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Mike Wolfe Challenge


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For those asking the ALRC Rules for ARC vehicles in this event are on the HBRO website in full.

Tyre size seems to be a favourite, 32( correction 33) inches diameter is the maximum allowed.

Also as I read it , and I will be chief Scrutineer the body silouette below the capping line must be correct both side and front, we will have a bit of leeway here or I suspect every vehicle could potentially fail.

Please read these rules if in ARC class as they are the definitive answer.

Hope this helps all concerned but ask if you are not clear.

I stand corrected tyres 33 inch diameter.

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For the avoidance of doubt, I have been asked about wheel spacers.

The Blue Book states E 12.8.2 as below.

12.8. Wheels

12.8.1. Have not less than four road wheels and tyres

(excluding the spare).

12.8.2. Not be fitted with any wheel spacer exceeding

2.5cm in thickness or of less than hub diameter.

Multiple or Laminated Spacers and extended studs are


I can't see anything else in the book so if you comply with the above you are fine.

Any other comments from scrutineers are welcome, I thought spacers were banned off road but can't see it in the Blue Book.

I think ALRC ban them so possibly do AWDC but please enlighten me.


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On a serious note though, we will take a relaxed view on scrutineering at this event, but safety will be paramount in all areas.

The exhaust exiting the side is not critical but wheel spacers or extended studs breaking is.

We always do our best to let everyone compete, I remember at Minstead scrutineers actually bolting Jate rings to competitors vehicles.

We have had a few horrors though so be warned if its dangerous it won't play.

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