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Tow Bar Question


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It's for a stabaliser/anti-snake device, like this....


If you don't have the long bit, or the caravan to go with it then whip it off.

Thanks Mark

Couldn't see your pic, but get the pic if you see what I mean !

Coming off tommorrow !



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I have wondered, but these seem to be a (fairly) new addition to the towbar market.

I'm wondereing if they are used now for all those people who load their caravans unbalanced and then drive too fast - thus helping their caravan to go all swervy?

Yep, went to a local caravan store yesterday to get some shorter towball bolts now I've removed the device. The bloke was telling me that it can certainly lul you in to thinking the caravan is much more stable than it actually is, until you encounter certain conditions ............................


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