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  1. Into a Defender I guess ? Either you go forward and the rear of the winch sits flush with the rear of the bumper Like this : (Thank you Devon4x4) but you loose approch angle Or you start hacking : Having a Husky on the 110, I'm not too worried about the approach angle
  2. End of a seriously good business....
  3. Try the specialists - but be prepared to sit when making the enquiry.... Anything Wolf is.... expensive
  4. we need pics and more details like engine etc.
  5. Think your list is almost there. Proper roll over protection would be nice as are square lines interior wise to make building cupboards etc. easier. Side anchor points are useful. Also, good washable seats please..
  6. We run Continental Cross Contacts (235/85 R16) and are very happy with them and they do fine in the Alps..
  7. I've been using ready made coolant (-20 C or -30 C) from Roady for the past 20 years and all engines have survived. Can't be bothered with "anti-freeze"
  8. Thank You ! However, sourcing another one is not easy as there seems to have changed something in the supply chain...
  9. Question for those who know their hydraulics.. Brake pedal to the floor on the 300 Tdi Defender. Replaced the MBC with a new one (TRW) and could bleed the rear brake OK. Front brakes no fuid whatsoever. Took the MBC in the vice and get onlly fkuid from 1 outlet. Is this a faulty MBC or is there some internal "thinghy" that blocks the front 2 outlets when notinh is connected ? Thanks ! 2021-02-11 = Video nieuw MBC.mp4
  10. @Stephen : thank you. We seem to get less and less snow in Winter - and the neighbours have tractors, snowplows etc.
  11. Function over Form !!! Looks very good to me. What is that camper in the back ground, please ?
  12. I have had several clients that had the hard shell directly bolted onto the roof with bracing inside the roof. If the height is the restriction for you - you may consider a lifting roof. We had one for trial on the Hybrid. However, that one has a cage etc. This is a Hannibal and it is heavy - about 100 Kgs. with the modified Brownchurch roof rack. FamourFour make very sturdy roofbars that fit a Series - 3 or 4 should work for your hardshell and slightly less heavy.
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