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  1. P38 EAS weirdness

    Sounds like the thing is generating a flood of errors, overflowing the mem bank. Without seeing and talking to the computers, it is going to be difficult. Bon Courage !!
  2. Oh yes.... Some very motivating people here !!
  3. Wytze, you've obviously not met me... Glad Drew got me going - now I need to keep momentum..
  4. Drastic but effective... Last resort option - worth remembering.... I have air tools....
  5. Thanks. Will need to make a bracket or something to keep the thing from turning when applying mega forces to undo that @%$@$%@$ nut...
  6. Right..... We had a epic weekend as Mr. Drew came, kicked me in the a.. and we got going and had a running 200 Tdi in the Series this Sundaymorning... A few things have been proven to work, a few things have been proven otherwise... Need to get some standard rubber LR water hoses, some pipe and the intercooler / waterworks are fine. 100 % of the electrics need to be done - LED's will be fitted - and kept as simple as possible Also, the drum handbrake is to be replaced with the X- type one but so far the nut on the output shaft will not come undone. Is it a turn clockwise to undo one ?
  7. Scottish aviation "Miniartic"

    Update - as if anybody really cares.... Due to Ivo's forced move from his workshop, the Scottish Aviation trailer will stay in France until further notice... This means Her Ladyship is not impressed... However, digging a 20 mtr round pen for her to use with the horses sees me sleeping inside for the time being...
  8. What do you use your series 1, 2, or 3 for

    The 88" has been with me since '78 and has been used for anything and has been everywhere.. Love them
  9. Another 3k-4k and its done

    Once the Series Hybrid is up & running again, I need to come your way.... For some reason, the people LTDS seem to be not too happy with my converisons...
  10. Bulkhead repair or replace

    Any replacement bulkheads, no matter how good looking, will find places that need work before fitting - you may want to consider galvanizing the thing as they are a @#$@# to take out and refit... By the sound of it, yours is repairable. Bon Courage !
  11. 300tdi auto conversion

    We had a 110 CSW with Mazda 3.5 Tdi & ZF Autobox and ran it everywhere. Standard 4 discs and never any problems. TBH, bit of a waste. Quality discs & pads should be more than up to the job.
  12. Another 3k-4k and its done

    My Lady reads here, too, and that means if I'd write what we've spent on projects, I'll be lucky to sleep outside...
  13. Clutch pushrod

    Hmm.... Weird... No rod => No clutch operation
  14. I.V.A. null and void because of brexit???

    Don't think so. Will be taken over in the "new" legislation most likely