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Chances are the fuses are near side and off side and by doubling the load it could well pop the fuse,

and you may be putting to much load through the column switch if its not switching low load via relays (might have both sides running through seperate contacts direct)...not sure on Disco wiring :unsure:

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As Les says its more than likely the block connector. The terminal tend to burn out as they are ****e! Go to a scrappy and find a Jap motor with the same H4 bulbs and cut of the 3 pin terminal block and a reem of wire. Run a wire from battery to the lights using this wire and a relay switch. Use the standard wiring to trip the relay. You will need a separate relay for main and dip. Fill your pockets with them whan you are down the scrappy!

I did this to mine and the improvement in light output was marked

For more info go to


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Ah, perfect timing! Both my headlamps are doing my head in at the moment for exactly this reason. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't! Takes a bit of jiggling of the connectors to get them to come on. Think I'll take the route of new connectors, connected with relays as per that link.



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