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  1. Goedemorgen ! I am sure it has been covered but I can't find it : The gutter looks awful.. What have you successfully used to make the 110 roof waterproof ? I seem to remember it has been covered here but I can't find it...
  2. If you find the steering heavy - start looking for problems. - tyres - tyre pressure - seized joints - Steering relay - Steeringbox To name a few.. Series are not too heavy in steering when moving - stationary it can be heavy
  3. What do you need the damper for ? I think they were an option.... You getting kick back ?
  4. In a way they're very similar brake retarding wise. It is just that the discs are more predictable, esp. after water, and less maintenance. And here in France, the brake test - even for mature vehicle - is rather strict and the discs make passing much, much easier.
  5. We had this set up on the 88"before going discs. Good period improvement
  6. You're a brave man ! I keep looking at a D3 but the head says no....
  7. As your kids were able to overload the speakers - match the new ones to the radio you have. Some quality cables help, too..
  8. Goede Morgen, Diameter = leading here. We use Pioneer in the various LR's and they seem to to a good job. They were bought in bulk (cheaper) and are the 150 Watts variety What radio do you have ?
  9. Looking good ! hope to see it late this year in the metal
  10. To quote somebody : and now, fr something completely different.... Comes with a EU logbook - so legally driveable.... https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/details.html?id=280845019&categories=OffRoad&cn=DE&damageUnrepaired=NO_DAMAGE_UNREPAIRED&gn=74564%2C+Crailsheim%2C+Baden-Württemberg&isSearchRequest=true&ll=49.1411309%2C10.0493208&maxFirstRegistrationDate=1995&maxPrice=25000&pageNumber=16&rd=200&scopeId=C&sfmr=false&sortOption.sortBy=searchNetGrossPrice&sortOption.sortOrder=ASCENDING&searchId=15eecdf5-f98e-d36d-ee3f-6fc154b94f10
  11. Yes - that is a copy. Pivlock (made in UK by a very weird family run company called "Bullivant Engineering") works well. Almost any size can be fitter as long at you have the LR rim. They do wear out the lock mechanism- creating play.
  12. The Pivlock should fit. I'll be selling mine as I am looking for a Mantec one.
  13. We had a ArgoCat 50 Ltrs. tank in the rear of the 88" before the 1st rebuild for - like you - additional fuel and used a Jaguar electric pump to fill the standard under seat one. They fit nicely and make a difference. However, these days we have just 2 cans as we rarely take the 88"on real long trips - also the FR MOT frowns on additional in board tanks...
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