking slot in the tin plate , There is a downloadable fittin instruction on Jims site (very helpful) .

When you by the kit you have to buy a moddified shaft cam , they are an exchange part ,(he wants your old one back) But problem with some of the older winches such as mine the shaft cam is part of the shaft and not removeable so you will have to forefit your surcharge .

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