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  1. Road trip

    ehm..... 300 Tdi engine & rollcage
  2. Road trip

    Right..About to leave for a small Road Trip. BY trip was cancelled just before I took off - very happy not to go.. Off to Holland tomorrow for 3 days of running courses. Ferry to Hull, Hull -> Edinbrugh, Edinbrugh -> Durness, Durness -> Edinbrugh, Edinbrugh -> Wales, Wales -> Somerset, Somerset -> Emsworth, Portmouth -> Le Havre, Le Havre -> Home. 10 days. - about 4,500 mles. With a trailer behind the 110 most of the way... So, if you see a Keswick green 110 on French plates towing a trailer, please wave..
  3. Er. Horn upgrade post (well additional tooter)

    Working with trains & locomotives, the original ones are waaaay too loud.... Make sure when you test to wear ear protection.
  4. M8 bolts with a 10mm hex flange head

    I used allen head M8 bolts
  5. Re-flooring my trailer

    Looks very nice !!
  6. Thanks you !!!! I should have thought of them - they have helped me before.... Senior moment...
  7. Bonjour, I'm going to rewire the Ninety and looking into building, as usual, the wiring loom myself. However, I'd rather not use the 3 mm female bullet connectors as I did with other vehicles but use the LR type multiplugs. We're talking about the switches on the right bottom of the dash - like rear heating etc. - with the round pins. Any idea where to get the plugs for these ? Thanks
  8. I run the 110 with LED "parkinglights" and they very much act like DRL's.. Those things are BRIGHT !!! Flip them on with the switch - or use something electronic like Finnarne wrote about. Me, I just use the light switch as there are no ECU's in the 110.
  9. Scottish adventure

    Durness..... Need I say more. Going to be an interesting trip..
  10. Scottish adventure

    Oh yes ! Thanks. Going there next week..
  11. Re-flooring my trailer

    Def. seal the edges - otherwise the sheets will split very quickly... I'm awaiting deliver of a 200 x 400 one for the 3-axle as it is used primarily for hay transport and they need to be kept dry..
  12. Range Rover VIN

  13. No idea - don't know the make. We have 3 Numax batteries for the Tdi's and they're 1100 CCA Good hunting
  14. New Workshop Planned

    Thank you all - please keep the thoughts coming.. - Scissor lift or 4 post ? Good points raised - size is what I wrote. Once things are a bit more organized outside I'll make some pics but the 7,5 x 8 is basically what it will be - height about 4 mtrs. Not so much due to planning (this is rural France) but to where it is going to be - Doors is something needs to be looked into..
  15. Any one coming or going to USA

    Have you considered using a forwarding service ?