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  1. I strongly suggest get 2 struts from the windscreen "hinge" to the front of the roof - like the Brownchurch do one the overhang ones.
  2. Oil leak seems solved. ..only for the spill rail to start leaking...... Really ???? I think I'll do something else tonight
  3. Thank You all very much ! Have just emptied 1/5 litre of cleaner in the area to get rid of the mess so I can start cleaning....
  4. Right - quick question : The bolt FS110306) that keeps the oilfilterhousing onto the 200 Tdi block, is that anything special ? Or just a metric M8 / M10 bolt.. Asking because one is missing and I do not want to @%@ up the tread. Thank you !
  5. Welcome to the MadHouse ! Did you try to contact Exmoor with that question ? You could try to contact the various importers on the Continent to see if they have one in stock.
  6. "..the vision throught the back window it is only for commercail vehicles lol there is next to no way I could get away with it.." A rear lookingcamera / screen in the mirror is not an option ?
  7. Hmm..... Serious money. I suggest you have a look to see if you have a mobile welding service in your area, prepare the chassis and get a it welded in in site. It can be delivered up to Penicuik (once the travel restrictions are lifted)
  8. I've been led to believe they are very similar... sorry😟
  9. I've had the Mazda - as some of you know - over the years in several vehicles in the Turbo & intercooled versions and love them. Both with the R380 and the ZF autobox in a 110 CSW (oohh.... I loved that one) and the RRC. Modified crossmember Serious good engine, needs the biggest brute of a battery to start and needs to be driven like a truck - gentle - and I'd live to have one again in a 110 if I could find a good one as they're getting old..
  10. My guess is that people will be back to their normal as....l & sh.. behaviour before we know it....... That is just me - living in deep darkest rural France.... Working from home for over 26 years.
  11. I have a new Ninety one siting here (not galvanized - but you could have it dipped if you want) we could talk about as we have decided to replace the complete chassis... Yes, I'm in France - however, I will be going to the UK asap. we can to collect a roof so if you're not in a hurry....
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