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  1. Arjan

    Crank Pulley puller

    yes - easier. But also VERY expensive out here... The airgun was about 1/3 of this one..
  2. Very, very nice ! Any sign writing planned ?
  3. Arjan

    Crank Pulley puller

    Air is the easiest way to get the bolt undone... Need to do that, again, later this week.... Bon Courage !
  4. Arjan

    LINLEY and Holland & Holland help

    Very, very nice !
  5. Arjan

    Leafers at t’Pit Classic Land Rover Show 2019

    It seems work is stopping me from going anywhere with the LR's this year.... 😞
  6. Arjan

    Where to find a 130 ambulance?

    As he said, but they do fetch serious money.
  7. Hope this works for you : On the Brownchurch, from the underside of the "roofrack foot" it is 250 mm or just under 10 inches to the underside of the rackfloor. HTH
  8. Arjan

    2a sump plug

    Well Done !!
  9. Arjan

    300 TDI starting problems

    what he says.. or air in the fuel lines...
  10. Arjan

    No-power Power steering

    Have you checked the belt tensioner ?
  11. Arjan

    Leaf Springs & winches

    Should be fine.. We have TIC parabolics and a BRB + X9 up front and no problems
  12. Arjan

    New workshop project

    Pits can be dangerous......
  13. Arjan

    New workshop project

    Nice !!! My workshop shrunk in the plans from 14 x 8,5 mtrs to 8 x 8,5 mtrs..... Underground here means 100 mm pipes with ropes through them for all kind of wiring... We learned the hard way there is always another cable / hose to be put in later. Well over 700 mtrs. of underground ducting (yes - I love minidiggers) we put in over the years and about 1,5 mtrs. under the ground - we have never problems getting cables somewhere - even water & CCTV in the fields... I bought a 5000 mtrs CAT5 cable reel and we use that for both computers, telephone, CCTV, alarms etc. Pls. keep them coming !
  14. Arjan

    Mazda SL35 engine number

    Would be very, very nice indeed ! Miss my Mazda these days a lot....

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