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What is a Wolf axle..?

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I have to hide behind the fact this is all new to me so I can only apoligise before hand....

I need to replace the axle on my TD5 110 whilst floating around ebay I found a Wolf axle...

I googled wolf and only found Ex army stuff... are they beefed up axles for the amy boys...?



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Guest diesel_jim

There are a couple on eblag advertised as "110 Td5 wolf axles" but they are not one and the same.

they're both interchangable, but the wolf type has a stronger casing (welded on strengthening bits, like the old series 2 109"'s had), i think that the differential bit itself is the same on both types though. as are the brakes.

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A real Wolf rear axle has welded on gussets from the axle tube down to the bottom of the diff pan so it looks like a very shallow angle "V" if you look along the underneath of the vehicle, not like a normal diff just hanging down in one place.

Very strong build for the MOD, apart from the diff which is the standard "new improved" four pin rear made by Cheese Transmissions Inc. :rolleyes:

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