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  1. Just some extra info. for you... https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/102716-rear-chassis-cross-member-replacement-from-where/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-929188 Cost for removing, welding in place, wiring, waxoiling inside and out €400
  2. I took an interest in this thread knowing I needed to replace the rear x member. So an update in case it helps other searchers. I ordered a heave duty galvanised one with extensions from DDSmetal. Ordered on a Tuesday and arrived at my home in Ireland on the Thursday. I’m not an expert or rivet counter but I thought it was good quality and finish. Neither am I up to this kind of welding, so took it to a fabrication shop. I picked her up today and well pleased with the end result. The welder didn’t have any problems with the fitting, everything lined up. Just a bit of faffing with cutting the chassis at the right point to fit the extension.
  3. Paddy

    Dodgy Petrol

    Assuming you still have the “contaminated” fuel left in the 1st tank you could get Customs involved. I used to work at an oil refinery and you would be amazed at the power of custom when they think something is amiss with products from refinery to petrol pump. Protecting their revenue! Maybe keep a sample then flush out your tank. Just in case of laundering you’ll be squeaky clean.
  4. Paddy

    Rear side shafts

    Just replaced mine, an hours job for both sides. If you take away labour cost I’d guess yours may have come out of a blue box which may determine their life expectancy.
  5. Paddy

    Fuel lines filters & Sedimenter 90/110

    Had the same problem with my sedimenter, looked like a black jellyfish. Posted on here and was suggested I tried Jeyes fluid which seems to work, small amount in the fuel tank on each filling. I noticed there are numerous commercial fuel biocides in motor shops.
  6. Paddy

    Etch primer on galvanized?

    https://www.teamac.co.uk/products/category/primers-undercoats/t-wash-mordant-solution States its an etch.
  7. Emailed them for a price, just picked an item, (which might not be the best for me,) just to get an idea, ""We can export to Ireland. The cost of the LR511G would be £130.00 (+ VAT if you don’t have an IE VAT no). The shipping to Ireland would be in the region of £22.00.""
  8. Just rang them, they are up and running. Maybe try again. I mentioned a guy from Germany was trying to get hold of them but he said they dont do overseas delivery ??
  9. Mine will be early next year so if you dont mind I'll bother you then to see how it went.
  10. Hi Roamingyak, Did you settle for Dixons, how did it fit, was the courier service ok. Any general comments, as I too will need to replace this cross member and for it to be delivered via courier.
  11. Thanks for the advice, Ashcroft do look like the sensible option.
  12. Thanks for that, yes they are 24 spline. I didn’t realise that was the criteria for HD. You’ve simplified it, now its just finding a comprise on price to quality with original being nearly 10 fold the price of the cheapest, not that I’m going down that route.
  13. Military 90, 1991 vin HA48#### Tried to find an axle number, left hand side above the horizontal weld, facing backward, just to the right of the rubber bump stop plate. Is that the right place, is it a tag or stamped into the casing? Scraped a lot of paint and under-seal off without finding it. The shafts show wear so need replacements + drive members, the end of the shafts have HD stamped into them so I assume they are heavy duty being military. I’m thinking FRC8094 & FRC8095 but not sure without an axle #. Do I need HD drive member or standard ones? Out of interest what makes them HD compared to standard?
  14. Finally sorted, things move slowly here. Took it to the Diesel Specialist who did the bearing/seal replacement and its come back spot on, no charge as under warranty from the repair. Couldn’t get past reception to find what had been done, fitter not available. The throttle stop adjustment which had been sealed with paint has been adjusted and repainted, the idol screw has been adjusted accordingly. I don’t know what if any internal work had been done. I think it was basically as “monkie’s” problem/diagnosis.
  15. Thanks for that, garage is talking to diesel specialist so I await the outcome. If no joy then I'll try your suggestion.

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