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Heated windscreen


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Hi every one,

Some advise please, i have recently purchased a Discovery series 2 millenium edition registered in 2000 funnilly enough,. I can't seem to get my front screen to demist, i have read the owners manual & it suggest for vehicles with climate control you press the demist button on the climate control panel which sould automatically switch & the front & rear screen demisters on. The rear works fine but the front does not work, it does have a heated front screen as i can see the elements, but it is not fitted with a seperate switch. Am i missing a switch ? or should it work as the manual suggests?

Oh by the way the alarm de-activates with the remote fine all through the day, but left after night the remote doesn't de-activate the alarm or unlock the car unless you open the drivers door with key, then it works. Strange !



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According to the RAVE manuals the heated front screen switch is in the same block of six as the rear screen, just to the right of the climate control system... same place as the fuel filler release/hazards etc.

Maybe the screen has been changed and a heated one put in by accident!

No idea on the alarm - nearly-flat battery in the remote? maybe it has just enough oomph when it has been in a warm pocket but not enough when it has been hanging up in a cold house overnight? just 1 possibility

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I didn't mention it but I find the demisting in mine is superb without a heated screen, it is one of the best demisting systems I have ever come across and keeps everything clear - even without using a/c - in heavy rain/humid conditions where most other vehicles are peering through thick fog :)

In fact I find it is better not to use a/c for demisting as you find when you switch it off, the frozen moisture on the a/c innards sits in the system and melts, then you get a blast of damp air on startup which fogs the windows up :rolleyes: doesn't happen if you leave it on Economy :)

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Thanks fot the info, I do have a blanking cover above the heater rear window switch. I pulled it out and there is a wiring connector behind the blanking plug. I have also checked the base of the screen & the connections to the screen are there & plugged in. Perhaps all i need to do is buy a new switch and install it !

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