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  1. Arjan

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    Very, very Nice !!!!
  2. Looks familiar...... Awesome this forum
  3. Arjan

    Land Rover series 3 starring weal

    IIRC the first Ninety and OneTen models had the same amount of splines.
  4. I'll have a look when the vehicle is back with HerLadyShip - about a week. But the columm changed throughout the life of the "Defender". I remember that the steeringwheel boss we had on the original Series columm was a direct fit on the "Defender" one after the change. A few people I know have used the "collapsable" bit of the steering where they make the change...
  5. Not cheap - and complicated at times when driven 40 tonnes for pleasure but well worth it..
  6. Consider yourself lucky that you have machine shop to talk to... We have in France a realy hard time to get access to them in the 1st place.... They will not do anything, unless it concerns standard part swopping, agricultural stuff etc.. Liability in France is a huge issue....
  7. "This is not an option as it does not mate with the rest of the system which is based on US parts on a Scout II PS box." Ehmmm.... This is what we used when we turbo charged the 2.25 ltr. diesel (yes - not a typo) in 1984 - so don't really understand why it wouldn't work.. Defender collum, Jaguar coll.collumm, IH Scout box and for 33 years with a Jaguar MK X powersteering pump - now with the 200 Tdi we use the pump from the engine.
  8. I used a defender collumm to operate the powersteering No welding
  9. Looking good. We have the Iveco for the horses and looking for a C cat 4x4 truck for longer trips
  10. Arjan

    Engine conversion

    Looks like an Mazda. Make more clear pics and exp. of the injectorpump and the type plate. M&D may be able to tell you more
  11. Arjan

    Mog 404 axles

    Looks good !
  12. Arjan

    Disc Brakes

    We have Zeus on 4 wheels. Fit & forget.
  13. I love the Southdown tank guard as it give good protection and a very sturdy recovery point
  14. I think you have a good point - it seemed the +/- standard based vehicles were getting less and less in to the CT. About 1.400 kms Hmm....

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