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V8 splutter at low rpm

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Aup chaps, 

Got a 3.5 v8 on twin su carbs in a hybrid landrover.

Was out green laning when it started to splutter and miss fire (sounded like it was down on cylinders) removed dizzy cap wiped every thing down but nothing. 

Removed the rear cap of the facet red top fuel pump to check the little filter thats fine.

In line fuel filter bit crappy (between facet and carbs) so thought it might be that but I removed the fuel pipe at the carbs and it's pumping out fine. 
(will change inline filter any way).

When pulling off it stalls and splutters but when it fights it's way through that part it takes off and runs fine. 😕

Dash pots full of oil. 

Any help appreciated

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Difficult to tell without seeing it, but from your description my first thoughts would be to check points gap (if fitted) and check the timing and advance mechanism are set up and working correctly.    Other things that can cause rough running are bad dizzy cap, rotor arm, plugs and leads, and check plugs are correct type/temp range. Also plugs these days seem to foul up and die faster than they used to unless I'm imagining it..

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