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  1. Yes - the LED's confuse the trailer indicator light. We have added a conventional sidelight in parallel with the indicator LED on the trailer and the green light is back again..
  2. Hmm.... Be careful - it should have a VIN no behind the RH front wheel in the chassis - often hard to see. Wirebrush is your friend. Please post a picture of the VIN Plate - very interesting to see that.
  3. DAB (Dead and Burried) seems the way forward.. How is reception in the UK while on the move, compared to FM ? I need to consider getting one as on the Continent it also is being pushed very hard....
  4. Love this !! Please keep this coming..
  5. We have 3 LR's and all 3 have 30 mm spacers for 10 years + from Kenson in Wednesbury. No problems. Make sure you get the best quality you can afford. Or don't get them at all.
  6. Well.... Tell us then..
  7. Talk to Richard Turner - they ship world wide and quality very good.
  8. Ever driven a Series with fixed external sun visor ? That is bad.....
  9. Thanks. The Mrs. is going to Holland next week ans has Tiger Seal on the shoppinglist....
  10. Yes... That is something we're looking into. The weird Defender windscreen was caused by the need to see overhead traffic lights. But we'll see..
  11. Thank you - I have to check the "wipe" the wipers make on the Hybrid - that has a Series motor &screen.. Legalities... Hmm.... Spoke to both the MOT & insurance man and he doesn't see much difference between fitting an after-market sunroof or an after-market hatch. Neither did the DREAL - sort of VOSA / DVLA / IVA organisation. Swapping from hard top to soft top - vice versa - is also regarded as not a real issue here.. It is only when you want to go the "camper route" one runs here into a minefield..
  12. Thanks. I have not seen one like that. The ribbed roof I have is getting harder to come by and as I have the space to store it with another 109 roof, I think cutting up a "plain" 109 roof makes sense in this case. Several people have converted to a 1-piece series windscreen but with various success - the straight corners seem to have a problem with the lateral movements. Or something like that.. Don't mind the lower roofline and the central bar - the Series roof gives a lot of space over the windscreen...
  13. Thank you - "Tigerseal" was mentioned already to me by others but I need to find it here as in France it seems not to be sold.. As I spent a lot of time in the 110, both driving & sleeping I'd like to create some standing height without going for the full hinged roof conversion. I looked for a long time into that but apart from cost and the problems related to having a full roll cage, they make, in my eyes, not for the prettiest silhouette.. So, between the B and the D hoop of the roll cage (if you can follow me) I want to create a horizontally opening hatch. It will give me some serious standing height - so much easier when putting cloths on - and cooking space. Having a flat hatch in between the cage will make it not very obvious, well protected and allows for the use of the Hard Shell roof tent I have if need be. The Series roof, apart from sitting here doing nothing, also has a steel gutter - hopefully adding some rigidity to the whol project. Hope this makes sense.
  14. If it is just another gear you want - why not fit an overdrive ? Less money and much easier... .... and the I don't think the 6-speeds box will ratio wise do much good to the V8's performance