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cold start on 200tdi

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when i start my 90 200tdi from cold it gives a a rev , as if i got my foot on a 1/4 throttle but dies to tickover stright away ,it has only just started doing this, is there a cold start solonide on the ip that is sticking? its fine when warmed up.

i have been running on bio diesel for a couple of years & the odd drop of new veg oil, do you think the rubber seals in the ip has started to soften up & disintergrating?

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hi western

i'm running pure diesel at the moment, so it wont be the veg oil to thick.

do you know how the cold start capsule works, is it a wax type like the old di transit lump?

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300Tdi pump without EDC may fit,not tried it myself so won't commit a 100% answer, not sure how the cold start bit works, I think it's internally in the pump body, may the IP needs a service.

what age is the IP & is it the original pump for the engine ??

a service by a diesel specialist won't do it any harm & they will renew any suspect parts & ensure it's correctly set-up & operating at the correct pressures

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i think it is the orignal ip i have had this engine 8yrs but the milage is unknown, the engine does not smoke or burn oil. the problem olny happens on cold start up.

if i have the ip serviced can they do it on the motor or will i have to take the pump off?

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yep, needs to be off the engine, it can then be stripped/cleaned/rebuilt/new parts as required & bench tested/setup. you'll be looking at around £300 to 400 for this work, get the injectors done at the same time or fit replacement injectors.

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