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  1. Right now there is a 300 Tdi in the 110. So no electronics Therefor very interested in opinions..
  2. Goedeavond, As per title. I've been offered a "low mileage" Td5 ex. a Td5 auto. I have a in the future to rebuild a 110 and was wondering if this change is worth while... What challenges will I run into ? Thank you.
  3. Goedemorgen, I am looking (for a friend, obviously...😄) for mentioned parts catalogue. I know there are some on line places, but ideally a PDF version (or the likes) would suit him better. thank you.
  4. Hi Bob, No worries - we all have projects / jobs that take much longer than expected.. Hope the box behaves and you'll have many good miles. What was the quality like from the parts supplied ? Many of us on the Continent will have to face this challenge like you did.
  5. interesting. But that 4,000 miles looks a bit optimistic. However, the price tag for that sort of low volume vehicle will be considerable. Not to mention all the rest of the usual observations.
  6. Welcome ! If reverse is left of 1st gear you have an LT77 main gearbox. If reverse is right of 5th gear you have an R380 main gearbox. Transferbox (bolted behind the main gearbox) can be a number of things. With luck, you'll find a sticker stating the ratio. Otherwise, find the serial number and have a look online. The ratio of a Disco 1 transferbox is "higher that makes for somewhat higher cruising speed but a bit less pulling power."
  7. You can also get tieraps (however you spell that) with numbers or stickers with numbers..
  8. Doable - but a lot of fabrication work. Prices of anything LR have gone off the scale.... I have a roof somewhere between the UK and FR and they fetch serious money these days.
  9. Don't get me started on horses in trailers, please..... The Mrs. loves her 5 tonne Iveco with the IWHC For me, towing is mostly a 3-axle over longerish distances..
  10. Not sure what you mean here. SWB (88") Series roofs will not fit a 90 without some cutting and swopping the windscreenframe. SWB (88") Series sides will fit the rear of a 110 CSW The LWB (109") Series roof goes straight onto a 110 with the Series windscreen
  11. Looking good ! Have many good nights.
  12. tension is rising...... Make sure you have plenty of tall lifting people when needed. They're awkward to lift all the way up to the roof..
  13. Could very well be. Talk to LR CH I suggest. (although I gave up talking to LR FR....)
  14. Serial collector ? Looking good progress
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