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  1. 69' Series IIA Build

    Impressive !!!!! Keep them coming please..
  2. Major IVA change

    BTW - that site seems off line.....
  3. Major IVA change

    Well, from 19/03/2019 you can do whatever you want. Hope you get somewhat laxer regulations but here on the Continent...
  4. ibex 300 build

    You've been busy !!
  5. series 3 brake pipes??

    Get the best flare tool you can afford - brakes are kind of vital.. ...and people will find you once they hear you can make hydraulics....
  6. series 3 brake pipes??

    Why not make them yourself ? Flare tool is not expensive and you get to make the 100 % correct. We did on several vehicles and it is just a matter of doing a few and it becomes quite easy..
  7. ibex 300 build

    Good - progress !!
  8. 300tdi Kenlow - shroud or not?

    Shroud is a great help for the fan. We never had a 300 Tdi overheat if all is working as it should.
  9. Best night heater?

    No idea. We have the old stuff. On / Off Thermostat and pump.
  10. Electric is obviously an option - and you'd only need 1 motor as it has a diff and it is a skid steer... Electric.....
  11. " a Koehler argocat engine on eBay " - yes, thanks, I've seen that one and not sure if that is worth the energy... Not to mention cost. Don't mind the travelling - but it must be worth it
  12. " Honda GX " ??? Please tell me more if you can Things weighs in at about 500 kgs fully loaded