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Low range selection

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Over the weekend my 110 jumped out of low range when I tried to use it... Since then, I can move the lever to the positions but no drive... (I can hear the gears whirring away)

Normal range fine with and without diff-lock.

It's a reconditioned transfer box so I'm assuming it's linkage adjustment that's drifted in some way.

Can anyone point me to somewhere that describes appropriate adjustment or can someone on here advise from personal experience.

I'm trawling the tech archive but not found anything that will help me yet...

Thanks in advance.


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I would have a look at the selector lever itself. I had a similar problem, and what was happening was the lever was half out of engagement/connection with the rest of the mechanism, so it woulD still push it one way, but not pull it the other.

Dead simple - just a little fiddly. Remove the big rubber gaiter around both gear levers, then sound deadening insde etc. You should find, IIRC, that there are 4 bolts holding the lever mechanism down. Take these out, disconnect the rods going into the t box from the selector, and take the whole little unit out, and fix it - it's just a pin going through a ball socket IIRC.

Hope this helps


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pull off the trans cover under middle seat/cubby box.

inside you'll see the linkage, which is threaded and you can adjust nuts various to increase or decrease travel accordingly, should be fiarly self explanatroy when you have the cover off. watch it move fully assembled and see if it can move fully. with mine the pin holding the linkage on fouled the case casting when i changed transfer boxes so it would never engage properly. maybe it was a slight alteration year to year or maybe i had the pin in the wrong way (could only get it in the way i had it as far as i could see). anyway, a short spell with the file, made it clear the casing and all works fine and dandy now.

anywya, once you get the cover off you should be able to assess whats going on and easily rectify it. all you need is a 13 mm spanner i think...or is it 11. and a pair of pliers.

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