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  1. " 3l Mazda lump "........... Sniff What are the plans with that ?
  2. Love cherrypickers... Belt driven hydraulic pump in the A/C position is an option - this is obviously PTO driven. Did you mention "Mazda engine".......... 😎
  3. guards...... need to make some new ones for the Iveco..... they looks good - esp. after you painted them !
  4. I'm sure that if I'd were to order a 1,000 or so, then can be bought....
  5. I know the problem.. TTBOMK these bullet multi plugs are not available as a "connect to your own wires" option. Hopefully somebody knows better. I solved the problem by using the original connector in the vehicle side and soldered / crimp sleeved it into my own loom so I can use standard stalk in my own loom. But I hope somebody will point us to a place where we can get these connectors as a block...
  6. Well done - MOT !! Here the MOT is getting somewhat ridiculous when it comes to brakes and emissions... After the body swap on the Iveco I needed to make temp side guards to get it through MOT. Please keep this going - esp. the roll cage sounds interesting...
  7. It really is up to you.. Technically, fitting a 2.5 N/A, 2.5 DT, 200 / 300 (with or without the Tdi bits) all go in. The LT77 is not the easiest of fitments in an 88"but doable if you don't mint cutting the chassis. Personally, either go for 2.5 N/A or a 200/300 Tdi and original Series box. Depending of your drive style, it works quite well. Bon Courage !
  8. Some LT's for the various army were different from the "standard production line" ones when it comes to the chassis. The Wolf ones were reinforced . I have a somewhat unusual 110 chassis here - ex army - that has been heavily reinforced to carry the armoured body and all that. IT is heavy.....
  9. For importing into the US, you'll need a ex factory LHD vehicle as converted vehicles risk being impounded & destroyed. Many, many vehicles in LHD are for sale in Europe - have a look around on places like Mobile.de etc. to get an idea. Once impted, you can decide to convert to soft top if you want. We have both LHD and RHD LR's here and drive both and never find it a problem. If you have never driven one, get in touch with the local LR club and talk to people and explain what you want. Bon Courage !
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