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LDV400 Peugeot/R380


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Seems I've stumbled over something here, presently running an LT77/Series Transfer case conversion in my Series III 109, and while over at a local breakers looking for an LT77S out of a Sherpa or LDV400 Convoy I found a suffix J....... "hmmmm", thought I, "that's either the very last of the LT77S's or an R380.....

Well, I noted that the bell housing was quite short and mated to a Peugeot diesel lump which got me thinking that is was a possible good conversion if it was an LT77 lump for those wishing to upgrade a 2.5NAD 90 or 110.

Get home, and find out J suffix is R380 :D:blink: , that makes it difficult as the R380 is longer and I'll be needing a FTC4018 stubby bell housing.

However I will also need the stubby input shaft, does anyone know if the LDV400 peugeot lump has a short input shaft ready for mating into a 2.5 clutch plate with the stubby bell housing, or does someone know the part number for the short input shaft?

Also, does anyone have an old defender R380 that has blown up they don't want :unsure: maybe needing one if this comes to fruition

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Let us know how you get on, we have just put an LDV Peugeot into a series and still have gearbox and bell housing etc.

What about transfer box etc. though.

Is it an r380 that you have lying about?

still got the Tonk-esque conversion, so it will be transferred over onto the R380, once I've acquired the defender extension case and gear change parts.

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Had a look last night, that looks like the box above.

That box is Peugeots own as fitted to early LDV 400 and Convoys. LDV changed to the 380 a short time into the production of the convoy. Box origionally fitted into the Peugeot 405 and 505 cars. Hope this helps.

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