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Hi, think this is the right place for this one, if not apologies.

I need to sort the wheels for my 80in leafer as they're in a pretty poor state. Currently it has forward control rims fitted - better turning circle as more offset i believe.

I could refurb them and fit new tyres but as they require tubes and mixing tubes and tubeless tyres just leads to punctures i'm not sure whether it might not be better to replace them?

If i was to replace what with to give equal or greater offset without spending silly money? I seem to remember that some 8 spokes have a fair offset but i've seen others that are about standard - how can you tell which are which? Or would disco steels give enough offset to match the FC rims

Any suggestions?



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I have been advised that when you buy new weller type wheels, you can specify the offset you want, fairly easy when you look at the wheel /tyre combo's that abound.

Stating the obvious, but the best thing would be to measure the FC rims and request the same on ordering.

I guess the only drawback with 'home refurbing' rims is getting a good finish such that you get a good finish for the tyres/tubes to seal/ sit on.

Spose the other thing to consider is ensuring the rims clear the drums etc, so might have to buy new on the 'aftermarket rims'.

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