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  1. 110 hicap removal

    What he said. I removed the tub on my own and used 2 planks to slide it onto a trailer. More awkward than heavy. Make sure, if fitted, to remove the tow bar and store it secure - they are getting hard to find for normal money
  2. Oh YES !!!! I knew it was here somewhere. Thank You !!
  3. As per title. Must be on the forum - just can't find it..
  4. Fixings straps

    Riveting straps is usu. not a good idea. Get some straps and ask a local shoemaker / tentmaker / etc. to properly put either hooks or loops on.
  5. cut, cut, cut.... Finally solid metal :)

    Weird things happen....
  6. Bonjour - welcome to the madhouse. IF you decide to replace the 2.5 Diesel Turbo, an engine not as bad as many claim it to be, the 200 Tdi is an easy swop but are getting a bit hard to find. 300 Tdi is easier found but needs more work for the swop. Bon Courage !
  7. Heated Washer Jets

    I seem to remember that my Soft Dash had heated nozzles for the windscreen washers. As I always use screenwash fluid we have no freezing problems.
  8. Quick Q -electrical connectors/crimps

    May I suggest you contact "Vehicle Wiring Product" as they were always very helpful to me when asking this sort of questions. I have rewired a few vehicles and build my own looms.
  9. 6cyl SWB?

    I would think that the chassis people will have the positions for the mounts with any standard engine.. You could ask them
  10. Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    Looking very, very nice ! I'm into wiring the Hybrid now - the 200 Tdi is in and works very well.. My chassis is also galvanized - an original '62 one - after we did some mods to it, as is the bulkhead. a used one we rebuild and dipped. 25 years later it is still perfect...
  11. Audio music via smartphone

    Bluetooth FM transmitters are also an option - work the same
  12. Audio music via smartphone

    Don't think so. Depends also on what model vehicle / year / radio