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  1. TD5 90 not starting but turning over

    Sheer bad manners not to update with a solution...a pet hate of mine... Try the above solutions if relevant, else post full details and the guys should help, maybe start a new thread. Not my forte so I can’t.
  2. Bent Door ?

    Got to agree. Often there are numerous answers/suggestions and it would be nice to know which one/s worked, this would be a starting point for future problem solving. I just regard it as a courtesy to those that take the time to respond.
  3. Insulating a metal shed

    Goole search for an appropriate sealer, get the wrong one and it will blister up or lift off. You mentioned grinding so make sure insulatio is fire proof, look at kingspan foil backed or equivalent. I’d use a dpm, with roofing 2x1 treated battens, with the floor ontop. Consider a kicker plate around the outside walls of the shed to throw rain water away from the wall/floor joint. Get an estimate from a builder and pick his brains.....
  4. Fuel problem I think

    You could try running with the cap off when you experience the problem. Usual over the top safety precautions should be applied. Clean out the sedimentor if fitted.
  5. Steering wheel vibrating

    check tyres for damage, cuts and blebs.
  6. Defender 200tdi - Clutch Low Biting Point

    I had a similar problem with no loss of fluid. New master cylinder sorted it. As Western says "if you change the master do the slave at the same time". I assume my master was failing internally, probbably seals?
  7. Bulkhead repair or replace

    Pinched from a previous thread https://www.shielderchassis.com/shop?olsPage=products&olsFocus=false See bottom of the page, might be an option thats worth a phone call, if you can wait and have the money.
  8. 2.5 na sump gasket replacement

    Puts mine to shame....
  9. Defender doors and frames

    They must be good, they are all "sold out" http://www.amaservices.biz/#/shop/4566748770
  10. Crud?? thats nothing, I had a jellyfish in mine https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/98850-jellyfish-in-my-sedimenter/#comment-863319 Might be of interest for preventative maintenance.
  11. Would it help to gently try an ordinary nut first. No pipe to get in the way, easier to see/feel if it starts to cross thread.
  12. White smoke from oil filler cap

    Also is more or less with the engine running. Is it oil vapour, smoke or is it steam?
  13. Glow plug wiring 2.5NA 1986

    Link might help plus a diagram
  14. Engine Oil for Defender 2.5 N/A

    Undo the level plugs and with a bit of cable dip each box to see whats in them. You'll still have to deal with the leak though at some point.