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Anyone recommend a snorkel of a N/A 90 ?

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Can any one recommend an easy fitting <_< and efficient snorkel for a 2.5 N/A sitting in a 1990 ex mod 90? Do I buy off the shelf or make my own, if its DIY drain pipe is there a known source for the flexible rubber gaiter to get it onto the air filter? I have the joy of driving down a flooded lane to get to my house for a couple of weeks during the winter. Last winter the water managed two feet deep which my S111 coped with but this year I need to be prepare my latest addition for the effects of global warming. :o


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Depends how handy you are and how bling you want it I suppose. Black drainpipe is a cheap and easy way to something respectable, my last snorkel was a length of stainless exhaust bent to shape (if you have local boy racer custom exhaust monkeys they may be able to do this for a few pennies) and my dad's one was drainpipe all the way. (See the Super Extreme B&Q Snorkel Thread)

Flexi hose you can use S3 Diesel air cleaner hose (63.5mm I.D.) which costs about £12 and is about 1m long, or you can walk into a hydraulics place such as Hyphose and buy Wyrem hose (similar stuff) in any diameter by the metre. For small bits you can always raid the local scrapyard.

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