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  1. Arjan

    Indicator stalk

    With the Series III, one replaces the complete unit AFAIK. No need to take it apart
  2. Arjan

    Indicator stalk

    What Series model ? Series III is a mulri plug and some loose wires for the main beam..
  3. Arjan

    Vac pump cam wear 300Tdi

    Ford has several models with a vac pump on the back of the alternator..
  4. Arjan

    Army pup tent on SIII 109 roof ??

    France ? The land of weird & wonderful pop up roofs.. Sound possible. Otherwise, I have an old Hard Shell for sale that would suit her very well..... 😎 We need to meet.....
  5. Arjan

    Bit of a bench in the making

    Italy replaced 100's kms. of oak sleepers in the late '90's on the HSL's for concrete and the Continental market was floaded with them. Very good quality - some less than a year old... These days, nobody wants them..
  6. Arjan

    Have you ever seen this before?

    Many "soft top / convertable" RRC have been made over the years. Here in France you see them from time to time. Nice one that is.
  7. Arjan

    ibex 300 build

    Holland in November with the 3-axle UK in December with the 2-axle Just back from a 4,500 miles round trip.. There was a reason asking about better seats in the 110.... 😎
  8. Arjan

    ibex 300 build

    Hmm..... Another 5,000 miles with trailers await me later this year.....
  9. Arjan

    Bit of a bench in the making

    Nice But please note the obvious : the are regarded as chemical waste and working in the industry, we treat them as such.. The dust etc. is not good. But once in place, they will do just fine ! Love your mobile sawmachine..
  10. Arjan

    Sheilder bulkheads

    Reading the above, I am even more happy to have a spare Bulkhead that awaits a small amount of work and cen get dipped then. Seems almost as if collect yourself and inspect before parting with money is thing to consider...
  11. Arjan

    ibex 300 build

    Well Done !! Looking very nice
  12. Arjan

    Garage lighting

    LED's are very good
  13. Arjan

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    We're in the Auvergne (03 Allier) some 50 miles north of Clermont-Ferrand. You're most welcome for some relaxing Greenlaning !
  14. Arjan

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    Utmost respect..
  15. Arjan

    109 V8 chassis options?

    Option 1 : Talk to Richards as they love challenges Option 2 : Have s Stage One chassis and learn to live with the not too bad gearbox Option 3 : fit a 109 body on a 110 chassis Bon Courage !

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