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More ABS queries...


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Another ABS question, I'm afraid!!

We managed to get the fault codes out of the ECU this afternoon (all 13 of them) to find that most of them relate to the front sensors, however, fault code 2-8 seems to be the most problematic at the moment. It's description (from the link in the Tech Archive) is "No voltage to ABS solenoid valves, faulty valve relay AB14 or wiring".

The first question: where are the ABS solenoid and relay AB14??

Second question: Does anyone know what these fuses do??


The reason I ask is that one of them was blown and blew again as soon as we replaced it! (second in from the right) They are located behind the ABS ECU under the passenger seat under a black plastic cover. One of the other fault codes suggests that there is a short to earth and we think this fuse is in the middle of the wire that's got the problem.

The haynes manual I have covers the 1992 model, but doesn't have any information on the ABS system. Does anyone have a set of wiring diagrams or could you point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!


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Regarding the fuses, follow the wiring is my best suggestion.

IIRC when i dismantled my 1990 for the hybrid, the black box you refer to is toward the back edge of the seat, i think that it is the fuses for the electric seats. Best thing is to see if you can follow the wires, they go under the carpet in the rear footwell to the drivers seat.

Also i think that the relay you are after is located with the ABS ECU, there are 4 i think, one of them if removed, controls the whole ABS system, found this out in the rebuild when trying to sort out the rebleeding of the system and trying to stop the damn thing as the pump was going made, once the ignition was switched on.

All of these relays are located with the ABS ecu, or very close to it, possibly on the transmission side of the seat.

You may have to remove the seat to get to them, i cant remember, cos mine was partly stripped when i worked out what they were.

Hope this helps with the search.

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Can't help with the fuses, but ISTR that I got the no voltage error on mine. It went away after resetting the ECU and pushing the OSR sensor back into position. Have you cleared all the faults then driven the car again and retested? Do they all come back?

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We did clear all of the faults and took the car for a drive, but didn't retest as we ran out of time after checking fuses and relays! I think I need to reseat the front sensors and see what happens then!

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