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(OT) - Kind of. 'T' Nut set


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By 10mm diameter, do you mean the studs need to be 10mm, or the t-nut needs to be 10mm accross to go in your t-slots?

I bought a 3/8 clamp set from chronos for my mill - which has a 10mm slot. They do metric ones too, go to the milling accessories section, wnd you will be spoilt for choice.

Alternately, and I had to admit it, but turbocharger is again 100% correct - you do now have all the kit to make your self a set.... ;)



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I reckon you mean 3/8" - which are easy to source.

Many lathes have 3/8" wide slots. I made my own just by tapping an M8 hole in a bit of bar that was about the right size. Never even considered buying any! If you felt particularly bored, you could mill a step on each side of a bar to make a T nut - but it's barely necessary.

The sets you can buy are all very well - but the studs supplied are all way too long! Don't know why - but they are. I've only used the shortest two sizes on my mill. At least if you make your own, you can choose an easy thread size and make them as long as a given job demands.


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