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yes it will but it will fit further back towards the wings than standard

Cheers for that, i am in need for a winch bumper and was considering using one from a defender as there seems to be more choice. Its for a warn 8274.

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you need to take into consideration the side lugs on a defender winch bumper which bolt through the dumb irons then, these may need modifying to fit the series ones, easy enough if you're good with a welder

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I've got a Defender winch bumper for the Series project I am doing at the moment.

I have offered it up and the bolt holes are in the right place. The only thing that needs modifying is where the mounting 'tags' slide above and below the front of the chassis members to mount it: the top tags are fine, but where the bottom tags slide into the boxed recess of the front spring hangers, the bottom tags are a bit wide towards their inner edges and need two or three millimetres grinding off. This doesn't go anywhere near the bolt holes so won't affect its strength.


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