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  1. 300 Tdi swop

    No. Cause it yet to be found. But, as it was also leaking, again, from the rear crankshaft seal I decided to take it out and fit what, according to a good friend, is said to be a good used engine. I may get this one rebuild - can 't do it myself - and put it back in when we swop the R380..
  2. 300 Tdi swop

    Right..... After the last UK raid, the 300 Tdi in the 110 decided it wanted to committ suicide and tried to revv itself to death... Unfortunatly, I was able to stall it - eventually - using the cluth and some serious braking.. Now, it will sort of run, leak oil and produce more smoke than the Bismarck when it was about to go down.. Having no access to machineshop or the likes here, an engine swop it will be. Taking the Hybid out of the workshop - about80 % finished - the first challenga was to see if the 110 would still go in with the new roll cage on. It did, great sigh of relief as I otherwise would have had just this weekend when the Mrs isn't here to claim the horse ABRI and to it there.... Tonight, winchbumper and front panel came off. Tomorrownight it is further dismanteling time.... Getting the new-to- me engine into the workshop is going to be fun...
  3. Look what I brought home last night ..

    Realy, really nice !! Keep it coming pls.
  4. iOS App resurrected

    Does it work on an iPad aswell ?
  5. Series radiator heater matrix replacement

    Look for a company called T7 - they sell good stuff. We're about to update the heater but not there yet. Awaiting the arrival of parts...
  6. Again, I hope you guys can help me because I'm slightly frustrated.. This was sent to me as the "X eng Hand Brake" kit for a Series Land Rover. I get the feeling it is not complete - not for a Series Land Rover. So, I ask you : what is this ? Many Thanks !
  7. Two or Four post lift

    Please note that you're talking about the internal dimensions here - the outside will be higher etc. because of beams etc...
  8. Tyre inflation - non-standard

    Weighbridge should be accurate for your vehicle within a 20 kgs. Place it in the centre of the bridge and have a look... Chances are you'll be getting a somewhat different reading than you'd expect reading the manual - put the weight with the date / or the weight ticket - with your car paperwork so you can find it. We weigh all our vehicles & trailers to make sure we work with real world figures when loading them etc.. Makes talks with uniformed people so much more relaxed as at times we like to push it right to the max.
  9. Tyre inflation - non-standard

    Weigh the vehicle and take it from there. Chalk works very well.
  10. car trailer straps

    Make sure they're tagged. A lot of eBay stuff isn't and can cause some serious problems..
  11. ibex 300 build

    If you don't tell them you're not impressed the way things were organized, you have very little to to say. I make a point in telling when I'm happy - or not too happy when using a service. Bon Courage !
  12. ibex 300 build

    Well Done !! Sounds like do-able within the time given so a very, very well done !!!!
  13. Awesome read !!!!! Thanks. Love that ramp
  14. Two or Four post lift

    Look forward to the pics....

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