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Silly question again, rear crossmember Doh!


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Hi all,

Me again with another of my silly questions.

I've just replaced the rear crossmember, not a nice job to do, but it's in.

Now the silly bit. I threw away the old crossmember weeks ago so I don't have anything to refer to.

I know there's a lip welded to the back edge but I can't remember it's shape.

I seem to recall it had a return edge making a sort of "U" shape lying on its side with the open bit of the U facing the interior.

Presumably this locates the boot floor cover.

Can anyone confirm this please and also give me the dimensions (width height etc.) so I can make up a replacement.

Note to self...Never throw anything away until you've got and fitted its replacement!

Cheers Bob :)

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Shame you didn't post this a week okay - I've just replaced my boot floor, so could have measured up for you really easily :(

Not sure what age your rangie is, but on my '93 (later type spot welded floor) the floor just sits on a ledge at either end - I don't remember it being a U-section, but it might have been. The new floor is corrugated ally, drilled and pop riveted to the same ledges.

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On mine, the corrugated floor just sat on the ledges all the way round and was rivetted into place.


On top of the whole floor area was 2 shaped layers of foam which sat into the corrugations, but was flat on top. At the very rear, there was another lip of rubber which i think just filled in from the rear crossmember height up to the same level as the floor .....


But i think that rubber came from a later range rover.

I do recall that before, there as a aluminium strip which was just like a large version of the brass strips that join bits of carpets in doorways. It was curved ontop and on the side that faced the interior, it had a u-shaped section to grab the carpet.

It was alu and it wasn't welded to the rear cross member. I dont remember how it was joined / fixed down when i think about it.

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Thanks guys,

the ally strip seems a good idea.

A lot easier than trying to make up a steel section and less likely rot out the top of the cross member like the old one did.

Off to see my friendly local carpet fitter.

Bob :)

I've got a spare one if you want it - I had that and a rubber strip like the one above, but I went for the rubber. I think I've got a rubber seal for the front edge too.

fisha, has your rubber strip been trimmed? Mine extends back and forms a (corrugated) seal under the edge of the alloy floor. My floor does sit on a ledge in some places down the sides :blink: Still got some repairs to do there. Fibreglass in my case, since I don't weld and I reckon it'll do a perfectly good job, but welding new edges in would be better.

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I cant remember properly about it all, and i cant really check as i've sold the RR since. The whole floor was a bit of an unusual setup anyway. if you look at the first pic, you'll see duct tape running across the whole floor. The duct tape is covering a gap cause i chopped the floor in the half. this was so i could mount the tank in the front half and be able to remove the rear half of the floor without messing with the tank at the front. I had grand ideas about using the space where the petrol tank would sit ( either a winch or modifying the exhaust to make a twin exit etc.

It needed an extra support underneath which i did with a bit of right angle.


so when it came to putting it all back together, i probably just trimmed the bits to suit !

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