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EFI V8 Fuel Pump & DC Frt Driveshaft


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Hi all,

Q1 - Can anyone confirm if the in-tank EFI fuel pump assy used in Disco 1s was the same between the 3.5 and 3.9ltr versions? Mine's a bit "temperamental" and there's a 3.5 one going on eBay at the moment.

Q2 - I'm trying to chase down a front driveshaft with a DC joint at the TC-end. Can anyone tell me what they were fitted to and will they bolt straight into a D1 update 3.9a? My Disco's lifted and the front shaft, TC-end UJ has an excessive static angle (rumble, rumble...), plus I want to crank up the caster, which will make this worse.

Thanks in advance for your words of sage counsel :)

Best Regards.

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double carden propshaft(Driveshaft) are fitted to Series 2 discoveries

you'll need the TC flange too

but check on clearance with the exhaust downpipes because I think you may be short on space with a V8

Thanks for that. I assume from your reply that all variants of D2 had the DC shaft and length is OK? Exhaust shouldn't be a problem as I have custom pipework well-away from the shaft (no cross-over, twin pipes right through), and no cats (Oz models are cat-free, low-comp). Is the shaft a fairly straightforward swap, or are special tools, etc required? I've got all of the basic tools (and torque wrench, etc), but nothing exotic and no access to hoist, etc at this time. Is there a collapsible spacer or anything I need to replace as well, or do I just swap the flange and torque to spec?

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FYI - To answer my own question... I've done some digging and it seems that all of the EFI fuel pump sender units are effectively the same between 3.5 and 3.9 up to chassis# MA140197. P/n PRC9409 (and PRC9668, now serviced with 9409). Hope that's right as I've just bought one out of an 1992 EFI 3.5 for mine off eBay :unsure: The carby ones have a different unit (PRC7128), but I don't think they were sold in Oz anyway?

Now I just need to get the courage up to do battle with my auxilliary fuel tank...

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