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  1. Well, as "free / gratis" doesn't exist you know you worth something in other ways.. ICT / InterNet security is an ongoing war with one of the the main problems is identifying your enemy.. We take it rather seriously and sent serious money on it but in the end of the day, not having it connected to the Internet is one way of limiting problems. But ease of use, getting basically forced to use the internet for everything makes it very, very difficult not to run risks... But why I want a microphone in my living room connected to internet without a mechanical off switch is beond me..
  2. Good Series to start with.. If you have time, some more picsshowing both the enginebay layout, the engine and some detail are good. Chances are you. need to drill out and re-tap the broken off bits.
  3. Welcome to the Series... We need pictures of both the vehicle (we're curious) and the engine / engine bay as there are many Perkins engine and even more look-a-like conversions.
  4. 200 - 300 Tdi with auto will work but is, esp. when towing, not the quickest. Td5, tbh, would be more interesting IMHO.
  5. Oh man - I love that workshop and what you're hiding in there........ Please keep it coming !
  6. Basically, to me, it is greed from the sellers to have different prices for different destinations.. They just try to see what they get away with.. VAT = VAT, regardless where in the EU it is sold to (could / will change 1/1/2021 so that is 20 % in the UK Shipping, obviously, will vary to where it is to go. We buy everywhere in the EU as prices in FR are even worse...
  7. Drove Nordkapp in Winter. Apart from studded tyres in a standard vehicle. Learn to drive to arrive. Bon Courage !
  8. Very, very nice !!!!! Please let us have more........ We can use it in these bleak times. (Wished my Scotland pics came out like that..)
  9. Oh yes..... Toys !! Sorry - very effective tools....
  10. I'm afraid you are likely to have to use the LR bit or aftermarket piece to make it work. I think, like with the V70's etc. that have the CAN Bus systems, the computers don't like anything not as designed. But it is easy - make a few test connections and see what happens..
  11. What is the problem ? I have a 300 Tdi in a LHD OneTen Soon, the Ninety will be a LHD 200 Tdi and I don't really see problem..
  12. Good !!!! Running engine is major step. Very nice vehicle
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