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Johnny GSX-R

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Hi, i'm a newbie on here so if i cover something thats already been a topic then soz :rolleyes:

I bought my Discovery 300TDI 1994 in June 2006, it was verrrrrrrrry slooooooow and under powered.

I spoke to a mate of mine who is very knowlegable on the old LR's and he advised me to remove the EGR and fit the blanking plate, he also advised me to clean out the inlet fannymold and get it breathing better.

When i took off the pipework i was amazed at how choked up it was. I cleaned it up, bolted it back together and it made a whole deal of difference.

My next step was to remove the cat and fit a straight through front pipe, again this made a big difference when pulling.

One evening i was mooching on E-Bay and found a steering guard which i wanted for my Classic RR which i trial, so i hopped in the Disco and shot upto Blackpool to collect it on a Buy It Now. When i arrived there was some small talk and i found the guy had a set of tyres on Disco rims too which would do for my RR so i bought those to.

The guy then said " I 've got an 'Alleysport' intercooler for one of those Disco's if your interested, its almost new, has all the pipes and paperwork with it, gimme £250 its yours :D

Well, i went to Blackpool for a steering guard and came home with a boot full.

The next night after my tea i sat and read the fitting destructions and decided that i'd get my coat on and have a bash, 2 hours later it was back on the road, fitted, pump mod done and flying like a good un.

I can't believe the torque it gives out and the whoosh and whistle from the turbo now that its breathing and fuelling better. For those of you contemplating an intercooler upgrade just DO IT!

I get better MPG, more power, nicer to drive and it doesn't get any hotter.

10/10 to Allysport for a superb bit of kit.

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