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Fitting sill tanks to a Discovery Series I.


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For the record and if anyone needs advice on how to go about it.

I have installed two sill fuel tanks to my Discovery Series I. They hold an additional 45lts each side, are made from Stainless steel and use an externally mounted pump to transfer fuel from the sill tanks to the main tank.

I fitted one tank each side of the chassis, which means two sets of switches, relays, and two pumps.

The tricky part is the plumbing. Both tanks need to be filled from underneath the wheel arches...not much good for you mud luvers unless you protect the filler cap from wet mud.

The fuel is pumped to the rear tank via the existing main tank breather....it's an inch I/D but is still quite slow... a faster pump will overcome this I guess... but the ones that came with the kit from Safari Equip (WVA Holdings) do the job.....just.

The tanks and fitting kit contain everything needed for the fitment apart from an electric drill and spanners.

As a precaution I drilled the nessesary holes and mounted the tanks last weekend, I then removed them both and undersealed the car. After a weeks drying of the underseal I then reinstalled the tanks and completed the pipework.

The Disco now has a fuel capacity of 180 litres on board. The ground clearance is not affected because the tanks still arn't the lowest point to the floor.

These tanks are not intended for LPG, but will work fine for both petrol and deisel.


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I didn't take any Col! Too busy with grubby mits to grab the camera. You're right though....I should take some before the things get all covered in muck.

The use of a four post lift made the job alot easier than it would trying to fit then whilst still on the ground though.

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