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  1. Looks like you guys were having FUN !!
  2. I really, really admire you. Bon Courage !!
  3. Looking Good !! Nice workshop...
  4. Lots of hard work being done ! Looking very good.
  5. Reading all this cr.p - I'm glad to live on this side of the Channel.... 3 LR's together for € 230 a year, green card for most of Europe & northern Africa, etc. Recovery, glass, indicators, too, included. I do wonder what that Toureg V10 will do here, though... We have after 8 years of not making a claim that you get to make 3 claims before the premium goes up. Bon Courage.
  6. It is going to be interesting !! Love to see this build - please post some pics..
  7. Depends very much on the make etc... Our TIC's are very soft - but that one is not used for a lot of towing...
  8. Progress !!
  9. To me, it's like Marsians talking.... But looks interesting !
  10. Place the pup in a Land Rover...
  11. Y E A H !!!
  12. Puppy ?
  13. Looks like fun !!