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200 and 300TDI starter motor


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Will even fit 21/4 diesel as well :blink:

I thought it might but wasn't 100% sure :)

Ahhh the good old days of parts being interchangeable. What is the probability of the same starter being used on the 2.2 Td4, the TDV6 and the TDFraud or whatever they decide to call it :rolleyes:

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I think the old one is superceded to the new one so you can't get the "lump of pig iron" starter any more - not from LR anyway, not sure about aftermarket bits.

If it is taking 30 sec to fire then IMHO it needs something else looking at besides the starter motor :) my father's old series 3 2.25, given a bit of heat first, only takes about 5 sec cranking to fire up if it has a decent battery in it

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I was under the impression that even though they fit, a newer (TDi) starter won't last long on a 2.25 as it is designed for short duty applications rather than turning over a reluctant starter for 30 seconds until it fires....

I suppose it all comes down to what you feed it with :)

I'm pretty sure twin optimas and 70mm2 cable would scare even the most relutant 21/4 in to life :D

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