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Disco Front Prop Shaft - Which way round???


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Hi Guys

Hope you can advise here - I keep getting conflicting answers to this, from various books / manuals!!

I have a 1992 Disco TDI, on which I have just replaced the Front Prop Shaft UJ's.

I removed the prop, and succesfully replaced both UJ's - refitted, and hey presto - no problemo....

I took great care and note of how the prop was fitted, and re-fitted it in exactly the same way as it was previously...

BUT - The prop was fitted with the sliding end, with Grease nipple (sliding grease point, not UJ grease point) at the FRONT - connecting to the Diff.

I have re-fitted it the same way, as that's how it was before!

But a DVD manual that someone gave me (Rave manuals) states to fit the Sliding end of the Prop to the Transfer box.

Another manual indicates that the sliding end should be connected to the Diff, and my friends Defender has the sliding end at the Transfer box end!!!! - Hence slight confusion :blink:

I've only just bought the Disco, so have no idea what happened to it before - has someone re-fitted it incorrectly before??

What difference does it make???

The only thing I can think of is it should be at the Transfer box end, to prevent water ingress to the sliding joint..

I'm reluctant to change it round, as this is how it was when I bought it, and it's obviously been like it for a while, and it works!! - Just unsure of the proper orientation...

Any advice greatfully received!



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The only thing I can think of is it should be at the Transfer box end, to prevent water ingress to the sliding joint..

The only thing you can think of is absolutely correct :)

The splines (and the skinny end of the shaft) should be at the transfer box end.

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