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  1. Rear window wiper

    TTBOMK were Series never Ex factory with rear Was / Wipe But..... Some people / countries know differently..
  2. ifor williams with 76mm coupling eye

    If it is a 3-way for pro use it should come with one. The Saris has it and I was told it is a standard fit on the Continent is 1st user is pro.. Enjoy !
  3. ifor williams with 76mm coupling eye

    Have Fun And learn to use them safely.. They can fall over - esp. sideways...
  4. A lot of work for nothing, really in my opinion... IIRC the boltpattern is different between Series & the coilers.. Just find some decent "new to you" ones..
  5. ifor williams with 76mm coupling eye

    If they want it - they'll take it. Regardless of the coupling.. Good anti-theft, tracker, markings etc. help but the best investment is the insurance... BTW - we run a 3,5 Saris 3-sided hydraulic tipper and have less issues here... Enjoy !!
  6. Return of Defender?

    Can't be bothered really...
  7. ibex 300 build

    Hmm.... Don't underestimate a dog.... They like their vehicles... Looks very nice
  8. smoky brakes, rear axle revision?

    Goedes Ochtend, Sounds as you face an axle rebuild. Why not ask the suppliers in Holland for all the bits and return what you didn't need ? Will make for an easier rebuild and less transport costs.. Succes !
  9. Bonjour - welcome to the Madhouse ! Engine conversions like these are the stuff weeks and weeks of camp fire talks are filled with what engine.. I have used Mazda 35Slt's in the past and very happy with them. Bon Courage !.
  10. To scrap or not to scrap

    Hope to see more - inspiring !!
  11. Welkom - Mooi project !! Can you please show a picture of the whole engine please ?
  12. r380 leak

    Yes.... I learned the very hard way. We go to Sunchro. Very happy.
  13. r380 leak

    This is why I bite the bullet and get rebuild ones from from to us know good quality builder.. Bon Courage
  14. Some landy po*n

    Shiny clean bits.... Like those !!