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  1. Ian, Live close to Killykeen forest and fished most of the local venues, I have drunk in the Anglers rest but usually closer to home, (well I used to pre covid)
  2. Hi Mick, is that a Sligo accent ? ☘️ We discussed Vintage Tax/Insurance a week or two back. Welcome from a Cavan man.
  3. I have to wade through winter floods nearly every year. A muff certainly keeps the small floating debris out the radiator. Might be wishful thinking but it seems to help pushing/forming a bow wave.
  4. I never found WD that good as a releasing fluid. After a lifetime in oil refineries with plant in extreme weather, temp and pressures, “Penol” was the go to releasing agent. You might want to try it next time.
  5. Thanks Blanco, I had not heard about parcel wizard so I'm looking them up too.
  6. Hi Blanco. Don’t know if its practical/available for you but I use Parcelmotel. Saved me a fortune from the likes of Ebay when its free postage to a uk address, then €4 delivery to a Parcelmotel locker. If you close to a Parcelmotel locker its ideal.
  7. Mine needed adjusting after a few weeks. Its been fine since, approx. a year of normal mileage and some off road. It may be in the first weeks the ball/grease bedded down and then fine after the adjustment. Possibly some else has had longer usage and could rate the unit.
  8. Worked out fine for me, https://gwynlewis4x4.co.uk/product/a-frame-ball-joint-greasable-adjustable-in-housing/ Might be of interest too... https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/105541-adjustable-ball-joint/?tab=comments#comment-938612
  9. Here it is a country wide closure for cars,commercial and I believe HGV testing. By goverment agreement insurance continues to be valid providing the vehicle is safe to drive.
  10. Are MOT test stations still open? In Ireland the equivalent testing is postponed due to the virus.
  11. Thanks Mutley for the run through/advice/hints, all taken on board and thread saved. The hole is small so no danger in leaving a few months until the sun shines. I’ll certainly go galvanised. Dampers are only a couple of years old so I shouldn’t suffer your frustration and need to decimate the local mammals.. 🤣 🤣
  12. Thanks lads, big help. Weather here is typically Irish so I’ll leave this job for a month or two, I’m getting old and soft !! So back to Mutley for his updates....
  13. Serendipity, Just found a hole in one turret so looks like I’ll be following your lead and thread.
  14. You could put a double batten to give a more secure end fixing of cladding.
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