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  1. Yes - plastic.... Originality is to me not really something that is taken into account when it comes to Land Rovers I'm afraid...
  2. Avoid working on engine on a bench if you can - that one in the pic will not be safe and shall cause harm. Static loads are mentioned and working on engines if everything but that that.. I build a bench myself and it will take an engine with gearbox easily. However, I work them on the ground. Can't drop that way and will make for boring, if safe, working..
  3. IF I may say : ""normally" means that you have to be very, very careful as some are just so rotten.... Long term, a new galvanized chassis makes a lot of sense. Funds etc. permitting, obviously..
  4. With trucks, recovery insurance is a no brainer. Here it will cost around € 5,5 per km to get a truck towed away and France is a bog place... Vehicle misery sounds familiar.. Bon Courage !!
  5. Heaterbox is fitted with 4 bolts against the bulkhead, passenger side. The heatermatrix can be replaced - likely to be not working too good if "oldisch" Many mods are around - including fitting 2 matrixes in the heaterbox - and basically your imagination is the limit.
  6. We have a Fluke clamp on Amp meter IF we want to know amps and have no idea what sort of amps we'll find.. I have a "thingie" that you put in the fuse holder, fit the original fuse in and it will show the amps in a small display. Cheap and works quite well when chasing currents.. Shunts etc. require good knowledge of electrics and getting it wrong can give interesting results. My "Minus40" fridge/freezer can show the drawn amps in the display. However, why is it you'd like to know this ?
  7. Easiest is to find yourself a Rover axle. However, weight wise you could have issues. Not sure how in the UK these days axles swops are regarded.. Bon Courage !
  8. Keep them coming - no worries about taking your time.
  9. Could you make me one of those ?
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