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  1. Arjan

    Hard at work as you can see.....

    Mystery ? I just play with trains.... 😎
  2. Out with clients today.... A good was had by all and the 110 really loved going out again after a Winter of sleeping in the workshop. Now off to NL / PL / RU to play with trains...
  3. Arjan

    Intercoolers and other bits

    Interesting.... When I'm back from the coming NL/PL/RU Raid I'll fit the temp sensors on the 110. That's a standard 300 Tdi set up and see what I get...
  4. Arjan

    Mating engine to gearbox problems

    I know & feel your pain I spent 3 days before the 200 Tdi would accept the gearbox. Alignment needs to be 100 % spot on Bon Courage !
  5. Arjan

    Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    Looks very, very nice..... Interesting to see ho the X brake goes on - the ArgoCat is in the workshop right now and once that's sorted the Hybrid goes in to fit the XBrake Please keep them coming..
  6. That, Sir, looks AWESOME !
  7. Arjan

    Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    Very interesting to hear how you fare - friends in the UK have great need for a Series III box that needs a quality rebuild (200 Tdi in front) and also how you like the X-brake. As soon as I find time, the Hybrid goes in the workshop for the X Brake to go on... Bon Courage !
  8. Arjan

    Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    Looking forward hearing you experiences with them !
  9. I can't weld..... However, this one makes me glue metal together...... Old, heavy, 3-phase and very, very nice to use.
  10. Arjan

    5x6.5 Trailer Hubs

    Ifor Williams has the LR pattern, as did Rise - although those are serious money these days. There are several axle suppliers that can sell you what you want - Richardson However, I suggest against the use of unusual stuff on trailers. Get something local and widely sold and have 2 adaptors machines for you to go make it accept LT Rims. Cheaper and easier in the long run I guess.. Bon Courage
  11. Arjan

    Retro fitting ABS to defender, one wire to go!

    Totally up to you - however you may find, depending on where you are located and where the vehicle is registered, that you'll have some serious issues when involved with the law. Apart from that, the plumbng is the easy part - sort of - but the ECU is different. The RRC Softdash had ABS and a 300 Tdi. Have a look there I suggest.
  12. Really, really Nice !!!!!!
  13. Arjan

    300tdi radiator

    Not sure what the difference would be, really.. We have never problems with the ones in our - standard LR part.

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