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  1. You're not an idiot. It happens. We learn. We move on. Think it is an awesome truck !
  2. Most def. a new underwear moment..... Have a good look at the other hoses perhaps ?
  3. Pistures...... This tread is worthless without pictures.... 😎
  4. Just check the DVLA site (https://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/) to make sure the vehicle is actually marked as exported. You'd not be the 1st to find otherwise.
  5. LHD or RHD ? Depending on the origin of the vehicle - was it on UK plates and did you take it to Holland with you - it is at the moment not too difficult. I hope you did not export the vehicle from Holland yet, if so, you can get export insurance from the GWK and white export plates to drive it around. https://www.gov.uk/importing-vehicles-into-the-uk tells you all. Bon Courage !
  6. Looks very, very nice ! Well done Sir. "... as this all will get muddy soon ..." Very true. For this, and more space, we moved the alternator on the 200 Tdi to the Airco pump position on top of the engine to make it less of a target for mud and all the rest..
  7. Wasn't there as song about ".....if you wanna go, why don't you go now, go now......" Oh well... For me it is still a Skoda on steroids. Will be nice no doubt - but not for me..
  8. hmm.... kooiaap to help ? The racing teams use those ramp lifts all the time - wonder how they do that then...
  9. I totally get the ramp thing - nice air system BTW - but before starting to cut up the chassis etc, have you considered converting th tail lift ? We had a client with the same issues and he modified a Dhollandia lift into a 3,5 mtr. pair of ramps and that took a 100" racer OK... Just a thought..
  10. Very nice - well done ! Following with interest.
  11. Arjan


    Looking good - love the galvanized chassis ! Can't help with the wiring I'm afraid - I make my own very much not standard wire looms.
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