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A litlle Saturday trip.....


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It indeed is, at least here you know everything that is posted on the national market place is a maximum of a 2 hours drive away.

Beautiful picture on the road, looks like it was a nice day for a drive!

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Yes, Holland is tiny compared to the travels we have to do here...

Often not so much the KMs but the hours as lots is not motorway..

Minus 5 C all day but beautifully sunny

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On 1/22/2024 at 11:45 AM, Arjan said:

As some of you may know, I live in France and things here are different in many ways... One of those things that are different is how buying used trailers goes.

I needed one and, as a new one was out of the question, it would be looking on line. In France, LeBonCoin is the place to look for anything and loads and loads of used trailers came up. So, one sents a message through the LB system and then waits for a reply from the seller who eagerly wants to sell the trailer.                  And waits..  And waits some more... Experience has told me that sellers post an add, sell the thing and forget / can't be bothered to take it down. Go on Holiday. etc.

So, when #7 seller responded and actually communicated I had no choice but to go and get it.


A 720 km. (about 460 miles) roundtrip to collect this one.


I was happy with the trailer and the new to me Discovery did what it should do.

France is a big country....

Nice sized trailer for a trip around the UK that, long overdue a visit to this part of the world!

Will 🙂

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