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  1. Arjan

    Transfer box - Castrol Syntrans or Syntrax?

    Ask Ashcroft ?
  2. Arjan


    Seems very good value !
  3. Arjan

    Spare wheel carrier play in joints

    What the others said - over size bolts etc. I had a simular problem on a wheelcarrier and somebody back in Holland found me some bearings (ex Railway industry, better not ask..) and that solved the problem. Sold the vehicle many, many moons ago and it seems to be going strong. I really hope he never has to relpace them as they'll mbe more than serious money... The plactic washers / spacers / whatever can be found on Ebay - not sure about the quality. Better cut some from anything quality(ish) plastic like cans etc.
  4. Arjan

    Heritage Defender LRM givaway

    No idea it was on.... UK LR magazines are hard to get here - and subscriptions are insanely expensive.. and, TBH, I find them basically a platform for adds.. However, all the best to the lucky person to have won the vehicle. May it be used what it was build for...
  5. Facinating this 3D printing...
  6. Interesting... What sort of payload do you expect to have once you're finished ?
  7. Arjan

    More legroom in Series.

    Thanks Daan. I very much will try to do so. The FUKR is planned for November / December and you are sort of on the way...
  8. IF you can get the petrol on German plates - go petrol. They actually run quite good on LPG - no scotchblocks needed on this side of the Channel - and you'll have less issues with the Greenies.. However - even on LPG, they are not the scheapest to run. Drove one back for a client and it seriously loved the fuel.. But very, very nice..
  9. Arjan

    More legroom in Series.

    Thank you very much - will need to think about this. Considering moving th whole bulkhead backwards about 10-12 cm. But the cage is under stress IIRC - we fitted the thing 20 years ago..
  10. Arjan

    More legroom in Series.

    Like that a lot Daan. Considering doing the same - but the fuelfiller is in the way. How did you go to solve that ?
  11. Arjan

    Roof Rail Capacity

    That sort of suggests that the roofrails should be up for the job. However, aren't you towing a trailer ?
  12. Arjan


    Could be a mid 50's SMART Prototype.... 😎 Seriously, as they said, all done to what's left of it, abuse, tagged (IA) etc. In the end of the day, it is all down to you...
  13. Arjan

    ibex 300 build

    😎 Finally !!!!!!!! Hit the road now !
  14. Hmm... Is the flexible hose on the rear in the brake system the original one ?
  15. Arjan

    Heavy towing

    Hmm..... what is hot ? Get some temp indicators - or a IR Gun - to measure and be sure. We're towing all the time and measure all the time to make sure we can keep towing.. If the cooling system is in good working order - rad / thermostat / hoses / pump / etc. - it should be OK

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